Grand Library of Dragur

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The Library of Dragur
The Library of Dragur in Arcas.
Slots & Razik
Sarah Greene
Airebys Sylric, Solirynir Ilmoriel & Lockezi

The Library

The Grand Library of Dragur is a massive structure currently located next to Cloud Temple on the isle of Atlas. The Library is a haven of knowledge accessible by all people, regardless of if they're a Human from the Empire, a Mali'Aheral from the Silver State, a Dwarf from Urguan, or a walking corpse from the Abyss, and everything in between. The Library operates on a hierarchical system presided over by the Head Librarian, a post that has changed numerous times since its founding in Vailor by Orithur. The structure itself maintains a similar look across each iteration of its existence, carrying along similar architectural styles and nonessential additions. The crowning peace of the Library is the statue of their founder, Orithur, who is displayed proudly in gold as the centerpiece of the front courtyard. Although each version of the Library has its own unique quirks and add-ons, the Library in Atlas is by-far the most unique, possessing a sizable greenhouse and clock tower with the promise of a future wing that will act as a kind of creature-museum.



The Library of Dragur was founded on the continent of Vailor by a Harbinger named Orithur. Since then, its collection of books and magical artifacts have grown tenfold. However, the Library was beset by many robberies and break-ins, leading to much of its interior becoming Scholars-only. It was once subject to the Second Inquisition by the Canonist Church, which led to the closing of the Library for several days and the original owner, Orithur, leaving the Library.






The Grand Library of Dragur maintains a collection of nearly countless books acquired across the years, from as far back as Aegis. The total number of books in the collection cannot be pinpointed exactly, as with the passing of time and changing of staff, certain pieces are lost or destroyed. Presently, as of 1699, the number of books estimated to be in the collection is approximately one thousand and three hundred, in addition to approximately ninety five relics. The books themselves are kept in good condition, with multiple copies kept in storage in the event that those displayed are damaged beyond use or destroyed outright. The range of genres offered is considerable, from literature on every culture in the land, to religious tomes, to descriptions of magics and their applications, to self-help and guide books. Ultimately, anything can be donated with the hopes of it reaching the shelves regardless of the content within, less it is deemed too dangerous or unnecessary by the reviewing staff.

Regarding the relics specifically, Dragur has oft on display nearly the whole of their collection, which too has been gathered across the years from as far back as Aegis. While some pieces are kept private due to their fragile or dangerous nature, most are carefully maintained for the viewing of those who visit. Each iteration of the Library has kept a wing specifically dedicated to this purpose, with the various relics displayed in a number of unique ways, from illusions to the items themselves behind thick glass. Like the Library's literature, relics of any sort can be brought to the employees for donation and review, earning said item the chance at earning a permanent place among the Library's collection. Aside from donation, however, some of the artifacts were collected by the Library staff themselves during self-lead excursions into foreign lands or during times of crisis and magical invasion.


The Library is home to a small though dedicated group of staff members who work tirelessly for the betterment of the Library and its visitors. Although the actual structure of the Library's staff changes from time to time, it tends to follow a simple hierarchy. Interested individuals start as Scholars, proving their worth by creating new works for the Library and generally aiding visitors with their concerns and questions. Above the Scholars are the Assistant Librarians, who are the day-to-day staff for the Library. These individuals work the help desk and keep the bookshelves organized and maintained. Above these individuals are the Librarians, the full-time supervisory staff for all clerical and administrative work in the library. As well as the Curator, a "Librarian" sort of person whose job revolves around maintaining the museum and relics rather than the literature. And finally, the topmost individual is the Caretaker, the sole person responsible for the welfare of Dragur.


  • Celia


  • Slots
  • Razik


  • Sarah Greene


  • Airebys Sylric
  • Solirynir Ilmoriel
  • Lockezi