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The '''Grand Duchy of Balian''', or simply '''Balian''', is a densely populated Human nation situated within the southern continent of Almaris and neighbors both the [[Principality of Savoy]] and the Druidic Order. The Grand Duchy was founded as a direct result of the [[Brothers' War]], which was a civil war between the Royalist and Imperialist factions. Following the Royalist victory, the Imperial remnant fled to the south of Almaris and declared the creation of a new Nation under the leadership of [[John I, Grand Duke of Balian|John Casimir]], who was an uncle of the deceased [[Peter IV, Holy Orenian Emperor|Peter IV]].

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Grand Duchy of Balian
Μεγάλο Δουκάτο του Μπαλιάν
Royal Coat of Arms of John I
Capital: Atrus
Languages: Common
Religion: Canonism
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Grand Duke: John I
Duchess-Consort: N/A
Heir Apparent: N/A
Seneschal: Leopold Alstion
Legate: Jarad Munnel
Censor: Peter d'Arkent
Magister: Ledicort Vuiller
Constable: Viktor Darkwood
Procurator: Constantine Malenos
Royal Family: House Novellen
Historical Era:

The Brothers' War (1868)