Godfrey I, Exalted Holy Orenian Emperor

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Godfrey I
Venerated in: Church of the Canon
Scroll: Gospel
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1379-1414
Coronation: 21 Grand Harvest 1379
Arethor, Oren
Predecessor: Title created
Successor: Horen I, Holy Orenian Emperor
King of Renatus
Reign: 1361-1414
Predecessor: Eze'kiel Tarus
Successor: Horen I, Holy Orenian Emperor
Born: Unknown
Somewhere in Aegis
Died: 13th of Malin's Welcome, 1414
Abresi, Oren
Spouse(s): Atriana Tarus
Rose Amedius
Issue: Horen I, Holy Orenian Emperor
House: Horen
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Godfrey Horen was a Human man regarded as a prophet by the Church of the True Faith. He united the Kingdoms of Seventis, Salvus, Hanseti, and Renatus back into one political state, known as the Holy Orenian Empire. Emperor Godfrey reigned for many years until he died in Anthos.

Early life

Not much is known about Godfrey's early life. All we know is that he grew up as a child in Aegis, and was descended from a family that had no mixed bloodline with Elves.

King of Renatus

The Kingdom of Renatus, in Asulon, was suffering from a great deal of corruption, ineptitude, and greed, when Godfrey Horen first arrived to it. Upon entering the city he proclaimed himself as the King of all Humanity, and the people, searching for a leader, bowed to him. Regent Reynard Lycian immediately handed over the crown to him, proclaiming him as King of Renatus. King Godfrey gave Reynard Lycian the stewardship of the nation for his service. Godfrey's first act as King was to divide up the land of Renatus between noble families, creating a feudal system. This created an increase in military efficiency, as Renatus had plenty of land, but no men. Noble families had men, but no land. It was a compromise that worked perfectly. King Godfrey also dissolved the Ashen Council which had aided Reynard in his rule of Renatus.

Godfrey then began his campaign to unite the Human race. First he made war against Salvus, with the help of Lorethos Basileus and his Twilight Army, as well as many allies from other races. Salvus surrendered to Godfrey after a few battles to avoid being destroyed by the other races. Next came the great plague of Seventis, which allowed Godfrey to annex the now empty lands. He granted these lands to August Flay as noble land. Hanseti joined Godfrey's new Kingdom after being repeatedly raided by August Flay and his house of bandits. The Teutonic Order simply couldn't stand the repeated, almost daily raids of the men in bandanas. After all the Human nations were brought together, Godfrey declared the new political entity the Empire of Oren.

Empire of Oren

After bringing the Kingdoms of Seventis, Salvus, Hanseti, and Renatus into one political entity known as the Holy Orenian Empire, Godfrey Horen was crowned Emperor of Humanity in Asulon. His Imperial seat was in the city of Arethor, and in Anthos it was Abresi. He adopted a harsh policy of no tolerance towards any other Hman nations. Any Human settlement that tried to split away from Oren was immediately taken over, and in some cases, such as Khabbi, destroyed utterly.

Upon arriving in the new continent of Anthos, the Empress was kidnapped by orcs. Godfrey himself led the assault to retrieve her, along with the Dwarves of Urguan. Also in Anthos, Godfrey began to expand the Empire, forcing back the border with the Princedom of Malinor and taking much land from them. This new land along the border was known as the Westerlands. Emperor Godfrey gave the Westerlands to Peter Chivay and the Order of the White Rose to have as the newly named Kingdom of Kaedrin. Grandmaster Peter promised to guard the West from elves and other unwanteds. Godfrey signed a treaty with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and it's leader, Thorik Grandaxe, which became known as the Blood Pact. This was a mutual military alliance.


In Anthos, the aged Emperor died of old age. He made a farewell speech on his balcony to the people of the Empire before passing peacefully in his bed. His apparition descended a few decades later in the Abresi Miracle, in which he declared Peter Chivay the Emperor of Oren.