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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Galahar was a town on the King's Road in Aegis. Built on the ruins of Kramoroe, it was established with a feudal system and came under the rule of Oren. Following the Fall of Al'Khazar it was made the capital of the nation, and was the site of the violent phase of the Phoenix Revolution. It became the capital of the new Kingdom of Renatus. In 1349 it was attacked by Undead along with New Terriko and tainted.


The site on the King's Road that became Galahar was once Kramoroe, which was destroyed in an Undead attack and left in ruin. As the spot lay conveniently on the King's Road on the way to Al'Khazar, it was restored. The new town was based on a feudal system, where several types of castes all had to pay a tithe once a week, save the knights. Galahar was not a large town, although it attracted some attention for its rest features and merchants. Following the blight of Al'Khazar refugees flooded from the city. Galahar received many of them. As the closest Human city to the Cloud Temple and other nations it was named the new capital of Oren. It grew enough as a result to be called a city rather than a town, with increased defenses and a greater population. In 1341, Galahar was the site of the Phoenix Revolution. Enor Sheffield stepped down as King of Oren, giving the crown to Gaius Marius. This was disputed by the revolutionaries, who seized Galahar in response. After negotiations, it was decided that Oren would be split in two, with Eze'kiel Tarus ruling the Kingdom of Renatus from Galahar. Opposition grew against Renatus and especially against the Phoenix guard stationed in Galahar. A group began to form in heavy opposition of the leader of Galahar (Pius Silverblade) due to his corruption in leadership. The Purge was planned by the Dwarf Ingot as a way to cleanse the city of the guards and Pius that had supposedly mistreated them. The attack was bloody for both sides, but those fighting for Galahar were able to hold the city due to the knights, dwarves, and druids who all fought in defense. In 1349, Galahar was attacked by Undead. At first there were only a few Ghasts, but the attack quickly grew. It seemed that the city would be lost until the Undead casting the spells was slain. The city was tainted in the west, near the Keep. King Tarus decided to evacuate, given that the taint could continue to spread.


Many of the large and noble homes had stone or stone brick supports on the lower floors. Dark and light wood was used throughout the city. Hedges were also common.

The Castes

Lord Knight Commander - The Lord of Galahar and Commander of the Knights, he ruled over Galahar and made the important decisions. He was aided by his Steward and lived in Galahar's castle. Position was famously held by Pius Silverblade (being known then as Gideon Silverblade). The Steward- Usually chosen from the Knight Sergeants for his skill in not just fighting, but keeping law and order. He aided the Knight Commander in the running of Galahar. The Knights - Protectors of Galahar and the Higher Caste, they were given a tower or room in the keep for their service, and did not have to pay any Tithes. Nobles - The Wealthy folk of Galahar, they owned a Noble House. Their wealth and status allowed them to enter the Keep with no questions. Squires - The "Servants" of Knights and usually children of Nobles, they served the Knights until they were knighted themselves. Villeins - The Free men of the town, they had bought a House that paid money as a Tithe. They included smiths and fishermen. Pages - The Guards of Galahar, and servants of the Knights, they were the same as villeins, although they were still eligible to be in the Serf Caste as well. Serfs - The workers of Galahar, they lived in a house connected to a farm or woodcamp, and as such, they paid tithes in items, until they got enough money to buy a house inside the walls. =