Gaius Marius

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Gaius I
Hochmeister Gaius Marius
King of Hanseti
Reign: 1341-1343
Predecessor: Title Created (As King of Hanseti)
Himself (As King of Oren)
Sucessor: Samuel Bealcrest
King of Oren
Reign: 1341
Predecessor: Enor Sheffield
Sucessor: Title Dissolved
Born: Circa 1280
Death: 14th of Malin's Welcome, 1343
Nuremburg, Hanseti

Gaius Marius was the stoic and the feared leader of the Teutonic Order. As the Hochmeister he had a great burden atop of his shoulders but he had dealt with it well. It was under Marius that the Teutonic Order carried out some of their largest operations, including several invasions of Al'Khazar. After King Enor Sheffield of Oren stepped off the throne he chose Marius as his successor. This controversial move was opposed by the Phoenix Revolution, who captured the capital city of Oren, Galahar. After negotiations between Marius and the Phoenix leader Eze'kiel Tarus it was decided that Oren would be split, with Marius ruling the Realm of Hanseti in the east and Tarus ruling the Kingdom of Renatus in the west. Marius ruled in the Realm of Hanseti until he passed away peacefully on Sabet, 14th of Malin's Welcome, 1343.

Early History

Gaius Marius was born to a small family in a line of lumberjacks whose men also served as military levies & petty retainers in the northern hinterlands of the land of Man. Marius grew up in the wooded mountains that stood tall over Al'khazar to the south and flanked the Undead scourge to the east. At the young age of 16, Marius enlisted with a group of hedge knights who named themselves Knights of the Flame. The Knights of the Flame, with their leader Rytto, built their bastion in the eastern part of the hinterlands near where the Undead established their foothold. This group of hedge knights that Marius originally fought for engaged in raids against Undead holdings or employed themselves in the defense of various villages within reach of the Undead.

However, Marius and his circle of confidants and comrades grew disillusioned with the leadership of Rytto. They became bolder in speaking out against the group's strategy when it came to defending towns and combatting the Undead. Marius quickly became the face of the dissenting group within the Knights of the Flame, preferring ambushes and other irregular military tactics over pitched battles of shield-walls and line formations. The hedge knights quickly dissolved, with a faction of soldiers leaving with Gaius Marius and inhabiting the elevated vale of Nurem. Some notable names of the earliest Sariants('soldiers' in the Marian language) included Mirtok deNurem, Alizyn, Viadar, Tesawa, & Glylith. Establishing the fort of Nuremberg and electing Gaius Marius as their Hochmeister('High Master'), the Teutonic Order was formed.

Teutonic Order


Phoenix Revolution

Towards the end of King Enor's reign, the Phoenix Revolution, a diverse coalition of adventurers, soldiers, historians and many important political and military figures from Oren, began with the intent to overthrow the Sheffields rule and put a Eze'kiel Tarus in charge of Oren. In a move that shocked all, King Enor, fearing the revolutionaries, voluntarily handed the crown to Gaius Marius before fleeing the country. In response, the revolutionaries seized Galahar. After negotiations and talks between Gaius Marius and Eze'kiel it was decided that a biumvirate would be formed, with Gaius Marius ruling the Realm of Hanseti in the east and Eze'kiel ruling the Kingdom of Renatus in the west.

Kingdom of Hanseti