Frederick I of Marna

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Frederick I Pius
FrederickI 2.0.jpg
King of Marna
Reign: 1639-1652
Coronation: 6th of the Grand Harvest, 1638
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Aurelius I Horen (as King of Renatus-Marna)
Archchancellors: N/A
Born: 11th of the First Seed, 1619, Mardon, Oren
Death: Unknown
Spouse: Henrietta Louise
House: Horen-Marna
Father: Frederick Victor Horen-Marna
Mother: Julia Amador

Frederick Pius Horen-Marna, also known as Frederick I (Common: Frederick Pius; High Imperial: Fridericus Pius; Savoyard: Frederic Pius) (11th of the First Seed, 1619–Unknown) was the first King of Marna. While he later abdicated his throne and handed it over to Aurelius I Horen, he would support Aurelius, eventually becoming one of his knights.

Early life



Formation of Marna

With the Coup of Adelburg, the Holy Orenian Empire was dissolved and replaced by the Kingdom of Renatus. However, many among the remaining nobility did not support King Aurelius I. These nobles chose to split off from the Reformed Kingdom of Renatus, and established the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna. With the death of Emperor John VI, and neither of his two brothers being ushered forth, the nobility put forth Frederick I to lead them. Frederick worked to quickly establish himself as King, and establish Marna as a proper Kingdom. He did so quickly, and soon they joined the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and the Reformed Kingdom of Renatus in the Third Crusade. After emerging victorious, Marna had secured its position, ushering it forth as the more proper Orenian successor state.

Rule over Marna

During their shift from Axios to Atlas, Frederick I continued to lead Marna, establishing it as one of the top nations on the continent. However, conflict soon arose with the Kingdom of Norland and Kingdom of Santegia, leading Frederick I to hire the Reiters Mercenary Company in order to aid in combatting them. While it never got to the point of full-blown war, Marna did emerge victorious in the majority of skirmishes in which they engaged. However, as threats from Norland and Santegia began to die down, and Frederick's rule seemed secure, it became apparent to him that Marna was on the decline. Less and less citizens were staying in the city, until the point that. In turn, members of his advisory council also began to leave, until the council had been reduced to very few in number.

Abdication and Disappearance

Although most are unsure as of the reasoning behind it, Frederick I abdicated his throne to King Aurelius of Renatus, effectively granting him control over Marna and Renatus. This went against his previously declared heir in Frederick Otto. It is speculated that the decline of Marna caused him to abdicate. Whatever the reason, following his abdication and disappearance, his surviving relatives fled Marna in order to avoid possible capture or execution at the hands of King Aurelius and Renatus.


After many years, Frederick I would ultimately turn up again in the court of Aurelius. He would end up serving Aurelius as one of the top knights in the realm, as a member of the Order of the Red Dragon, later becoming the Grand Knight of the order itself.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Frederick Otto Horen-Marna 1641 Missing Unwed Firstborn son of Frederick I Horen-Marna and Henrietta Barbanov, Twin to Beatrix.
Beatrix Cecelia Horen-Marna 1641 Missing Unwed Firstborn daughter of Frederick I Horen-Marna and Henrietta Barbanov, Twin to Frederick.