Frederick I, Count of Otistadt

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Fredrick I
Count of Otistadt
Reign: 14th of the Sun's Smile, 1774 - 0 SA
Predecessor: Aleskandr, Baron of Otistadt
Successor: Kazimar I, Count of Otistadt
Patriarch of Ludovar
Reign: 14th of the Sun's Smile, 1758 - 0 SA
Predecessor: Alexander 'The Sick' Ludovar
Successor: Kazimar I, Count of Otistadt
Born: 20th of The Grand Harvest, 1748
Ludovar Manor, New Reza, Haense
Spouse: Emila of Reinmar (m.1773)
House: Ludovar
Father: Alexander Ludovar
Mother: Sofiya of Ayr
Issue: 5 Children

Fredrik Aleksandr also known as Fredrick I (WIP), of the House Ludovar, is Count of Otistadt. He is the eldest son of Baron Aleksandr of Rostig-Otistadt and Sofiya Baruch who was proclaimed as Count of Otistadt by Emperor Peter III due to his great success on building his own levy company and defending the lands of Empire.

Early life

Fredrik Aleksandr Ludovar was born to Aleksandr Ludovar and Sofiya Baruch within the Ludovar manor in New Reza within the year of 1707. Growing up he had become quite close to his father though more so his mother as his father wasn't around much within his life. Despite this his existence would be quite unknown until he had reached the age of ten where he was able to stroll around in the city with his mother in New Reza and the city of Helena. While he had visited cities and towns he had began to take note within them as he had grown some interest in potentially having his own town where he could manage its houses and events.

Once he had reached the age of twelve, his father would assign him to become a student or ward under Erik Othaman, the Exchequer of War, where he would observe how the Haense military operates, join its practices, and learn its tricks on its recruiting process. A year later, Fredrik would become Baron of Rostig-Otistadt after his father's death in 1761.


Baron of Otistadt

The title Baron of Otistadt was bestowed upon Frederick I by his Majesty, Sigismund II, King of Hanseti-Ruska. He earned this title through his military service as the Leader of the Ludovar Company. He was given the title by Sigismund II, King of Hanseti-Ruska during the time when the Emperor and the King were arguing about who should be able to give Nobility in Haense. Frederick only had this title for a few years though, as the King decided to give in and comply with the Emperors request. This lead all the Haensemen, including Frederick who were given Nobility during the disagreement to have their titles revoked as they were no longer valid.

Count of Otistadt

The title Count of Otistadt was bestowed upon Frederick Ludovar in the year of 1777. He received this title due to his service to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, and the Holy Orenian Empire. Upon receiving this title, he was also given Johnstown and a Knightly title by the Emperor. Once the land was given to him he started his restoration efforts of Johnstown, he started by renovating parts of the town. Once the buildings were renovated he started to work on administration. He allowed houses to be available for people to live in, started the tavern back up, and ran various events to encourage others to move into Johnstown as well as bringing joy to the citizens.


Master of Johnstown

Upon his taking of the hamlet town of Johnstown, the citizens of the region pronounced Fredrick the 'Master' of Johnstown. Though it is unsure whether Fredrick was considered the Lord of the region, documents from the duma of Johnstown refer to him as Fredrick implying he humbled himself among the townsfolk.

Emila Anna of Reinmar , circa 1776

Character and personality

Through his childhood, he was seen as smart and witty often causing him to get into quite the mischief. As he matured and pursued his military desires he became a leader and an inspiration for many.

Titles, Styles and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1748 - 1763: His Lordship Baron of Otistadt
  • 1777 - Present: His Lordship Count of Otistadt

Full title as Count of Otistadt

His Lordship Fredrik-Aleskandr I of the House of Ludovar, Count of Otistadt, Lord of Elisberg, and Master of Johnstown


Name Birth Death Marriage
Petrysa Oliviya Ludovar 1774 Alive Unwed Firstborn daughter of Fredrick and Emila of Reinmar.
Kazimar Hieromar Ludovar 1774 Alive Anastasya of Valles (m. SA 6) Firstborn son of Fredrick and Emila of Reinmar. Heir to the County of Otistadt.
Stanimar Henrik Ludovar 1776 Alive Unwed Second-born son of Fredrick.
Sofiya Ludovar 1776 1807 Robbie MacDonough Second-born daughter of Fredrick and Emila of Reinmar.
Jakob Karl Ludovar 1777 1806 Unwed Third-born son of Fredrick and Emila of Reinmar.
Henrietta Isaaka Ludovar 1787 Alive Alexander Leopold I, Prince of Sedan Third-born daughter of Fredrick and Emila of Reinmar.