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Forum Roleplay Signs allow the user to link a specified forum post to a sign. By right clicking on a sign and clicking the text popup in chat, you will be redirected to the desired post. These can be used to create posters, spread newspapers, and much more!

How to:

Creating a forum sign is pretty simple, just place down a sign and have [Forum Link] as the first line. On the second line add the forum id number of the forum post you wish to link. For example, we'll take the Dev update post.

forum links.png

This post’s id is 178356, as shown in the image above. So the forum sign would look a little like to the right of the page.


When you complete the sign, the first line will be blue, telling the players that they may Right-click it. When a player Right-click the sign, they will receive a line with the link, which they can click to access.