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Fimlin Grandaxe "Fimm"
"Ah don’t care about the title ‘King’, when I'm asked who I am I will respond “I am Fimlin Grandaxe.” Nae “I am the King of the Dwarves".”

12th Grand King of Urguan
Reign: 1470 - 1491
Predecessor: Midgor Ireheart
Successor: Vorstag Ireheart
Under-King of Urguan
Reign: 1690 - 1717
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Atandt Irongrinder
Born: 1271
Kal'Anart, Asulon.
Spouse: Merila Grandaxe
Parents: Gortek Grandaxe
Children: Torvin Grandaxe, Vosirk Grandaxe, Barthain Grandaxe, Verrik Grandaxe, Maerin Grandaxe, Sandor Grandaxe, Torrhen Grandaxe
Brothers: Fili Grandaxe, Nidro Grandaxe, Ulhart Grandaxe


Fimlin Grandaxe is an elder dwarf who has experienced much of the trials and tribulations of the Dwarves and has a record of service in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan for many years. Fimlin once served as Grand King in Urguan, however he is most known for his long-time leadership in the Grandaxe Clan which he had devoted much of his effort towards building up and maintaining. Fimlin's current whereabouts are unknown, as he fled the Grand Kingdom after forfeiting the title of Clan Lord of the Grandaxes shortly before the fall of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

Early career

Fimlin Grandaxe joined the Dwarven Legion during the reign of Grand King Thorin Grandaxe in Anthos while the capital was Kal'Azgoth. He fought in Thorin's War (or the Second Urguan-Oren War) against the Holy Orenian Empire as a Stoneguard in the Legion, and by the time the war ended and the Grand Kingdom moved to Kal'Ithrun Fimlin had attained the rank of Ironbreaker and was a reliable Legionnaire. Shortly after Fimlin fought in the Ithrun War, better known as the "Trench Wars" and was also present during the war against Ondnarch. Following the two wars, Fimlin earned the position of High Remembrancer and was later a Lord of the Grand Kingdom, becoming an essential player in running the Grand Kingdom.

Clan Father of the Grandaxes

During Anthos Fimlin had a central role in reviving the Grandaxe Clan from near ruin with his brother Fili Grandaxe, however he did not gain the title Clan Father until the Grand Kingdom moved to The Fringe and built the city of Kal'Arkon. While Clan Father, Fimlin devoted the majority of his time towards recovering members of the clan and building up the clan's wealth. Simultaneously he attended to his role as a Lord and also brought his clan to fight in the Dwarven Legion during the Zion War and later the Exterminatus War.

Grand King

Fimlin remained both Clan Father and a Lord in the Grand Kingdom until the removal of Grand King Midgor Ireheart in Athera, where he ran for the position himself and won the election with a clear majority. His initial reign was during a time of stagnation, the Legion was falling into disorganization and the economy was extremely vulnerable with a handful of wealthy dwarves owning more than the Grand Kingdom's vault. However he did lead the expedition into the Kal'Varak, and later to the Hall of Urguan where Iblees and the Undead were released back into the world. With the rise of the Undead Fimlin prepared the realm for the coming war when a rebellion staged by Dared Starbreaker destabilized the Grand Kingdom and brought more numbers to the side of the Undead. The Ironborn clan, thought to have been long dead also joined up with the Starbreakers and Undead in an invasion forced aimed at Urguan's capital; Kal'Agnar. Despite the defenses constructed bracing for the attack, the Ironborn invasion was successful and Fimlin lead the Grand Kingdom to the Irongut hold of Hiebenhall where they could regain their strength. This was accomplished by consolidating the remaining dwarves in Hiebenhall while also reaching out to the Emperor of Oren, who pledged his support in the battle. When Urguan's army was ready they marched on Kal'Agnar and retook it from the Ironborn with little casualties.

The capital Kal'Agnar had been devastated by the two battles, which prompted Fimlin to draw up plans for a new city; Kal'Karaad and appointed Balek Irongut as his chief architect. The city was nearly complete when the Thanes Council decided that Fimlin's reign was unworthy and voted him out of the Grand King's office, for which Fimlin respectfully stepped down.

Grandaxe Exodus

In the years following the removal of Fimlin there was much tension between the Grandaxe clan (lead by Fili Grandaxe) and the Grand Kingdom. Much of this tension went away with the rise of Zahrer Irongrinder to Grand Kingship. This did not stop tension between the Thane's Council and the clan from building up. Thus, when Zahrer reformed the old Lord's Council, the Grandaxes were left out of the positions, and the clan fell under discrimination by the council. The situation erupted with the supposed murder of an elf by Jorik Grandaxe, giving the Lords a reason to banish the clan from Urguan. Zahrer refused however, and was voted out of Grand Kingship himself. The Grandaxes had been alerted to the events that unfolded, and before the Lords could act the clan fled the capital for their northern hold Kal'Bogrin. During this time Fimlin actively supported his brother Fili Grandaxe as clan father and assisted in the matters concerning their exile and later reuniting with the Grand Kingdom. It was also during this time when the Kingdom of Oren attacked the dwarven holds in the north, thus Fimlin dutifully fought in the war and provided his assistance to Grand King Balek Irongut in matters of defense and diplomacy. When the war ended, Urguan had been thrown out of Northern Athera, and so Fimlin built Kal'Eknar in the foothills of the capital.

Not long after another war came to Urguan, this time against the Orcs. Initially the dwarves fought poorly however the tide turned after numerous raids and the successful defense of Kal'Eknar from an invasion, bringing the war to a close. Shortly before the move to Vailor, the Grandaxes joined the Mountain Alliance between the Ireheart, Frostbeard, and Grandaxe clans.

Jarl of Avar

The Grand Kingdom on the Isles of Vailor was situated in the far western part of the world, however there was a large island in the middle of the sea between them and the Empire of Oren. Grand King Balek Irongut decided to send the Adunians; allies of Urguan, to secure the island. However this did not work quite as planned, and additional population was needed to truly secure the island. Fimlin, now clan father volunteered the Grandaxe Clan to set up a hold on the island. Balek accepted and the Grandaxes founded the hold of Kal'Valen and named the island 'Avar'. Fimlin was given the title 'Jarl of Avar' and used it to maintain control over the island and further the alliance with the Adunians. He also granted the castle of Jarnstrand to his longtime friend Zahrer Irongrinder to help fortify the island from attacks, which would prove useful later.

Balek Irongut's reign was ended suddenly after he disappeared into the sea, giving way to a heated election between Skippy Irongut and Verthaik Frostbeard. Fimlin was reluctant to put his faith in Verthaik, but was ultimately against him after he refused to renew the Mountain Alliance. Fimlin gave his support and much of the clan's to Skippy who after a close count won the election. Verthaik was enraged by the outcome and refused to accept Skippy's rule, rebelling from Urguan and naming himself "the Mountain Monarch". Without question Fimlin pledged his support to Skippy and the Grand Kingdom in addition to all the other clans excluding the Frostbeards. What would be known as the First Frostbeard Rebellion was short lived though as they were defeated and Verthaik slain in the Battle of the Melting Frost.

Grand King Skippy would later be assassinated (unbeknownst at the time) by Uldar Irongut, who won the subsequent election and was crowned Grand King. While Fimlin initially supported Uldar, he soon began to turn against him as allegations of his involvement with Skippy's murder and breaching of the Articles of Urguan came to bear. Uldar eventually resigned however, and in a final breach of the law appointed his successor who then split Urguan in two; the Kingdom of Azwyrmor and the Kingdom of Avar. Outrage ensued quickly after the proclamation and the Kingdom of Azwyrmor was toppled by the former Urguanites, and Fimlin denounced the proclamation and Kingship in favor of reuniting Urguan.

The years following would be rather quite, Fimlin stepped down as Clan Father while retaining his position as Jarl to further oversee the development of the island. His position soon had a different purpose though as the Empire of Oren began an invasion of Urguan, starting the infamous Eighteen Years' War. Initially the Grand Kingdom was repulsed, but was able to hold its ground in the battle of Khro'Nagaak and halted the Orenian advance. With his defeat the Emperor decided to consider a different strategy and joined up with a rebellious state on Avar named Norland and launched a secondary invasion of the island's western portion. The western half while more defended than the east, fell rather quickly to the invading force in the successive losses at the Battle of Jarnstrand and the Battle of Kal'Valen, the latter being a hard fought and near loss for the Orenian invasion. Kal'Valen falling to Oren ended Fimlin's Jarlship and the Grandaxes moved back into the capital. The Eighteen Years' War finally ended after a second failure for the main invasion force to breach the fortifications surrounding the capital, and the war ended with the loss of dwarven territories of Avar and Rhewengrad.

Clan Lord

The Isles of Vailor became corrupted by a form of dark shamanism started by the Orcs, causing the descendants including Fimlin to find a new home on Axios. Fimlin was among the main architects of the new capital, named Kal'Nikaer and soon after it was Fimlin's own son Torvin Grandaxe who would become Grand King, however Fimlin's involvement during this time was minimal.

Fimlin was dragged back in when the Empire of Oren started another campaign against the Grand Kingdom, and yet again Fimlin fought against Oren alongside the dwarves. The rise of the Frostbeard Clan to being among the large and powerful clans in the Kingdom brought Fimlin back into the position of Clan Lord, and he quickly set about rebuilding the beaten clan. Grand King Algoda is elected to power and under his rule the tide of the war is turned and numerous Orenian nobles rise up in revolt against the empire, while others back out of the war entirely. Algoda did not live to see his victory though, he was captured while walking through the northern wilds and executed. In his stead Bastion Ireheart is elected Grand King and the war is soon won, and the Empire of Oren dismantled.

Following the war a time of great prosperity is achieved, and Fimlin's efforts in reviving the Grandaxe clan began to be successful, as the clan had risen to being the largest second to the Frostbeards. With both the Grandaxes and Frostbeards being sizable clans, tension between the two clans increased over time. Despite this the Grand Kingdom became stronger and more powerful than it had been in a while, with the clans underneath it also prospering. This time did not last long however, and Urguan slowly fell back into decline. Bastion Ireheart eventually committed suicide over the pressure of his rule and the failing nation. Clan Lord Kerwyr Frostbeard took this as an opportunity to seize the crown for himself and try to rebuild Urguan with his image. Fimlin in addition to the other clans met this with fierce resistance, and they fled the capital for the Grandaxe hold of Tal'Azmar. With support from the majority of the dwarves, the exiled Urguan in Tal'Azmar was able to retake the capital Kal'Omith with help from a rebellion within the Frostbeards, and the day following Kerwyr was executed by his clansmen in front of Grand King Gror Ireheart.

The Fall of the Grandaxes

Despite their victory the war had taken its toll on the rebirth of the Grandaxes, forcing Fimlin to start the process of reviving the clan once again. Fimlin moved his clan back from Tal'Azmar to Kal'Omith, and constructed a large and extensive clan hall to house the clan's wealth and numerous relics. The Frostbeards were not entirely finished however, and eventually they ceded from the Kingdom in their hold of Jornheim with the eventual goal of changing the Grand Kingdom by force. The desire for change attracted a number of Grandaxes, including Fimlin's cousin Wulfgar Grandaxe and his son Torvin. These Grandaxes moved to Jornheim and dubbed themselves "Blackaxes" formally splintering from the clan. Fimlin struggled to maintain the Grandaxes remaining with him as tensions grew, bringing him to creating an uneasy friendship with the Blackaxes. The divide between the two sides was too deep however and the Frostbeards formed the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah and successfully conquered the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. After the war the Grandaxe clan became virtually extinct, with whatever members left either joining the Blackaxes or being scattered elsewhere.

Current Status

Fimlin Grandaxe is currently the exleader of the dwarven nation, the Under-Realm of Urguan being the first Under-King of Urguan. He assists Clan Grandaxe as an elder of the clan.

Known in the Dwarves

Former Grand King of Urguan and Ruler of the Dwarves, Former Clan Lord of the Grandaxe Clan, First King of Agnarum.