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Fast travel is a system that allows a player to quickly go from one location to another very quickly, usually for free or for a certain cost in minas. Fast travel was first introduced with the Lord of the Craft: Rise of the Undead 1.1_0 patch but was not fully operational and widely implemented until later versions. Fast travel has functioned differently depending on the world being used. It can take several forms, depending on the area it is used in. The most common include boats, horse carriages and railways.


In Aegis fast travel always took the form of boats. Right clicking on specific NPCs next to ships acting as captains would charge a players account with the price of the journey, then teleport them to a 'mid-way' boat where they waited for a period of time, before teleporting the player to their final destination. Most ships had an NPC at the destination location as well that provided a return journey. These boats became increasingly unreliable over time and were not used frequently by players.


In Asulon fast travel was available to towns, cities and nations to link areas together. It required a fee to be set up and another for use, ranging from a few to a few hundred minas. In Asulon fast travel was not limited to boats but took several different forms. Boats were still a popular option, and could be used when the two destinations were linked by a continuous water body. There were many boats at the Sanctuary of the Cloud Temple that lead to far-off destinations. Horses were also available for overland travel but were limited in the distance they could travel. Railways were also used by the Dwarves. Instead of a continuous track there were starting and ending platforms that the player was teleported between.

To use these forms of fast travel a specific area was designated in the desired mode of transport. Once a player entered that area minas were automatically deducted from their account and they would be teleported to their destination.


Fast travel was limited in Anthos. It worked very similarly to the Asulon system. Free Fast Travel is usually the norm and those requiring payment are rare.


There are very few places where fast travel works are used in Athera. With the addition of command blocks to minecraft, it became easy to create fast travels to some locations. Carts at the Cloud Temple lead to the wilds, and in some places such as Rivel, some portals exist. Other means of fast travel are teleporting signs into the mines.


In Vailor, the prime means of transportation is through fast travel. With them, the big map is quickly navegated through, with caravans and ships leading the players quickly to towns and cities. From the Cloud Temple, one can go in every direction, and reach far away nations in seconds. The fast travels are done through the use of teleporting Signs, which need to be right Clicked to transport the player.


For a large part of Axios, fast travel was nonexistent outside of the Cloud Temple, which only warped you to a dock on one of the Isles. However, eventually major cities and locations started to get Carts with teleporting Signs like in previous Realms. Soon after fast travel came back, the plug-in for fast travel was updated to remove Signs from most places and instead replace them with scheduled warps.