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An XVIIIth century depiction of Eze'Kiel Tarus
King of Renatus
Reign: 1341-1359
Predecessor: Title Created (As King of Renatus)
Gaius Marius (As King of Oren)
Sucessor: Godfrey
Born: Circa 1300
Death: Circa 1400
Arethor, Oren
Spouse: Ryder Tarus
Issue: Edgar A. Tarus
Edward Tarus
Elizabeth Tarus
Atriana II Tarus
House: House of Tarus
Father: Tulric Tarus
Mother: Unknown

Eze'kiel Tarus was the sixth head of the Royal House Tarus and the only Phoenix King in the Kingdom of Renatus.

Early History

Eze'kiel was the son of Tulric Tarus. He was adopted by the dwarven family the Ironmenders after his parents died young. Eze'kiel was especially close to his adopted grandfather Gustaf. They moved together to Oren after the death of Eze'kiel's parents where they started a town and Eze'kiel became a Templar. Eze'kiel was given the deed to the Tarus estate by his aging grandfather, and became the Head of the House Tarus when Gustaf was killed by Undead. His sister Atriana Tarus turned to the Undead, leaving Eze'kiel saddened. Eze'kiel tracked down his cousins Richard and Sam, who joined his family.

Phoenix Revolution

Eze'kiel grew tired of the rule of the Sheffields. It was under King Enor's reign that Eze'kiel joined the Phoenix Revolution, designed to overthrow the Sheffields rule and put a new king in charge of Oren. The Phoenix Revolution grew in size and influence, attracting diverse supporters such as adventurers, soldiers, historians and many important political and military figures from Oren. The headquarters of the Revolution was established on the White Road. Then an event occurred that shocked the revolutionaries - King Enor voluntarily handed the crown to Gaius Marius. In response, the revolutionaries seized Galahar. After negotiations and talks between Gaius Marius and Eze'kiel it was decided that a biumvirate would be formed, with Gaius Marius ruling the Realm of Hanseti in the east and Eze'kiel ruling the Kingdom of Renatus in the west.

Kingdom of Renatus

The Kingdom of Renatus was established, with Eze'kiel as the King and Galahar as the capital. Eze'kiel recognized that one of the largest complaints against Enor was that he was not in touch with the common people, something Eze'kiel swore to always be aware of.

Following the Undead attack on Galahar Eze'kiel ordered that the city be evacuated, over fears that taint in New Terriko would spread. At the time of the order it had already spread to the Keep and was threatening the rest of the Fort. Eze'kiel, the council and many from Galahar took refuge in Kal'Urguan.


After arriving in Asulon, Eze'kiel and the rest of Renatus occupied the ruins of an ancient Human city. Restoration of the city was slow and some Renatans expressed concerns over the possibility of attack. Recognizing that work was hindered through inefficiency Eze'kiel dissolved the Council of the Phoenix, giving himself far greater personal power. The move was generally applauded as people hoped it would speed construction of Arethor and give strength to Renatus. In year 1359, Eze'kiel left Renatus to search for the missing Prince James, leaving Reynard Lycian as regent.

After returning from his search, Eze'kiel became a duke in the Holy Orenian Empire, before later rebelling and being put to death in Arethor.