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The Enclave of Ker'nor is the home of the darker skinned elves of Malin, or the mali'ker. It's current territory is found in the southeast Isle of Tahn in Axios, behind of Linandria. The Enclave of Ker'nor is an integrated settlement of the Dominion of Malin.


Very few dark elves existed in the land of Aegis. The few that did were associated with Malinor’s military group, The Wardens. Otherwise, not much is to be said of their existence during this time. Asulon, a land of hope, turned out to be a place of despair for the dark elves. Many dark elves were enslaved by the Mori'Quessir, abused and killed by the race. The dark elves that remained within Malinor continued to do their duties in the military, while a specific dark elf Khel Oussana started to gain notice within elven society. Khel, meaning ‘darkness’, returned after escaping enslavement from the Mori. He was a fierce fighter and exceptional leader within the Malinorian military, proving a name for himself. At the same time a dark elven community grew in the wilderness (Malin's Gorge), created by a group of families that venerated Velulaei (believed to be the Moon Aengul), led by Lord Goroth Klaren. This group and its believers would later clash with those led by Khel Oussana.

Because of the popularity amongst the dark elven populace for Lord Goroth, he was made Steward of the Mali'ker districts on the islands of Elysium and Kalos. Before the disastrous volcanic eruption on Elysium, the dark elves lived in a district buried into the depths of the mountain upon which the Malinorian settlement was built. Later, upon moving to Kalos, the dark elves joined districts with the wood elves.

Dark elves began to rise in Anthos, their population quickly growing while gaining prominent positions in government and earning respect from their elven brethren. Khel Oussana became a Prince of Malinor and sparked a nationalist movement within the dark elves, helped by the failed attempts at establishing a dark elven district by Steward Goroth. Prince Khel, however, noticed many problems within the Malinorian government and soon wished to lead his people from the nation. After being betrayed by fellow council members, namely High Prince Koylat, Prince Khel led his kind out of Malinor and founded the dark elven settlement of Darkhaven with his close friend Kaldo Raven’kor. While in Darkhaven, Khel and Kaldo introduced the concept of ancestral religion to the city. The practice quickly caught on. The worshipers of Velulaei, still led by the same now named Val'Goroth Klaren, were looked down upon because of their tendency to put Velulaei above the ancestors. While no violence occurred, constant political battles took place between the two groups for control of Darkhaven. Over time, the Dark Trinity, the group formed by the worshipers of Velulaei, subsided under Khel’s and Kaldo’s rule.

Khel Oussana suddenly died from unknown causes to the dismay of his people. Kaldo then stepped down from his role as Lord of Darkhaven, giving the Dark Trinity the opportunity to gain power. These families took over Darkhaven. Soon after this the Trinity decided to move their people to the wood elven settlement of Leanniel, abandoning Darkhaven. Here the dark elves lived in a district named Talonii Hollow, which was eventually destroyed when Leanniel was attacked by the Black Scrouge and decimated - the Dark Trinity apparently with it too. Yet again the dark elves were forced to move, this time to the Conclave of Malinor, a government which was cobbled together after the fall of Malinor. Here the dark elves resided with their elven brethren until the discovery of the Fringe.

With the discovery of The Fringe the high elves took their chance at power, creating a strong settlement in the war-ridden lands and offering refuge to the wood elves and dark elves. After a failed attempt by Val'Goroth Klaren to establish refuge for the dark elves within the walls of Haelun'or; the dark elves moved in with the wood elves in a settlement under Haelun’or known as Lin’ame where they were subject to the oppressive ways of the high elves. The dark elves were then forced by high elven leader Sohaer Kalenz Uradir to separate from the wood elves and establish their own district named Ker’lomi. During this tumultuous time a male dark elf named Dak’ir Des’Nox began to arise as a leader of the people. Thus, after gaining enough power within the dark elven community, Dak’ir banished the remnants of the Dark Trinity from power and established himself as the new leader of his people. Soon after he declared the so called 'moon goddess religion' as heresy and the ways of the ancestors became the dominant belief of the dark elves. The rest of the Fringe saw no major events within the dark elves, and the land of Thales saw a similar pattern of stability.

After the move to Athera, a cave system was discovered below the high elven city of Anni’sul, providing a suitable home for the dark elves. While things looked to remain peaceful between the elven subraces, tensions soon rose between the wood and high elves, causing civil war to break out between the two. The dark elves remained neutral in this, not wanting to get involved. Ultimately the high elves were banished from their own city, the wood elves taking over as the rulers. The high elves would not allow this to remain for long, however, and soon schemed over how to retake the city. Amid this time the dark elves began splitting between two sides. A new group named the Laurir’ker formed and started assisting the high elves in their plans to retake the city while Dak’ir stayed out of the war with his followers. Soon enough the high elves struck back with the help of the Laurir’ker and the armies of the Holy Orenian Empire, forcing the wood elves to flee. During the intense battles the dark elves' home was destroyed, giving an opportunity for the Laurir’ker to overtake Dak’ir and claim leadership over the dark elves. Dak’ir promptly moved to the city of Ceru’lin, the newly-constructed wood elven city. Here Dak’ir bid his time, slowly accumulating dark elven followers. Back in the main dark elven populace the Laurir’ker soon became unpopular, ruling with aggressive tactics. Within the next few years numerous events happen. Dak’ir discoverd a hidden cave in the forests south of Haelun’or, while the high elves again waged war against the wood elves, pushing them back into the refuge of the forest. During this Dak’ir founded the dark elven settlement of Ker'nor in the caves, reuniting the dark elven people as the Lauri’ker dissolved.

The dark elves were not completely left out of the war, however; soon Haelun’or pressured the dark elves into an alliance, forcing the dark elves to fight with Haelun’or against the wood elves. As the violence reached its peak between the elves, Oren attempted to intervene and end the war. High Elven Sohaer Kalenz Uradir would have none of this, however, and in one of the most shocking events in Athera he assassinated the King of Oren. The many humans of Oren, now furious, forced the three elven cities to become vassals of the Kingdom, and thus Ker’nor became a vassal to Oren. Around this time the destruction of Athera occurred as all of the races fled to Vailor.

In Vailor, the dark elves settled on their own island near the wood elves, naming the island Ker’nor just like their city in Athera. In addition they founded the city of Vivec on the island. Soon after they noticed a nearby volcano to their south, naming it Khel’igne in honour of the great Prince Khel Oussana. During this time a rebel group, the Warhawkes, attempted to overthrow Dak’ir but were soon put down by a coalition of dark, wood, and high elven forces. After these events, Dak’ir was forced to step down due to illness. He then handed the leadership of the dark elves to his brother Arzota Des’Nox and another dark elf named Grimwald. Without warning, the volcano Khel’igne erupted, forcing the dark elves to flee to the wood elves with haste.

After healing from his sickness, Dak’ir returned and re-assumed control of his people, taking them from their refugee camp to create the city of Ebonglade in the pine forests east of Lareh’lin.

Now in Axios, the dark elves have established their new city of Ker'nor near the wood elven settlement, Linandria.


Ker'nor is the current city of the Enclave of Ker'nor. It is located on the island of Tahn, in the mountains behind the city of Linandria.


The Enclave of Ker'nor is a Princedom, with the head of the government being the Prince, and his family seen as the 'royals'. They also have a 'Primarch', or the Cultural Leader, and the Royal Architech.

The current Prince is Jayce Des'nox, the current Primarch is Dak'ir Des'nox, with the Royal Architect is Alevi Pearlrift.


The dark elves economy is heavily based upon mining and stone masonry. From their cities, they export valuable mined and refined ores and goods to Axios.


The people of the Enclave follow and worship their ancestors. They believe that notable dark elves ascend to the ancestral plane and stay there in spirit form. Sometimes the spiritual/political leaders of Ker'nor will temporarily ascend to the ancestral plane to ask their ancestors for advice.


The Enclave of Ker'nor follows the war and aggression patterns of Linandria, due to them both being a part of the Dominion of Malin. They work as one political unit.