Emigliana Sofia of Napoliza

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Emigliana Sofia di Montelliano
"La Duchessa di Adria", by Lucrezia Bracchus, c.1708 (Art by Jean Nocret).
Duchess consort of Adria
Tenure: 1707-1708
Predecessor: Alexandria of Man
Successor: Klaudia of Vasiland
Countess consort of Varoche
Tenure: 1708-1721
Predecessor: Title created
Successor: Title Abolished
Baronetess of Napoliza
Tenure: 1704-1721
Predecessor: Demetrio di Montelliano
Successor: Title Abolished
Born: 9th of Sun's Smile, 1690, Aldenburg, Renatus, Man
Death: 11th of Snow's Maiden, 1721, Ves, Republic of Ves
Spouse: Paul II of Adria
House: House of Montelliano
Father: Niccolo Vittorio di Montelliano
Mother: Reina, Countess of Aldenburg

Emigliana Sofia di Montelliano y Kavietsby, (9th of Sun's Smile, 1690- 1721) was Baronetess of Napoliza from 1704-1721, as the recognized head of the House of Montelliano in the Duchy of Adria. She was additionally briefly styled as Duchess-consort of Adria from 1707-1708 as a result of her marriage to Paul Varoche, though omitting the title succeeding Paul's political abdication to the King of Haense.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Nikoletta Sofia Varoche 1708 N/A William Alstion, Prince of Aanen First born daughter of Paul and Emigliana. Baronetess of Napoliza.
Paul II, Count of Varoche 1709 1721 N/A First born son of Paul and Emigliana. Becomes Count of Varoche upon Paul's death, but dies just a few months later.
Julietta Maria Varoche 1710 N/A Janos, Margrave of Staf Second born daughter of Paul and Emigliana. Princess-Consort of Vilachia.
Paul John Victor, Count of Varoche 1712 N/A N/A Second born son of Paul and Emigliana. Becomes Count of Varoche upon Paul II's death.