Edvard II Edvardsson Ruric, King of Norland

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Edvard II Edvardsson
King of Norland
Reign: 1717-1720FA
Coronation: 8th of Malin's Welcome, 1718FA
Predecessor: Alvar I
Successor: Caedric I Edvardsson
Arch-Chancellor of the Empire of Renatus
Years of Service: 1718-1720FA
Predecessor: Wilhelm Devereux
Successor: Title Dissolved
Earl of Morsgrad
Reign : 1726-1733FA
Successor: Godric I
Born: 14th of the Ambers Cold, 1694FA
Nordengrad, Norland
Death: 14th of the Grand Harvest, 1733FA
The Rock, Morsgrad
Spouse: Freya Fiscere (proposed)
Clan: Rurikkid Clans
Father: Exander Ruric
Mother: Juno

Lord Edvard Edvardsson Ruric, 14th of the Ambers Cold, 1694–Present) numbered Edvard II, is the fourteenth King of Norland, having acquired power by being elected by the Norlandic folk after the death of Alvar II. Directly after being proclaimed the new ruler of Norland, Edvard fought off a large raid of Reivers, quickly cutting them down and executing his traitorous kinsmen.


Early life

Edvard was born on the 14th of the Ambers Cold, 1694 in the city of Carolustadt during the reign of Augustus Horen. While in exile, Edvard and his brother Aeyn were raised by his father Exander Ruric.. Edvard was trained in the art of all sorts of combat, most namely sword and horseback, as was traditional for any young Ruric to master.In the meantime, his brother Aeyn had naturally found a connection to the Red Faith, while in the meantime Edvard would learn of their ancientual faith. In 1710, Aeyn would reunite with the Rurikid at The Principality of Vilachia where his cousin Alvar Ruric had recently overthrown his Doran.Under the guidance of Aeyn, Alvar Ruric would reunite the Nordish people becoming the Fourth Earl of Nordengrad. In 1716, Edvard would reunite with his brother and distant cousin as the three men would lead the Nordish folk in the War of Two Emperors. However In 1717, Alvar Ruric was enjoying time with his daughter in the Tavern of Dunharrow. Alvar would be slain whilst fighting alongside his men. Norland was in shambles as Edvard attempted to mend the relations between the seemingly uprising folk. After the first Kingsmoot electing Alvar II, there were major brawls in the streets as one side wanted Vangel to win, while the other respected their king and wanted him to remain on the throne. Although due to sickly health, Alvar II died of consumption. Leaving the direct rulership of Norland in question, it automatically went to a Kingsmoot, where Lyonel, Edvard, and Vangel would stand. The vote went in favor of Edvard having acquired five chieftains votes. Angered having not acquired the throne on his second attempt, Vangel sent a message to his reiver allies to raid the city, resulting in a major battle within the grand hall, resulting in the death of Vangel and a majority of the Reivers, this would be seen as solidification of Edvards right to rule, planning for his coronation to be held within the upcoming months. Marking the beginning of Edvard II reign.


Edvard, during his time in Pinemarch, fell in love with a young lass by the name of Freya. Spending a large majority of his time there with Freya, often seen in the main hall, the tavern, or frolicking in the nearby fields. After his return from his trip, he ordered for the construction of Morsgrad, and after its completion he pledged to marry Freya and have a grand celebration. This of course, took many years as building Morsgrad was a tedious task, often finding many issues in its construction. Finally the city was complete and Edvard proposed to Freya for all to see. Although all the planning would be for naught as Edvard would in the later months of their planning would fall to his cousin Vladimyr Rosik in a fierece duel.


War of Two Emperors

Having been thrown into a war right upon claiming Kingship, Edvard sided, like his cousin, alongisde the Renatians in the war. Edvard would quickly issue for a numerous amount of military reforms. Lost most of his rally with the death of Vangel and his cousin Alvar Ruric. However, Edvard would lead the remaining Nordish forces and march alongside the Renatians in their campagin for Reza, coming out a decisive victor in the Battle of Silversea, the victory would be short lived with the death of Edvard's brother Aeyn, striking a hole deep down in Edvard's heart, and now having to reform the entire Red Faith, and worry about interior and exterior threats. Having been overwhelmed with grief, not attending any courts for the longest while, many began to up and leave Norland, seeking a better place to reside in, causing for Dunharrow to become empty and overall inactive. Edvard continued to assist the Renatians in their war, only being able to rally a mere few hundred people. Just on the eve of the end of the war, Edvard formally the Kingdom of Norland, claiming it shall not take place again. He then constructed a farming village in the Pine Forest, calling it Pinemarch.

Dismantle of Norland

During the final months of the War of Two Emperors, The Kingdom of Norland was in shambles. Too early were the Nordish people given the Kingship and too fast did it fall apart. No man was capable of handling the title, nor was any many fit for it. In 1721, with the city of Dunharrow being completely empty, Edvard decided to dismantle the Kingdom of Norland. The nation would be put to rest alongside his brother Aeyn.

The Pinemarch

Edvard ordered for the destruction of Dunharrow and the creation of the Pinemarch a small farming town located deep into the Pinewood forest sitting just above the Kingdom of Haense, a hated nation by the Norlandic folk, the Pinemarch deemed successful for only a few months until Edvard's disappearance following the completion of the town, allowing it to fall into chaos. Before his departure Edvard passed off the torch to Lorien to continue the cities production, although this falling short due to a lack of citizens in the city. Edvard would eventually return to Pinemarch after his pilgrimage across Arcas, Lorien would quickly hand off the mantle as Lordship of Pinemarch to Edvard, where he would quickly call the banners of the Rurikid to Pinemarch where he'd hold one of the first Chief moots of Pinemarch, where he’d declare the establishment of Morsgrad.

Founding of Morsgrad

In the early winter of 1725, Edvard alongside his close friend Lorien would set out for an expedition to find proper land to build the city. After a year of searching they discovered a snowly isle near the city of Curon. Alongside his son Godric, the three designed the city of Morsgrad, and built most of it by hand alongside a few conscripted builders. In the span of four years, the city would be erected. Morsgrad would rival that of the Krag, being both siege proof and appealing to the blind eye. The construction of the city began with numerous builders travelling towards the city ground, after merely a few months the construction had already began and a move which shocked many of the Heartlanders assisting in overseeing this tedious task, they saw the Lord himself carrying and laying bricks, and overall assisting in the construction of the city, and act which was common amongst the Norlanders but not as well known. After many sleepless nights, the few men constructed the city of Morsgrad, after looking at the city from afar he noticed that no man could penetrate its walls. Of which he’d name the city Morsgrad, meaning “City of Death” in Nordish.


In 1733, Edvard would become violently ill being bed ridde for most of the year. With his health in decline, Edvard would call for an emergency moot session. However it would not last long for his cousin Vladimyr Eiriksson Rosik, son of the late King Torsten Eiriksson Rosik would challenge the ill Earl to an honor duel. A fight would commence where the two men were at a constant duel with neither side budging however Edvard’s strength was nearly non-existent as the Earl was struck in the ribs by a fatal blow, however with the little strength he had left he slashed at the neck of Vladimyr, severing the man's throat. The final moments of Edvard life would be spent surrounded by those he loved. However with the death of the Earl brought many unknown secrets to light. It was discovered that Godric was the secret son of Edvard being kept under custody of Aeyn for when Edvard had him he was merely only nineteen and not responsible enough to have any children. The two would fall to the ground bleeding out on the ground. The entire court surrounded the fallen Rurikid, the High Keeper and his assistant took Vladimyr down to the crypts, whilst the rest of the court allowed Edvard to say his goodbyes to his family and friends, his life would begin to fade as he said his final goodbyes.


The legacy of Edvard Edvardsson Ruric was a complicated one,during the early years of his reign he’d disband the Kingdom of Norland. However towards the end of his reign he finally made amends with his mistakes and constructed on the greatest cities ever built in Nordish history. Edvard was renowned for his kind loving, but also brute nature. He loved his citizens and soldiers, often seen thanking all for their service to the Earldom and contributing to the cause. He was also notably seen assisting the townsfolk in any way he could, from helping renovate buildings, or overall listening to their concerns.

Appearance and Personality

Edvard Ruric is seen as a proud and ambitious man, spending a majority of his life making plans for the kingdom. Standing at 6'5, his weight his less then normal for his height. His face would be in a diamond shape, carrying the traditional traits of any Ruric, bearing black hair and blue eyes. Edvard is reknowned for dazing off during moot sessions. He is prone to hunting, swordmanship, and horseback. Edvard can be seen in the Dunharrow training yard, spending numerous hours of the day training.

Titles, Styles and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1712 - 1717: His Lordship The Chancellor of Nordengrad
  • 1717 - 1720: His Majesty The King of Norland
  • 1726 - 1733: His Lordship The Lord of Morsgrad

Full title as King of Norland

His Majesty, Edvard II of House Ruric, King of Norland, High Chieftain of the Rurikid, Duke of Redmark, Earl of Nordengrad, Burgrave of Dunharrow, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Blood of Herald, Bulwark of the Hearth on Earth

Full title as Earl of Morsgrad

His Lordship, Edvard II of House Ruric, Earl of Morsgrad, Lord of the Rock, Chieftain of the Edvardsson, Bulwark of the Faith on Earth.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Godric I Edvardsson Ruric 2nd of the Ambers cold 1713 Alive Eleanor of Man Duke of Morsgrad
Alaric Edvardsson Ruric 10th of the Suns Smile 1723 Alive Unwed First son of Edvard and Freya
Lyanna Edvardsson Ruric 22nd of the First Seed 1724 Alive Unwed First daughter of Edvard and Freya
Edyth Edvardsson Ruric 30th of the Grand Harvest 1726 Alive Unwed Second Daughter of Edvard and Freya