Edict of Three Kingdoms

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The Edict of Three Kingdoms was an Imperial diet held in Abresi sometime around 1409 and 1411 between the Rebel King Marcellus Blackmont, High-Pontiff Owyn I, and William Horen over the open rebellion of the Lords & Ladies of Oren after the Great Exodus to Aeldin. During this time, the Duchy of Furnestock and the Isles of Galahar had ceded in rebellion, as well as the various Lords of Raev who at the time where greatly displeased with the Emperor, William Horen

The result of the Edict saw the dissolution of the First Empire and was a major turning point in humanity, as the house of Horen had maintained a united Humanity until then.

This edict issued and confirmed by King William III of Oren, King Goddard I of Savoie, and King Marcellus Blackmont.

This edict confirms the titles of King of Savoie, King of Galahar, and King of Oren, and the authorities that come along with them. It also confirms the boundaries in which the three Kingdoms hold.

The Kingdom of Oren, King William Horen III

The Crownlands

The Grand Duchy of Meric

The County of Ager

The Barony of Cheviot

The County of Stolistes

The Duchy of Corazon

The County of Avek’tor

The County of Auvergne

The County of Killburn

The Duchy of Furnestock

The County of Riven

The County of Yamamoto

The County of Schattenburg

The Duchy of Northal

The Barony of Horenswood

The Barony of Nordstock

The Barony of Frostlake

The Barony of Gren

The Kingdom of Savoie, King Goddard I

The Crownlands

The Duchy of Savoie

The County of Norfolk

The Barony of Aldersberg

The County of Godswood

The Viscounty of Bar

The County of Druex

The County of Emperors Forest

The Duchy of Raev

The March of Kralta

The County of Augistine

The Duchy of Corpathia

The County of Greymarsh

The Barony of High Rock

The Barony of Grencliff

The Kingdom of Galahar, King Marcellus Blackmont

The Duchy of Valence

The County of Talonspoint

The County of Ascalon

The March of Valtheim

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