Edel Silvervein

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Edel Silvervein
Edel Silvervein.png
Edel Silvervein
Personal Information
Race: Mountain Dwarf
Born: 1587, Axios
Wife: Danella Ireheart
Parents: Throri Stonemace - Edysl Frostbeard
High King of Kaz'Ulrah
Reign: 1682-1683
Predecessor: Koralon Onyxheart
Successor: Thoak Goldhand

Edel Silvervein, Founder and former Clan Father of the Silvervein clan, former High King of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah, one of the founder of the Confederation of Hammers


Early Years

Edel Silvervein grew up Edel Frostbeard, he was a lovely lad who played with his brothers, loved his mother and respected his father. his Eldest brother Kaizo would go out and inspire Edel to do the same, he'd join the Snub'nub gang and be their muscle and from them learn a lot of tricks and street smarts. when Edel returned to Jornheim he'd immediately be taken up to see his Brothers tomb. his father and he would swear revenge on the Norlander who took him from them Edel then would then begin his trials, being tasked by the Clan Elder and his Grandfather, Garrond Frostbeard to get an axe. As he was getting one in Corland he'd be attacked by Tepah who saw all Frostbeards as dishonorable, he and his two friends would attack Edel and steal his axe, feeling bad for the young Dwarf Tepah would take him to Taz'Azmar, home of the Grandaxes and forge the mighty Frosthaller a polearm that Edel would use as his primary weapon from that point onwards Edel would then meet a young Dwarven lass named Danella, he'd bicker and fight with her and she'd company him to Sutica where he'd work with the beargaurd. Their job was to patrol the streets. On the streets of sutica the fight between Danela and Edel would turn into a brawl then they would begin wrestling, then kissing, they then walked into the forest and made their first sons, Derek and Merek. A few years later Edel and Danella had several young dwarflings together, and Edel had become a gate guard in Jornheim as well as an architect tasked with expanding the great halls. a few farmers arrived to Jornheim and Edel was in charge, he decided to let them in, treating them as honored guests of the dwarves, but when Edel's father Throri come he'd have them both arrested and executed. later, Edel would go out and meet with the nearby settlement of Haense, where he'd speak alone to the king surrounded by his guard, Edel confident would demand the king respect the dwarves, threatening the kingdom with war. and surprisingly despite being outnumbered and alone, Edel would get an alliance with the kingdom as well as walk away alive. Edel along with his father Throri, received eagle tattoos on their face from Clan Father Rudok Frostbeard, for their honor and bravery as well as a symbol of their oath to make the Frostbeard dream of their own kingdom a reality. The tattoos also symbolized the loyalty and an oath was made for the then Frostbeard dream of Kaz’ulrah. Edel was named Warden of Jornheim in Clan Father Rudok Frostbeard’s absence by Garrond Frostbeard, Edel’s grandfather and Throri’s father. Edel then as warden would make a new helmet uniform and together with Verthaik II Frostbeard he'd reform the armies of the Frostbeards. He and his uncle Hamnil would be tasked to rebuild Jornheim above ground, they would work together as close kin Edel would have an accident with Verthaik where he'd yell at the dwarf for taking care of Civil matters while that was the Wardens job, for this outburst he'd be stripped of his rank as Elder and he'd willingly step down as warden and retreat to the mountains above Jornheim for several years.

Founding a clan

When Edel returned from the mountain he found out that the Frostbeards had declared independence from Urguan and formed the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah, his father had left the clan and taken Edel's children to form his own clan, the Stonemace Clan, Edel challenged his father to an honor duel, Edel won and decided to spare his father out of mercy. Edel would take claim to the title of Stonemace clan father after he won an election held in front of the high king of Kaz'ulrah. Edel's first action was to rename the clan to the Silvervein clan, as their honor was as pure as the silver veins in the mountains. After forming the Silvervein clan, Edel would spend years establishing the clan, a lot of notable Silverveins would join in the early days, Thalrim and Glenn for example, Edel would institute the mountain journey he himself made as a trial for the clan, and name it the Frostborn Trial. During the early days of the clan, its members mostly hunted after the traitor Throri, who got captured several times but managed to escape one of the times Edel would personally torture his father, after finding out he had slept with his sister, Thelma, and that his mother had died, Edel would blame this on his father, and shoot crossbow bolts into his father, before beating his head against the bars of the prison, leaving his father barely alive, but enough to regret his life. Soon after on a visit to Kal'Omith Edel's daughter Tesel would be shot at by Throri but rescued by Bolgnir Irongut Edel then called upon his father to the docks of Kal'Omith, where he aimed to arrest his father for all his crimes. The coward ran leaving a small force of Dwarves to distract the Silverveins. After being chased off by Frerir Irongrinder and the Legion, the Silverveins would go to their own kingdom of Kaz'ulrah and declare a grudge over the unjust actions of Frerir Irongrinder, this grudge would be too much for the dwarf to handle and a truce was set up during the truce terms where negotiated, however who was in the right was hard to figure out, to determine a duel was to be held, if Frerir won, the grudge would be lifted. if Edel won, Throri would stand trial and the kingdom of Urguan would pay huge treasures to the Silverveins Edel would win this duel against Frerir, and Zahrer Irongrinder would back down on his word starting the war of the Beards. Silverveins noted themselves during the war, they went to the high king of Kaz'Ulrah and swore an oath to remain loyal to Kaz'Ulrah. Zahrer believed the oath to be sworn in loyalty to him, agreed to pay the treasures he owed to the Silverveins. Walking away with the treasures things looked bright for Edel and his clan, when betrayal came from Hamnil Frostbeard and the civil war between the Frostbeards and Silverveins began. Using restriction on Industry, Hamnil managed to convince the Silverveins to abandon Edel and join the Frostbeard clan, leaving only Thalrim left. Drinking away their sorrows they became Mugbeards however, realizing their mistake the Silverveins returned to Edel and the Silvervein clan became vessels under the Blackaxes to return to their strength. After fighting in the War of the Beards, Verthaik II granted Edel and the Silvervein's their common clan status. Later on the Silverveins got into conflict with the Stormfists over the possession of a clan hall that the silverveins wanted. After being threatened by the more numerous silverveins the Stormfist clan father Boreas Stormfist would approach Edel with the Blue-Silver concordat, combining the two clans into a new clan keeping the Silvervein name but changing its ways. Edel would once more fight against the Frostbeards in a civil war, and upon the death of Thalrim go insane. Locked up in his lab Edel did his best to attempt and cure death.

The move to Atlas from Axios was smooth for Edel, and upon arriving, he'd start training a new batch of Silvervein youth. Once again the Frostbeards starting troubles along with the Longmanes

Confederation of Hammers

After Verthaik II's death, and Hamnil becoming Kaz'Ulrah's High King, Edel and the Hammerforges would attempt and write a new constitution, however, when Hamnil went tyrannical with power, Frostbeards started to attack Silverviens in the streets with the king's blessing. Edel decided to lead the Silverveins out of the city for their own safety. Together with the Hammerforge Clan, they made two holds, Hamnil found out, and after the third group of dwarves shaved his beard, nothing could be done. The grudges and shame upon Hamnil made him unfit to rule, so the Silverveins and Hammerforges declared independence from the old Kaz'Ulrah, forming the Confederation of Hammers. After the formation of the Confederation of Hammers, Kaz'Ulrah and it's orcish allies launched many unsuccessful raids, in one of the raids, Gror Ireheart nearly shaved Edel, but Edel managed to dodge. Due to that event, many Silverveins decided that Edel wasn't worthy of leading the Silverveins, and after Edel disappeared to the Blizzard, Gimli Metalfist. Just before the time of the disappearance a dwarf by the name of Gimli Silvervein, became the new clan father. Gimli decided to change all of the clans traditions, with the new sudden changes and then later the disappearance a few Silverveins rejected Gimli’s changes and authority choosing to still live under Edel's rule. Thus Edel held a grudge against Gimli when he came returned from the blizzard.

Reviving the Silverveins

After the Silverveins and Hammerforges united to one clan, the Grandaxes, and rejoined Kaz'Ulrah, Edel, decided to reform the Silvervein clan, with his son's, Dwarger's Help.

Becoming King

After Koralon Onyxheart stepped down as kaz'ulrahs high queen, Edel and Thoak Goldhand ran for king. In a shocking vote, Edel won, making him the first, and currently the only Silvervein king

Shortly later, however, Edel made a mistake and refused to gift Daeland to the Human Empire. He got captured and shaved by them, making him dishonourable. It was first after he announced he’d change the kingdoms name from Kaz’ullrah to Urguan that Koralon Onyxheart called the impeachment. Which resulted in Edel stepping down, even his eldest son, Dwarger Silvervein voted in favour of the impeachment. Though during the Impeachment, the goldhand representative was murdered prompting his other supporters including his son to change their votes. He contested the impeachment up until his death even after the kingdom fell, Edel went mad and still saw himself as the rightful king of a kingdom now gone.

Edel's rule was short-lived, and still called upon to this day to warn other kings.


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