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Dwed is the official language of the Dwarves. In the olden days it was often used among members of the upper Dwarven caste to speak among one another until Dormin Doomforged transcribed it for the general populace to learn. It never became the primary method of communication among the common Dwarf, but it is still often used today in official documents.


In the ancient times before Aegis, there were multiple languages spoken by dwarves, but over time these languages began to merge. The final result was a mix known as Dwarvish. Dwarvish quickly gave out to Common however because it was the most universal language, and due to Dwarves at the time mainly being traders they found it more convenient than Dwarvish. After many years, the Dwarves began to flourish again and a new variant of Dwarvish known as Dwed was created, and then later on written down by Dormin Doomforged for all dwarves to learn. This language was only used in rare occasions however, and never became the normal form of communication among the dwarves. It is most frequently used during clergy events and on official documents.


Common Words

Dwarves = Dwed / Dwedmar - Khazad / Khazadmar
Elves = Elger / Elgus
Orcs = Ork / Orkos
Humans = Umri / Umros
Goblin / Goblins = Grobbi / Grobbins
Foreign / Foreigners (Used to denote all those whom/which aren’t Dwarf, Cave Dwarves coined the term.) = Yrrok / Yrrommar


A (Singular) = E
Above = Morred
Adjective suffix (Used only for Clans and on persons, a possessive suffix or prefix can be used, as well.) = -Mos / -Os / Rum
Advisor = Thelur
Again / Another = Narhe
Against = Kahanir
Age = Kez
Air = Kaas
Alchemy = Gauld
Alcohol = Graz
Alcohol = Naztrak
Ale = Beoir
All (This tem is tricky. Explained slightly more in the special term division) = Khrum
Ally / Allies = Karrim / Karrimar
Also = Nar’os
Ancestor = Keznol
Ancient = Karik / Hraaken / Den
And = Nar / Na
Anger = Krav
Anguish = Azmoroth Anvil = Kadrin / Kazdorin
Any = Vos
Anyway = Vosirk
Am (Is, Its, etc.) = Va-mer / Yol-mer / Meredos
Arch (Leadership Position) = Ard- / Nak-
Are = Ath
Arena = Kahros
Armor = Klad
Arrival = Karnes
Attack = Kahr
Axe (High uses the same word, but used in different instances, each word differentiates from itself.) = Az / Kathadun


Back (Refers to the anatomical “Back”, which comprises all muscles located in the fore body, which the person cannot see.) = Fraed
Bad (Synonym to evil) = Vad / Vaador
Bag (Sack, a mobile “Chest” ) = Alaek
Balance = Unn
Bane = Alar / Noril
Bar (Tavern) = Beorim
Battle = Krazdran
Be (If used with adjective forms “Been”) = Mer
Bear = Hefjhor
Beard = Trumm
Beast (Suffix, must have a substantive before it) = -Dharok
Before (Used to refer to a long past) / (Verb (needs suffix) ) = Den Kezzan / Dekan
Below = Yarred
Betray = Ogdaros
Better (Good + Potential) = Thorokian
Birth = Threin
Black = Khorok / Vuur
Blackaxe = Kharadunvuur
Blaze = Nook
Blood = Ardol
Boat (Syn. to Ship) = Wathol
Boiler (Synonym to furnace) = Nokri
Book (Usually used to define lore of olden Dwarves. synonym to Scrolls and Tomes) = Kron
Bourbon = Galraz
Bow (Action to kneel before a king or superior) = Nelaraz
Bow (Item / Weapon) = Thrimmek
Bravery (Syn. to courage) = Parathak
Brawl (Usually used to depict a fight out of trivialities, Friendly fight.) = Nazaig
Breach = Kodeh
Break = Nazka
Bring = Nighi
Broad (Synonym to wide, can work as an adjective, if preceded by a possesive.) = Nazad
Brothel = Belkar
Brother (Can be used to refer a clan member) = Kronul
Brow (Eyebrow) = Trullki
Bull = Demm
Burn = Karaave
Burrow / Hole / Privy = Undor / Undo
But = Ur


Can = Ovar
Cannon = Ithring
Carcass (Corpse) = Naktrul
Carve = Thruz
Cave's Folk = Umgorumm
Cave = Umgor / Ulnafer / Skulder
Chair = Nakhimir
Chain = Khotha
Champion = Baladan / Az'ada
Chancellor = Darmag
Charge = Velannak (Vel'Annak)
Chicken (Animal) = Pul
City = Kal’ (Used as a prefix.)
Civilization (Usually used as a prefix for an empire) = Onor
Clan = Kazamar
Clan suffix (Used when speaking of a person who belongs to a clan) = -rumm
Close = Nerak
Cloud = Norkai
Cluster (Used to determine a group of plants, animals, or Orkos.) = Nozagar
Collar (Necklace) = Nahibelk
Comfort = Salez
Command = Velerak
Common = Omur
Conditional tense (Suffix) = -ton / -tok
Confirm = Yaerak
Continent prefix (Can be used for defining the term “World”, also stands for a massive landscape, or something that has massive ammounts of.) = Khor’
Core = Derkon
Council = Nozkron
Cow = Keed
Create (Syn. to Make) = Yemka
Crown = Rulkahd
Crystal = Krest


Daughter = Bedwan
Day = Lakh
Death = Kavir / Kraviil
Deep = Nerroth
Defend = Verdig / Kerli
Destiny = Yehad
Diminutive Suffix = -ki /-eki
Discomfort (Synonym to anything that may seem hard or uneasy for a Dwarf.) = Krovehni
Do = Kav
Doom (Synonym to Chaos and Corruption) = Dor
Doomforge = Dorkadrel
Doomseeker = Dorgrond
Door/Doorway/Gate/Entrance = Edhekal
Dragon = Drakna / Drakmar
Drink = Drinkir
Dwarfling (Child) = Dwedki