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History of The Dwarven Kingdoms

                                             [== - Aegis - ==]

Yemekar, the creator and the head diety of the Brathmordakin creates Urguan, the first of the dwarven race.

Urguan creates the first Kingdom of Urguan. Under his reign, the dwarves prosper. Dwarves live in various settlements across the lands. Cave Dwarves largely reside in the areas surrounding what later becomes known as Kal'Urguan while Mountain Dwarves choose to live in the northern mountains of Aegis.

Many dwarven Kings follow from Urguan's reign, leading from the grand city of Kal'Urguan.

A fallen Aengul named Ondnarch attacks mountain dwarf holdings in the north, bringing in his wake, a seemingly eternal winter. The Kingdom is left in disarray as many die from the cold.

The Empire of Khorvad is built from the ashes of the Kingdom of Urguan, under the rule of the Ironborn Dynasty, one of the most powerful factions in dwarven society during the time.

Velkan Ironborn becomes the first Emperor of the Ironborn Dynasty, followed by Khrellax, and later Thorngar Ironborn.

The 'Great Collapse' occurs in Kal'Urguan, in which Emperor Thorngar Ironborn attempts to destroy all knowledge of the past Kingdom. Many dwarves are murdered in the chaos this causes, while most scrolls and books are burnt.

Far to the north, many dwarves gather in the mountain dwarf holdings and here, they forge the Remnant of Urguan, under the leadership of a dwarf named Simppa. The remnant siege Kal'Urguan, until Thorngar Ironborn is killed in his own throne room, after duelling Simppa.

King Simppa leads the dwarves into a new age, reuniting the clans in the city of Kal'Urguan. He creates the first High Council to assist in his governing and protects his kin from the evils of the outside world.

King Simppa "The Savior" grows ill and appoints his Overseer, Charles Grimlie, as King. Charles rules with a mighty iron fist, having the dwarves build various cities across Aegis, including Kal'Alras.

The first known undead emerge and the nether portals open, bringing about the fall of Kal'Bryst, one of many dwarven settlements.

The first Dwarf - Orc war begins, with victories on both sides. This later becomes known as the 'Caravan War.'

After a human alchemist breaks into the Kingdom's iron supply, King Charles goes mad and and wages war against Oren. This decision turns out to be hugely unpopular with many of the clans, including the Goldhands and Grandaxes.

After disagreements between Decks Grandaxe and King Charles over the attack on the humans, the Grandaxe Clan splits into the Braveaxes and Blackaxes. The Blackaxe Clan leaves Kal'Urguan, seeking refuge in their mountain home of Kal'Domhain, while the Braveaxes remain loyal to King Charles, in Kal'Urguan.

Kal'Alras declares its independence from the Kingdom and becomes the nation of Alras.

King Charles "The Ironfist" steps down as King and crowns King Belin Irongut. With a kingdom divided by clan alleigance, Belin rules with a fair and just system of councilling to bring the Kingdom back from the dictatorship, established under Charles' reign.

Outer Kal'Urguan is developed, just to be destroyed by "The Crag," a huge pot hole which drags in many of Kal'Urguan's outer structures.

King Algrim Irongut is crowned after Belin Irongut "The Industrious"'s death, he rules with a soft touch to protect his beaten brothers. This is a down time for the Dwarves as many forsake their homeland to live in other lands. Only a few strong clans remain like the Ironguts and Braveaxes.

Outer Kal'Urguan is redeveloped into farms and a new housing district. The inner wall soon becomes the centre point for trade, within the Kingdom.

Upon seeing the futile state of Kal'Urguan, the Blackaxe Clan returns to the Kingdom under the new leadership of Bazian Blackaxe, the eldest son of Decks.

The Legion is marched to Malinor, in order to assist the elves in destroying an undead keep. The battle is a success and the elves recognise a potential ally for the future.

The Undead, Wrath, attacks Kal'Urguan but suffers a defeat at the hands of the Legion and the elven Wardens. These elves construct Fort Fairleaf, for use in conducting skirmishes against Wrath's Clutch, with the eventual goal of bringing about its ultimate downfall.

After weeks of planning, The Legion and the Wardens launch a successful assault on Wrath's Clutch. However, rather than strengthening ties between the two groups, this only leads to rivalries and disagreement as to who was really responsible for its ultimate downfall, both sides claiming the other had done little.

After bitterness on both sides, the Legion is marched to Fort Fairleaf where they demand that the fort be demolished because it is on dwarven lands. The Wardens grudgingly comply but relations between Kal'Urguan and the Wardens are damaged for years to come. This turns out to be a pivitol event in the deterioration of relations between Kal'Urguan and Malinor.

The Legion begins hunting for the surviving allies of Wrath along the King's Road and in the regions surrounding Kal'Urguan, including the ruins of Wrath's Clutch itself. Sighting are made and some of Wrath's minions are captured but Wrath himself remains elusive.

The Legion is sent to Al'Khazar to fight off the Undead as King Edmund Sheffield is corrupted.

Queen Cassandra of the Undead leads an attack on the great city of Kal'Urguan but it is repulsed due to the defenders great strength. Lord Marshall Thorik Braveaxe leads the Legion in war, while King Algrim ensures his rule is held within the Kingdom.

The Orc - Human war begins but the Dwarves originally choose not to get involved as they are allies of neither nation. Instead, small groups of the Legion are sent to restore order along the King's Road.

As the Humans and Orcs battle at Kramoroe, an elite Dwarven squad searches for King Algrim who is captured by the undead.

King Algrim "The Betrayer" betrays the Dwarves, becoming a minion of the Undead. The elf, Kirrekith, overhears Algrim's interrogation and oath made to Iblees. Algrim is then put under arrest by the Lord Marshall as he returns to Kal'Urguan and is subsequently, dethroned. King Gotrek is crowned but his reign is short lived due to his travels outside of Aegis.

The War Council is formed in Gotrek's absence. This is made up of Lord Marshall Thorik Braveaxe, Longbeard Chaecus Braveaxe, Longbeard Valen Blackaxe, Head Guard Stronghold Braveaxe, Guard Officer Broski Braveaxe, Guard Officer Flynn Blackaxe and Archbishop Thordon Irongut.

Spies and informants operating within Malinor arrive in Kal'Urguan and offer the War Council information on a possible attack from the Wardens in the near future. Years later, these rumours are proven to have been true, although tensions and power struggles between the Princes of Malinor and the Wardens, prevented any invasion from occuring.

Dwarven military leaders including Longbeard Chaecus Braveaxe and Longbeard Valen Blackaxe collaborate with elven spies and rebels to plan an invasion of Laurelin, in the event of a war with Malinor and the Wardens.

Towards the end of the Orc - Human war, the Legion fights alongside the orcs in sieging Al'Khazar to put a swift end to hostilities along the King's Road. However, this proves to be a regretful decision as the orcs are close allies of the Wardens.

A secret defensive Pact is made between Lord Marshall Thorik Braveaxe, representing Kal'Urguan and King Enor, representing Oren in case of a future war.

Lord Marshall Thorik Braveaxe, and Longbeards Chaecus Braveaxe and Valen Blackaxe lead a joint Dwarf - Human assault on an undead keep that is threatening Aeriel's Keep, home to the Ascended. The battle is a success and the Undead are temporarily driven out.

After years of planning by the War Council, Thorik Braveaxe is crowned, through military overthrow of the High Council, with the backing of the Braveaxe and Blackaxe clans. Many in the High Council oppose this act but King Gotrek "The Absent" later gives his blessing to Thorik, upon his return to the city.

A new political system is put in place. This includes the Grand Council, Lower Council, and many new jobs, within the Kingdom. The Longbeards, the commanders of the Legion, Chaecus Braveaxe, Valen Blackaxe, Stronghold Braveaxe and Broski Braveaxe become the new Grand Councilors.

1326 - Upon venturing into the Verge, Tazarak is established, acting as an alliance between Alras, Humans, and Dwarves. Tensions between Tazarak and the orcs and Wardens are on an all high during this time. Alras eventually backs out of the alliance, after High King Syrio discovers his chests broken into.

High Lady Vulena Braveaxe is fired by Grand Councilor Stronghold Braveaxe and Karl Frostbeard is appointed as the new High Lord of Guilds.

1329 - The first Grand Tournament is held. Kjell Ireheart becomes the new Grand Champion of the dwarves.

Grand Councilor Stronghold Braveaxe steps down and Karl Frostbeard assumes his position as Grand Councilor of Guilds.

1336 - A dispute outside of Krugmar between a number of dwarven and orc officials leads to an aggressive engagement, in which a small number on each side are killed. This event acts as the spark that ignites conflict across Aegis.

1336 - Upon witnessing the conflict outside of Krugmar, Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe escapes to Kal'Urguan after he and Karl Frostbeard resist capture by the orcs. Here, he places the Legion on alert and gathers information coming out of Krugmar that the orcs intend to rally an army to siege Kal'Urguan.

1336 - A Legion squad is dispatched to the city of Aeriel after rumours are spread that the Orcs intend to rally there for an attack on dwarven territory. A small battle takes place in Aeriel, resulting in the deaths of a number of orcs and Aeriel townsfolk and the arrest and eventual interrogation of one of the surviving orcs.

1336 - After years of rising tensions and sporadic conflict, an army of Orcs and Elves, led by Warlord Mogroka, siege Kal'Urguan but are defeated by the dwarves and humans, beginning the Great War, Dwarves, Humans and the Kaxil clan against orcs, Wardens and the Teutonic Order.

1336 - Galahar is sieged by the orcs, Teutonic Order and Wardens but are forced to retreat after the dwarves and humans rally for an attack on Krugmar.

1336 - The dwarves and humans siege Krugmar and are shown in through a secret entrance by the Kaxil Clan, a rebelling clan of Orcs.

1336 - 1339 - As the war continues to rage on, various sieges and skirmishes are made on both sides of the conflict. The remnants of the Wardens are eventually forced by Malinor's leadership to pull out of the war, although many continue to fight, leading to the eventual disbandment of the entire Warden military and the end of the Orc - Elf alliance. The Dwarf - Human alliance quickly takes its place as the dominant power in Aegis.

Grand Councilor of War, Chaecus Braveaxe resigns and his High Lord, Gimrik Braveaxe, takes his position. Kjell Ireheart becomes the new High Lord of War.

Former King Algrim is redeemed due to the efforts of his good friend, Kilgrim.

1337 - An alliance is formed between the nations of Kal'Urguan and Oren. As well as this, alliances are established with the city of Aeriel and the Kaxil Clan, in order to gain further allies in times of war.

High Lord Grumdul Blackaxe resigns from his position as High Lord of Economics.

1338 - Increased attacks made by the undead force the dwarves to remain in their homeland.

A torn map piece is delivered to the dwarves by a hooded figure. The completed map is eventually used to guide the races of Aegis to Asulon.

The Dwarven Legion tries to defend Al'Khazar against the undead but is ultimately forced to bring the refugees back to Kal'Urguan and Alras, before the city falls.

1339 - Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe and Warlord Mogroka end the Great War with a peace treaty, allowing Kal'Urguan to join the United Aegis Coalition.

1340 - Former Grand Councilor of War, Chaecus Braveaxe is murdered by the undead High Prophet.

Grand Councilor Gimrik Braveaxe goes rogue, taking control of a Legion fort besides the ruins of Wrath's Clutch. Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe learns of his betrayal and leads an attack on the fort, with the help of a number of orc and human volunteers. The fort is temporarily retaken but Gimrik escapes out of a back exit.

Grand King Thorik Braveaxe fires Grand Councilor Gimrik Braveaxe for his betrayal and appoints his High Lord, Kjell Ireheart as the new Grand Councilor of War.

1341 - The Dwarven Legion, led by Grand Councilors Valen Blackaxe and Kjell Ireheart, arrives in Galahar to aid the Phoenix rebels against an Orc attack. Here, they battle the orcs, driving them out of Galahar. The result of this is that Oren is split between the nations of Hanseti, under Gaius Marius and the Teutonic Order and Renatus, under Eze'kiel Tarus and the Phoenix Rebellion.

1342 - Kal'Urguan is dismissed from the United Aegis Coalition due to a conflict between Urir Ireheart and a number of Alrasian guards. This event angers many dwarves and increases suspicion as to the Ascended's true motives.

1342 - A 100,000 minas bounty is put on the head of Grand Councilor Kjell Ireheart by High King Syrio of Alras, due to the actions of his cousin, Urir Ireheart. The Irehearts are hunted by the Alrasian Order, causing outrage across the Dwarven kingdom. The Blackaxe and Frostbeard clans eventually choose to intervene, against the orders of their King, battling the Alrasian Order outside of Alras, defending their dwarven brothers.

1342 - With the growing pressure from the noble clans of Kal'Urguan, Grand King Thorik Braveaxe and Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe arrive outside the entrance to Alras, where Thorik announces a declaration of war upon Alras. Kal'Urguan, with the help of allied Knights of Galahar, under the command of Lord Gideon Silverblade, sieges Alras, in search of the map pieces that Alras had supposedly come into possession of. The dwarven map piece is eventually retrieved after the battle.

An alliance is made between the nations of Kal'Urguan, Renatus and Malinor.

1343 - The dwarves begin work on a new coalition made up of Kal'Urguan, Renatus, Malinor, Hanseti and Krugmar.

The coalition intervenes to prevent Renatus from sieging Hanseti. Thorik Braveaxe beats Eze'kiel Tarus in a duel to determine the fate of the nation.

1345 - A dwarf by the name of Ingot rallies a militia for an assault on Galahar, in response to the supposed corruption of the local guard force. After gathering much support, the Grand Council is contacted to assist with this effort. After attempts by the Grand Council fail to deal with the situation without bloodshed, the Purge continues and Thorik is forced to order his Grand Councilors, Valen Blackaxe and Kjell Ireheart to rally the Legion to defend Galahar. Valen Blackaxe and Gideon Silverblade arrange a counter attack after the Purge has breached the Galahar walls, accompanied by elven support. The battle is a success and the Purge is defeated.

Kal'Urguan falls to the might of the Undead, forcing the dwarves to once again, relocate to Tazarak.

The first of the Doomforge is born, a mysterious race, possessing a mixed blood between the dwarf, Urir Ireheart and a dark elf, named Faeyin.

Kjell Ireheart, Urir Ireheart and Valen Blackaxe enter the Nether in an effort to defeat the undead. Urir Ireheart sacrifices himself to save the races of Aegis, while Kjell Ireheart and Valen Blackaxe manage to escape before the portals close.

he dwarves and the other nations of Aegis flee to the Verge to escape from the chaos. Here they build ships that are used to sail onwards to Asulon. However, Grand Councilor Kjell Ireheart refuses to leave Kal'Urguan, while Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe goes missing after he is knocked overboard after a lightning bolt strikes one of the ship's engines. Valen's brother and High Lord of Diplomacy, Bazian Blackaxe takes his position as Grand Councilor of Diplomacy.

                                            == Asulon ==

As the Dwarves begin to explore Asulon, they found the Kingdom of Kal'Karik, built upon the ruins of an old Dwarven nation.

A second Grand Tournament is held and Darain Blackaxe becomes the new Grand Champion.

Darius Irongut founds Kal'Dwain which is used as a mining colony for the Dwarves.

2 - After Arbek Starbreaker fails in an attempt to overthrow Grand King Thorik, he and his clan put blame upon Hiebe Irongut, and so the Ironguts leave Kal'Karik, forming a new nation, The Archipelago of Holm. This event splits the Dwarven nation into two.

A group of bandits, splintered from Gimrik Braveaxe's rogue group of dwarves, led by August 'Prince' Flay continue to threaten the citizens of Kal'Karik. They later become known as 'The Hallowed Bandits, holding a fierce reputation for slavery and murder in the dwarven mountains.

9 - Grand Councilor Valen Blackaxe returns to the Dwarven nation to find it disunited and under threat from bandits, taking on his position as Grand Councilor once again.

10 - Grand King Thorik "The King of Kings" is murdered by an unknown killer. Upon Thorik's death, Valen Blackaxe resigns and departs from Karik to become the High Constable of Salvus as he fears that the Dwarf's greed has changed the nation from what it was in Aegis.

13 - Former member of the first Grand Council and son of Thorik, Broski Braveaxe is crowned Grand King of Karik. He inherits a weakened nation but one that has great potential for the future. He changes the governmental system, bringing about an end to the Grand Council system of governing.

18 - Karik joins a coalition of Hanseti, The War Uzg, Salvus and Alras. Together, they successfully siege the fortress of Das Boot. The war between Hanseti and Renatus ends soon after.

18 - Kjell Ireheart arrives in Asulon on the back of a dragon that originated in Aegis. The dragon did not survive the landing. He claims "Ah 'ave killed six bludeh dragons!"

20 - The Dwarves are forced to abandon Karik after a dragon is unleashed upon it. The great doors are barricaded but many Dwarven lives are lost, Valen Grandaxe was knocked off the walkway ,his only chance of survival was to enter the Kal'Varak.

The Dwarves move to the North and begin building a new city which becomes known as Khaz'A'Zhar.

Gimrik Braveaxe, son of former Grand King Thorik Braveaxe, steps down from his position as King of War. Grand King Broski Braveaxe appoints Kjell Ireheart to his position.

An expedition is made into Karik to retrieve the old Dwarven crown of Grand King Thorik Braveaxe. However, Humans from Renatus get there first and refuse to return it back to the Dwarven Kingdom, angering many of the Dwarves.

Orcs invade Khaz'A'Zhar, beginning a new war between the Dwarves and Orcs. In one battle, Khaz'A'Zhar is badly damaged after explosives are set, in order to drive out the Orc invaders.

An alliance is made between Salvus and the Dwarves, in order to make a stand against warmongering nations.

A Dwarf by the name of Thordat Goblinpick, unsatisfied with Broski's rule, attempts to overthrow him. However, this is quickly put down and Broski Braveaxe "The Brave" agrees to hand over the crown to somebody who he believes to be capable of running the Dwarven Kingdom.

Stronghold Braveaxe is originally chosen to be the next King of the Dwarven nation but he instead chooses to hand the crown over to Kjell Ireheart who he sees as being the most worthy candidate to lead the Dwarves.

The Legion is sent to defend Salvus lands from the Orc army, after a coalition of nations attacks it. The Legion, lacking the strength it once had, is forced to retreat.

Upon Kjell's crowning, he effectively establishes a dictatorship over the Dwarven nation. Many changes are made and Kjell moves the Dwarven capital once again, to Mount Ire, where a new city is built.

The engineers of the Kingdom invent the first dwarven printing press.

Morgrim Blackaxe, a rogue Blackaxe to the Dwarven Kingdom and the son of Valen Blackaxe arrives at Mount Ire with a message for the rest of his brothers. He almost starts a rebellion against Kjell but soon negotiates with him, both Dwarves agreeing to create a government that is similar to the Dwarven governments of old.

After a brief period of peace in the Dwarven Kingdom, tensions heat up with the Orcs once again, upon the emergence of the new Rex, Gromgok Gorkil. The north quickly becomes a battlefield for the orc and dwarf armies.

Bazian Blackaxe discovers a long hidden tome, in which he learns the true history of the Blackaxe bloodline. As it turns out, both the Blackaxes and Braveaxes had descended from a noble clan of ancient times, the Grandaxes. Both clans choose to take upon this new name and reunite with their lost kin.

After many long years of tensions between Alras and the Dwarves, with both Syrio Forel and Aislin Hightower dead, the Dwarves invade Alras, and with little resistance thanks to the efforts of Gorum and Moruk Goldhand, reclaim it for the Dwarven Kingdom, restoring its old name of Kal'Alras.

Three noble clans emerge amongst the chaotic situation within the Dwarven Kingdom. The Ironguts, the short statured, cave dwellers of Kal'Dwain, The Goldhands, the avaricious but steadfast residents of Kal'Alras and the Grandaxes, the honourable and valiant inhabitants of Kal'Anart.

Paragon Kjell Ireheart reintroduces the Grand Council of old. With the victory against Alras and the clans being allowed to retain a degree of their independent nature, faith is restored in the Paragon by those who doubted him.

With the Dwarven Kingdom now consisting of both multiple holds, a capital and the lands around Kal'Alras, a new Dwarven Empire is forged, with Paragon Kjell Ireheart as its leader.

An Orc and Subudai army is defeated in the 'Battle of the Sands' by the Dwarven Empire. The Dwarves prepare for future counter attacks on Orc held land.

The Subudai claim they were decieved by the Orcs and that their decision to attack the Dwarven Empire had been based upon a misunderstanding.

The Empire of Urguan continues to push the orcs, along with their allies in House Flay, back into the northern territories. The Orcs eventually launch an invasion of Kal'Alras but are defeated after a number of battles. After the recapture of Volvokrem, the war is ended through a peace treaty.

Wishing for more independence, the Empire is dissolved and each hold becomes an independent state, each with its own clan Lord. Lord Bazian Grandaxe of Kal'Anart, Lord Hiebe Irongut of Kal'Dwain and Lord Gulroid Goldhand of Kal'Alras are the first of the dwarven Lords.

The Council of Holds, agrees in favour of ending the war with the orcs and instead, decides to work together in pursuing what is perceived as more worthy a goal. War with the Teutonic Order, a faction who by now, had betrayed both the orcs and dwarves.

The three dwarven Lords take upon the decision to return their clans to Kal'Karik and begin a new age of Kings.

After many long years, Valen Grandaxes returns to his kin, alive and well, after he had spent over forty years trapped in the nexus of the Kal'Varak, a dream world of his past memories. The Doomforge were able to preserve his body through powerful rune magic, until finding a suitable healer.

Drakes attack Kal'Dwain but are repulsed by the defender's unwavering might, along with the return of the Wandering Wizard, now better known as the White Wizard.

Hiebe Irongut is crowned King of the dwarves and ruler of the Kingdom of Urguan after Kjell Ireheart "The Zealous"s departure. His council consists of many including the former Grand Councilor, now his Consular, Valen Grandaxe. Tortek Irongut takes upon the position as Lord of the Irongut clan.

A third Grand Tournament is held and Kel Steelarm becomes the new Grand Champion of the dwarves.

In his old age and his health deteriorating from what it once was, Bazian Grandaxe appoints his eldest brother, Valen Grandaxe to become the new Lord of the Grandaxe Clan.

A diplomatic crisis occurs when an important ally of the dwarves is executed in Arethor. Upon investigating, threats are made between both sides and a grudge of honour is declared upon Hochmeister Mirtok and the Teutonic Order. They battle on the plains of Arethor with the dwarves emerging victorious.

A meeting is held and from it, an alliance is made between Urguan, Malinor, Holm and the Kharajyr.

The Lords and Councilors of the Kingdom of Urguan converge and write up a dwarven constitution for all future governments to be based upon.

King Hiebe Irongut leads a group of elves and dwarves to rescue an elven Princess from the orc capital. Many of the orcs are slain in the rescue and the Princess is returned safely to Malinor.

A war breaks out between Malinor and the War Uzg, forcing the dwarves to prepare its military for the event of another world war. The Holy Oren Empire stays neutral in the conflict and while there are hostilities on both sides, an uneasy truce is held between The Kingdom of Urguan and the War Uzg.

House Tarus and House Elendil order a rebellion against Emperor Godfrey of the Holy Oren Empire. The rebellion is quelled but House Tarus exiles itself within dwarven lands. This angers House Hightower and relations between the Kingdom of Urguan and the Holy Oren Empire break down.

The Remnants of House Flay, now known as the Syndicate lay siege to Kal'Karik, with assistance from unidentified orcs. This causes a diplomatic crisis with the War Uzg, though it is disputed as to whether these orcs were whitewash or not. Consular Valen Grandaxe, Lord Marshal Goruk Goldhand, and Commander Gorum Goldhand lead the dwarves to victory and the invaders are defeated in the famous 'Battle of Kal'Karik,' one of the largest and bloodiest battles in dwarven history.

Disagreements arise between the Irongut and Goldhand clans, when a council vote is called, in favor of a re-election. However, the Goldhands are outvoted and subsequently Lord Marshal Goruk Goldhand and High Ambassador Gorum Goldhand both resign from their positions.

Lord Marshal Kjell Ireheart and King Hiebe Irongut enter a dispute over the Crimson Edict, a guild of warriors, working directly under Hiebe. The King is eventually forced to remove the Crimson Edict from his service.

The first amendment is made to the dwarven constitution, stating that only true blooded dwarves may hold power within the council of Urguan.

The dwarves voyage from Asulon, in search of new lands as the world is consumed by an unknown power. However, they and the other nations of Asulon are shipwrecked on the Isle of Elysium, where they begin founding new settlements.

                                     [== - Isles of Elysium & Kalos -''' ==]

The former Grand King, Thorik Grandaxe, thought to be dead, is found deep within the caves of the Elysium volcano, possessed by the spirit Ondnarch. Valen Grandaxe destroys the source of Ondnarch's power with the Hammer of Urguan and Thorik is released from his will.

After grievances over King Hiebe Irongut "The Radical"s actions, Tortek Silverfist, Gorum Frostbeard and Kjell Ireheart agree to place Thorik Grandaxe back in power. After speaking with Consular Valen Grandaxe, it is agreed that Thorik holds rightful ownership over the Kingdom. With Thorik's bid for power, House Silverblade and House Hightower reconfirm their strong ties with the dwarven nation. However, removing Hiebe from power unsettles Malinor and House Tarus.

Despite earlier rifts, the dwarves agree to assist the White Rose and the War Uzg in laying siege to the newly reformed House Flay and the Teutonic Order. The battle is a success and Emperor Godfrey gives the victory his blessing.

Thorik Grandaxe is officially crowned Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and beneath him, Valen Grandaxe, Hiebe Irongut, Omithiel Strongbrow, Tortek Silverfist and Kjell Ireheart are made Dwarven Lords.

The dwarves begin work on completely redrafting the constitution, now known better as 'The Articles of Urguan.'

After relations improve between The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Holy Oren Empire, Grand King Thorik Grandaxe and Emperor Godfrey sign the Treaty of Aturial, and make a blood pact between the two nations, promising an alliance between them. For the first time in over fifty years, the dwarves and humans enter an alliance together.

After the golem crafting anvil goes missing, it is found to be in the hands of High Elves. In his fury, Lord Paragon Kjell Ireheart breaks the alliance with Malinor, with no objections from the Lord's Council.

For Lord Tortek's part in hiding the true location of the anvil, he is voted out of the Lord's Council. Replacing him is the Grand King's eldest cousin and former King of commerce, Bazian Grandaxe.

Under a new Rex, the orcs of the War Uzg invade the Kharajyr stronghold while a group of allied dwarves are stationed there. The stronghold is pillaged but later rebuilt by the dwarves. Only two dwarves survive the battle but bring word of the attack the the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

Enraged at the orc's betrayal of the peace treaty, the Lord's Council agrees on a full scale invasion of the War Uzg. Emperor Godfrey offers his support and together, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Holy Oren Empire fight side by side, surrounding orc held territory in a matter of weeks. In the first true battle, Kjell Stormhammer and Thorin Grandaxe lead the siege against an orc stronghold which later becomes known as Kazad'Urkus. The dwarf / human alliance emerges victorious.

The second amendment is made to the Articles of Urguan, setting out the rules and regulations of Holds beneath the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

Thorik Grandaxe steps down as Grand King and calls for a re-election. Omithiel Strongbrow is crowned and elected Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Upon his coronation, he appoints Gorum Frostbeard to replace him as Lord.

The dwarves travel to the Isles of Kalos where the war with the War Uzg continues to rage on. The death toll is high on both sides of the conflict as the two races prepare to set sail for Anthos.

The nations sail for Anthos, finally arriving in the newly constructed city of Kal'Azgoth.

                                                [== - Anthos -==]

The dwarves settle into the grand city of Kal'Azgoth under Grand King Omithiel Strongbrow, hoping for a peace never before seen in dwarven history. With an alliance with Oren, prospects look higher than ever.

The Empress of Oren and Wife of Emperor Godfrey Horen is kidnapped by a group of orc raiders. She is taken the to the War Uzg and placed in a sky cell. Upon learning of this, a joint Human - Dwarf raid is launched upon the orc capital and the inner city is breached with ladders. The orcs make a final charge but are eventually defeated, while only a small number escape with their lives.

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan launches a military strike into the territory of the War Uzg, first by targetting an orc fortress along the crossroads. After a large battle lead by the Grand Marshal, Paragon Kjell and Legion Commander Thorin Grandaxe, the dwarves push the orcs back into the fort until they are eventually slain and the land is laid claim to by the dwarves.

Both Lord Hiebe Irongut, and Lord Bazian Grandaxe retire due to age. In their place, Karl Frostbeard and Arcane Grandaxe rise as the new Lords.

Telchar Azaghul and his clan mates invent the Steam Engine and implement it into the Legion's Navy.

The Orcs attempt to have peace negotiations with the Dwarves. Lord Valen Grandaxe and Lord Gorum Frostbeard gave them one choice upon Grand King Omithiel's decision, they were to return the Arken Stone in return the war would end. The Orcs refused, and the war raged on.

Tensions with the Elven Princedom rise. Lord Gorum Frostbeard and Lord Karl Frostbeard discover unsettling information regarding the stability of the Elven Princedom. Shortly after, Grand King Omithiel gives his word to an Elven Rebellion force, soon after the High Elves step down, giving the Elves room to fix their flawed system.

Tensions with the house of Oren known as Blackmont begin to rise as more Dwarves return to Kal'Azgoth reporting witnessing several attacks on the Dwarven kin by House Blackmont. In response, the Legion under the command of Dreek Ireheart, accompanied by Lord Kjell Ireheart and Lord Gorum Frostbeard, marched towards the Blackmont keep warning them of their actions and what may occur if they continue.

Tragic news comes across the Dwarven kin as the Grandaxe Clan, alongside Archbishop Koryk Starbreaker, announce the passing of Lord Valen Grandaxe. After many years, he had finally succumbed to the curse of the nether. A funeral is planned in his honour and he is subsequently named a Paragon by the Clergy, taking upon the title 'The Wordsmith.'

A meeting occurs involving the War Uzg, the Kingdom of Urguan, and the Holy Empire of Oren. Tensions were high, though the War Uzg pushed for the treaty of Aturial to be broken, while Oren stuck by it in support. The alliance proved strong and though hostilities had lessened, the war continued.

Nalro Grayhammer invents the DPC, an armored transer vehicle driven by oxen.

The Fourth Grand Champion of Urguan is announced in a tournament hosted by Lord Gorum Frostbeard, Oyvind Frostbeard wins the title.

Koryk Starbreaker passes away and Bael Tunnelsmasher ascends to the position of Archbishop, enacting many reforms, before disappearing alongside his friends Oyvind, and Karl Frostbeard.

After a long tenure, Lord Gorum Frostbeard steps down from his position as Lord. Shortly after, he is also declared missing.

Grand King Omithiel Strongbrow "The Humble" resigns and an election is called. After a close election, Thorin Grandaxe is chosen as Grand King.

The Lord's Council is greeted with many new faces, including Telchar Azaghul, Nalro Grayhammer and Farren Starbreaker.

After long years serving the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Paragon Kjell Ireheart resigns as both Grand Marshal and Lord, choosing to venture into the northern mountains. Dreek Ireheart replaces him in both positions.

The Adunians accept Thorin as their liege. They settled in Whitescar, north of Kal'Azgoth, near Brom'Krah.

Kal'Halla is abandoned, and the dwarves living there move back to Kal'Azgoth.

The Third Amendment to the Articles of Urguan is proposed by Grand King Thorin Grandaxe, recommending a new system of Crown Authority.

Some dwarves were not content with Thorin’s coronation, some- not satisfied with the new lords. The Irongut clan split up, one stayed as Loyalist Ironguts, and the other became the ‘Thunderfist’ clan and moved to Vaer’haven.

The Thunderfist clan declared war on the loyalists, everyone who supported Grand King Thorin, beginning the Second Dwarven Civil War. The only land the rebels had was Vaer’haven, the settlement where all races were welcome. This attracted support for the rebels from other lands. Every attack that the rebels attempted had failed. Most rebels were captured and tortured for information. Grand King Thorin Grandaxe founds a new Kingdom, naming it "The Grand Kingdom of Urguan." a feast is held in celebration, and Thorin's name is gleefully shouted for many years to come.

Years after the rebellion, many of the lords became disgruntled with Thorin’s rule style and attempted to lower his power. Grand King Thorin employed an iron fist style and removed Dreek Ireheart, one of the two main lords behind the conflict, from Grand Marshal. This move caused Lord Dreek Ireheart and Lord Delric Grandaxe to resign from their positions as Lords, claiming the Kingdom was corrupt.

Thorin Grandaxe places Dreek Ireheart on trial for 70,000 minas. Dreek Ireheart, loses the case and pledges resources in the form of iron to the kingdom in order to fund the coming war.

The Fifth Grand Champion of Urguan is announced and Dain Ireheart wins the title.

Yet again, a small rebellion had emerged. “The Fallen” a small guild settled in Vaer’haven The Legion quickly collected information they needed and tortured the ones they captured. It was over before it began.

The ancient blood pact between humans and dwarves is broken. Humans have attacked a dwarven Lord, Narlo Grayhammer. Grand King Thorin Grandaxe declares war on Oren. Most agree with the decision.

The first battle takes place, it is most often known as "The Battle of Snow" or "Battle of the Crossroads". Unfortunately, the dwarves are outnumbered and lose the battle. Storm's Crossing gets hit with multiple raids, but none succeeded.

Thorin appoints the King's Concil position of Head Remembrancer to Wulfric Grandaxe. He also passes an amendment. For the war's time being, there will be Councillors for War, Diplomacy and Economics. Thorin appoints Thorik Grandaxe and Paragon Kjell Ireheart.

There hasn't been an attack for over one year, therefore Thorin demands peace, but demands things that would make Oren partially powerless. He knew that the new Emperor William Horen would decline the terms, but also decline their last chance of survival in this war.

Oren royalty hosts a meeting in the Cloud Temple library. Adunians, Elves are alos present. The Oren royalty deny giving the Westerlands and erecting a mighty statue of Thorin. Lord Gorum Frostbeard takes out 'the torch'. He passes it to Grand King Thorin Grandaxe, as he lights the peace treaty on fire and drops it on the table "There's yer peace", and walks off, the voices of dwarves echo across the library "KAVIR OZ UMROS!!" "KAVIR OZ OREN"

Salvus defects and King Garth Hightower makes an oath to Thorin. Urguan banners are put around Kingston, and not long afterwards, Oren declares itself a Kingdom, and accepts all the demands for peace. William Horen III leaves temporarily and gives his new title of King to his heir, Nero Horen. Pius Silverblade is titled king, and hopes rise to a future long-lasting alliance, but the Horen royalty accuse him of treason, and everyone else who follows him.

Telchar Azaghul and Nalro Grayhammer create a more efficient steam engine and implement it into the DPC.

After the secession of Salvus the war took a turn and the rest of Oren split apart. The various kingdoms that were created all sheltered under the Grand Kingdom for a short number of years.

The time of peace caused inner conflict in Kal’Azgoth. The Starbreakers had caused a conflict with both the Frostbeards and Grandaxes. The Frostbeards had pulled everyone against eachother. The Ironguts have also become very important in the argument. The conflict hasn’t caused a civil war.

Lord Narlo Grayhammer is been removed from the position of lord, while Lord Gorum Frostbeard steps down due to an illness. Morgrim Grandaxe and Dizzy Irongrinder had been put in their place.

As the Wise Elder Dwarf Thorik Grandaxe passes away, Wulfric Grandaxe is made Lord and Zahrer Irongrinder is made Grand Marshal.

Thorik Grandaxe is named a Paragon, taking upon himself the title “The King of Kings.”

Grand King Thorin Grandaxe "The Great" dies defending his city from the evil Daemon Ondnarch.

Elder Gorum Frostbeard vanishes after falling down the steps of Kal'Azgoth.

The elections are held and Igor Ireheart, Dizzy Irongrinder and Dom Irongut. The votes are close, with Dizzy Irongrinder taking the lead over Igor Ireheart by a single vote.

Grand King Dizzy Irongrinder ascends to the throne and is crowned Grand King. Zahrer Irongrinder is given position of Lord shortly after.

The Orcs declare war upon the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in a claim for the City of Kingston.

The Kingdom of Salvus secedes from the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and joins the coalition of Human Nations.

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan allies with the Orcish nation of Krugmar for the sacking of Kingston.

A coalition force of men from the Orcish Nation of Krugmar, the Dwarven Legion, the Adunian Military, Ruskan Military Men, and various mercenary forces successfully capture Kingston.

An old and abandoned village is found underneath Kal’Azgoth.

Bael Tunnelsmasher is removed as Yemekar's Pick for suspected breaking of the Greed Law.

Orik Stoneoak is made the new Jarl of Barbek.

Dreek Ireheart and Dom Irongut lead select Dwarven officials to an underground, Dwarven-Made city-fortress.

Storm’s Crossing undergoes a massive reconstruction in order to prepare for the move.

Kings Council Elections are Held. Dreek Ireheart is made Yemekar’s Pick, Azaghal Doomforge is made Grand Merchant, and Rehki Irongut is made Master Engineer.

The Aytosian Society launches an invasion of the Dwarven Kingdom.

The Wise Elder Dwarf Omithiel Strongbrow passes away with many mourners attending his burial.

Igor Ireheart is named a Lord of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

Dreek Ireheart leaves the position of Yemekar’s Pick as Wulfric Grandaxe is removed from the position of High Remembrancer. Fariken Irongut is made the new High Remembrancer.

The Aytosian Society is defeated in open combat by the Dwarven Legion and is pushed out of Dwarven lands.

Kal'Ithrun, formerly known as Storm's Crossing, is finished and released as the new capitol of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

qrqpq7R.png Hide contents The Grand Kingdom of Urguan pushes Commander Dreek Ireheart's claim on the Kingdom of Telemar. A coalition force of Dwarves and men from House Ruthern are lead by Dreek Ireheart against Telemar. Dreek Ireheart becomes King of Telemar, granting lands that Telemar had taken back to the Grand Kingdom.

The first Animal Festival is held and run by Indago Stormhammer.

Dreek Ireheart and Lord Zahrer Irongrinder, alongside two orcs, 'procure' the golem anvil from the High Elven Kingdom.

Dormilion becomes the Sixth Grand Champion of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

Telchar Azaghul resigns from lord.

The Grand Kingdom along with it's vassals King Dreek Ireheart and King Lachlan Mor, and it's ally the Dominion of Krugmar declare war on the Kingdom of Renatus.

A squadron of Humans attack Kal'Ithrun, they are repelled by Dwarven and Adunian forces under Commander Dreek Ireheart.

A squad of legionnaires are defeated by Flays while assisting Adunians and Elves in the defense of Luminaire.

Dreek Ireheart is made a Lord, Paragon Kjell Ireheart is made Yemekar's Pick, and Indago Stormhammer is made Archbishop.

Orcs are repelled from Kal'Ithrun by Dwarves under the command of Commanders Igor and Dreek Ireheart.

The Black Scourge attacks the Dwarven Hold of Brom'Krah.

Lord Dreek Ireheart converses with the Black Scourge in the Monk's Sanctuary He confirms their intentions and officially declares war on them.

A coalition of Humans and Orcs assault Kal'Ithrun. Dwarves under Grand Marshal Zahrer repel them.

Dwarven Time is reformatted by Onar Ireheart.

Lord Igor Ireheart along with Oren rebels attack Abresi and capture the King.

Peace Talks are held between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Dominion of Krugmar.

Lords Igor and Dreek Ireheart defeat a Strelt/Flay rescue party by themselves.

Grand King Dizzy Irongrinder "The Delver King"is removed from Grand King by Lords Dreek Ireheart, Igor Ireheart, Farren Starbreaker, and Zahrer Irongrinder.

Lord Farren Starbreaker is named Lord Regent.

Article 1 C is passed by the Lord's Council prior to the vote for the new Grand King.

Dreek Ireheart, Kjell Ireheart, Indago Stormhammer, and Zahrer Irongrinder are nominated for King.

Dreek Ireheart withdraws from the election and resigns from Lord. Fariken Irongut resigns from High Remembrancer.

Indago Stormhammer is crowned Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

Onar Ireheart replaces Dreek Ireheart as Lord. Thrognar Grandaxe becomes Grand Merchant, and Bazian Grandaxe becomes the High Remembrancer.

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan declares war on the Empire of Oren, in support of the Taturs-Silverblade rebellion.

Ondnarch's Minions once again begin their assault and harassment of the Dwarven citizens. Scouting parties are reported to be seen all across the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Adunia leaves the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and joins with the Empire of Oren-relinquishing their hold on the Brom'Krah area.

A small army of cave leaches assaults Kal'Ithrun, they are pushed back under Grand Marshal Zahrer Irongrinder. At the same time, Grand Marshal Zahrer uses the legion to defeat a small Orenian raiding party.

Monsters begin to plague the Dwarven Lands and the Kingdom sets up a bounty board to combat this issue.

The Dwarven Legion, Teutonic Order, and Orenian Rebels are routed by Human and Orcish forces after trying to siege Shadow Castle.

Ondnarch makes a push for Kal'Azgoth, and controls the city for a few days, before the Dwarven Legion and Elvish forces retake the city.

King Dreek 'The Usurper' Ireheart dies in carrying word of the attack on Kal’Azgoth.

The Arkenstone is found missing after Ondnarch's forces retreat and the deeproads are once again sealed.

A large pine tree sprouts in the middle of Kal'Ithrun, as if overnight. Underneath it lies colored chests, all locked. The tree seems to have balls of ore hanging from the branches.

Fimlin Grandaxe becomes High Remembrancer after Bazian Grandaxe departs.

Onar Ireheart becomes Yemekar's Pick and merges his guild with the once mighty Engineering Guild.

A few dwarves venture into Kal’Azgoth, it is found that the Kal’Varak had been stolen; as the dwarves investigate the voice of Ondnarch begins to speak boasting of victories and an end to the Sons of Urguan, later revealing his ability to take physical form as an Avatar.

Fariken Irongut replaces Dominic Irongut as a Lord.

Grand King Indago Stormhammer and his Lords meet with other Leaders at an International Summit. News returns with them that the Dwarven Kingdom of Urguan has been denied entry into the Coalition of Anthosian forces against the Black Scourge.

In the midst of a large battle outside Kal’Ithrun, the Avatar of Ondnarch and his minions attack, breaking the Human-Orc army outside Kal’Ithrun before moving on to attack the city.

The mysterious Avatar of Ondnarch is taken out of the sky by a dwarf manning the ballistae atop the city, the great victory is celebrated with a large feast and many dwarves gather to make merry.

Lord Onar Ireheart and Lord Zahrer Irongrinder lead a team of engineers and soldiers to Kal'Azgoth, planning to seal it off. As they seal if off, feral elves attack from the sewers and force the Dwarven force to retreat out the secret passage built by Grand King Thorin Grandaxe.

Aggression between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the United Anthos Coalition raise with raids from the UAC being defeated by Barbek Guards and the Dwarven Legion.

Fireworks outside Kal'Ithrun symbolize a new era for the Descendants of Urguan.

Aldal Ireheart is chosen to be the next High Prophet.

The Construction of Thoringrad begins.

Thoringrad is completed in time for the invasion of Dwarven Lands by the UAC.

Grand King Indago signs a pact with the Black Scourge in order to secure a win in the coming battle.

alZWn3o.png Hide contents At the battle for Thoringrad, Elven, Human, and Orcish forces siege and secure Kjell & Thorin's walls, as well as Thoringrad from the defending army of Dwarves, Oren Rebels, Teutons/Sariants, Osage Elves, and the Black Scourge. Trench Warefare begins south of Fort Thoringrad between Dwarven and Rebel forces, and Orenian and Orcish forces.

Fort Indagolaf is built as a last defense before Kal'Ithrun.

Negotiations with the Elves, Kha, and Monks are lead by Lords Onar Ireheart and Farren tarbreaker, while negotiations with Orcish Leaders are lead by Lords Fariken Irongut and Igor Ireheart.

King Indago Stormhammer along with his Lords Fariken Irongut, Farren Starbreaker, and Onar Ireheart are betrayed by Orcish diplomats at their meeting, and nearly lose their life in the process of escaping. Zamuel Grayhammer, along with Clan Grayhammer, is exiled due to being the driving force behind Black Scourge interference in Dwarven affairs.

Dormin Doomforge returns and leads a group of legion soldiers in a successful attempt to retake Kal'Urir from Ondnarch's forces. This retaking leads the group to discover an ancient book describing a powerful hammer, topping that of Urguan's Hammer.

Culture flourishes in the city as Clan Irongut and Grandaxe take a step back from the war and commit to improving Kal'Ithrun.

Lord Fariken Irongut presents a letter presumably from Morgrimm Grandaxe to the council. The letter details a possible way to defeat Ondnarch for good.

Tensions rise between Clans Irongut/Goldhand and Grandaxe/Stormhammer over the current war.

Lakefort is founded by Fimlin Grandaxe and is used in the Orenian-Dwarf War.

The Battle for Fort IndagoOlaf is won by The Grand Kingdom of Urguan with assistance from the Princedom of Fenn and the Orcish Kaxil Clan. The Empire of Oren and it's allies are pushed back to Thorinsgrad and prepare for a siege by the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.

LakeFort is destroyed in the Battle of Indagolaf

Fariken Irongut confesses that it was him, Zahrer Irongrinder, and Dizzy Irongrinder that allied with the Scourge, and puts himself on trial in front of the Dwarven Kingdom and the UAC.

The Legion and a group of Snow Elves explore an ancient Scriberfolk Stronghold, finding numerous books and Barradin's Hammer. The books say that the hammer is the enemy of the deep chill, and can only be wielded by the most pure.

Elder Morgrimm Grandaxe and Heretic Fariken Irongut are found slashed to pieces outside the scriberfolk stronghold.

High Prophet Aldal Ireheart deems Lord Igor Ireheart the most pure of Urguan's descendants, and grants him Barradin's Hammer.

The Dwarven Legion fights the Orcish nation of Krugmar in a battle for honor, with the Legion coming out on top.

Omithiel Strongbrow ascends to Paragon under High Prophet Aldal Ireheart.

The Engineering Guild breaks off of Yemaker's Workforce with Tog Irongrinder as Master Engineer.

The Town of Dol'Gurad is officially founded by Gamle Irongut, and inhabited by the Irongut and Goldhand Clans.

The 7th Amendment to the Articles of Urguan is passed by the Lords Council and Grand King Indago Stormhammer.

The Town of Dol'Garud is renamed as Kal'Garud and placed under the control of Jarl Gamle Irongut.

Fili Grandaxe becomes Grand Merchant.

Hogarth Irongut is named Lord to replace the deceased Fariken Irongut

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan releases Adunia to allow it to become it's own allied city state.

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan signs a peace treaty with The Kingdom of Oren, ceding Thorinsgrad to the Cloudlands.

The Kjell Act is revoked.

Dwarven Legionnaires invade Ondnarch's Castle and lead by Igor Ireheart, they find and defeat the four Shallmandrils. While there they also find an old captured Dwarven Explorer.

Dwarven Legionnaires assist the non-existent Elven Military in defense of the Conclave from Orcs.

Grand King Indago 'The Unready' Stormhammer perishes from the freezing cold of the Azgoth mountains.

Vulkin Frostbeard revives the Elder Clan of Frostbeard with his sons and brother.

The nomination procedure begins! Wulfgar Grandaxe is nominated by Hogarth Irongut, Verrik Grandaxe is nominated by Igor Ireheart, Onar Ireheart self nominates, Zahrer Irongrinder self nominates.

Wulfgar Grandaxe wins the election by a landslide, and his coronation is scheduled.

Wulfgar Grandaxe is coronated and rises to the position of Grand King.

Arcane Grandaxe is named Grand Champion.

The Clan Council Amendment is passed.

A Joint force of the Armies of Urguan, Krug, and Horen storm Kal'Azgoth through the deeproads and recapture the city from Ondnarch's forces.

Igor Ireheart dies after purifying Ondnarch with Barradin's Hammer. As Igor dies, Wyrvun rises from Ondnarch's decaying body and names Igor his hero. Then, all watch on as Wyrvun ascends back to the Brathmordakin.

Ondnarch's minions scatter, and there are few pockets of resistance left.

Dizzy Irongrinder is named Lord to replace the deceased Igor Ireheart.

The Nations of Oren, Krugmar, and Urguan lay siege to the Scourge occupied Castle Greywyn. After the appearance of Setherein, the Allied forces smash their way through, and slaughter the defenders.

The Northern Scourge lay siege to the city of Kal'Garud and successfully route the defending armies of Urguan and Oren.

The Hall of Heroes is founded. Igor Ireheart is named the first hero, and Thorin Grandaxe, Dreek Ireheart, Morgrimm Grandaxe, and Simppa are added as heroes alongside him.

The UAC's attacking force of Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, and Snow Elves are repulsed by the Harbingers in the battle for the Princedom of the Fenn.

A Clan Tournament is held in which Clan Ireheart comes in first, Clan Starbreaker second, and Clan Grandaxe third.

The last ice morph known as Aelris the Gargantuan attacks Kal'Ithrun, but is repelled by The Legion. The Legion celebrates the victory alongside the armies of Krugmar and Oren.

Dared Starbreaker becomes Forge Master after Farren Starbreaker passes his knowlage along to him.

The few remaining cultists of Ondnarch take over the ruins of Lakefort.

The Legion defends the cities of Oren alongside the Decterum from the Scourge.

Lakefort is crushed by the Legion's trebuchets and the cultists scatter.

The Legion and a member of the Golden Lance fail in defending the abandoned Dreadfort from the Scourge.

Grand King Wulfgar is granted a golden whistle by Virun Xerunth, a member of the golden lance. Whenever blown, they will arrive and defend the city from Scourge.

Lord Farren Starbreaker resigns from Lord, having been the longest serving Lord in the history of the Kingdom.

Fimlin Grandaxe assumes the title of Lord to replace Farren Starbreaker.

The Legion invades the final hideout of the cultist and finds disturbing letters written to the old dynasty of Ironborn, all written by the head cultist.

Fimlin Grandaxe resigns from High Remembrancer, and Balek Irongut is chosen to replace him. Fili Grandaxe resigns from the position of Grand Merchant, and Kwint Irongut replaces him.

The Legion marches alongside the UAC and the Golden Lance brotherhood to the Old Cloud Temple, meaning to collect the 'third key'. When they arrive, two drakes appear in the skies, as well as the armies of the Scourge. A large battle occurs, and the Scourge is eventually routed with both Drakes slain.

After the third key is obtained, the UAC alongside the Golden Lance chases a few harbingers through a long tunnel that leads them to a completely new land. However, the link still allows passage back to Anthos.

Grand King Wulfgar moves the capital of the Dwarves to this new Land, abandoning Kal'Ithrun. The new capital is positioned in a large basin, with druids making their home above the basin, and Alras living alongside the Dwarves within. Relations improve greatly with both groups.

                                              [== - The Fringe & Thales - ==]

Grand King Wulfgar Grandaxe founds the city of Kal'Arkon in the Fringe.

Border disputes with Oren begin to occur within the Fringe.

The Kingdom of Oren builds a town on Dwarven Land, causing the Legion along with the Orcish army to march upon the town and burn it to the ground.

Pollution streams into the lake of Kal'Arkon, causing a large amount of slimes to attack and try to stop the industrial waste that was being poured into their lake. They are all defeated however.

Border raids raise tensions between the two sides drastically as the days go on.

The treaty of Zion is created, organizing a defensive pact between The Conclave, The Kingdom of Urguan, The Rexdom of Krugmar, and The Kingdom of Alras.

The Kingdom of Urguan, The Rexdom of Krugar, and The Kingdom of Alras declare war upon The Kingdom of Oren.

The Order of Saint Lucien joins Oren and declares war on Zionist forces. The Conclave assembles it's army, preparing to join it's allies in the war.

The slime cave in the middle of Kal'Arkon explodes, and a wave of green sludge shoots out and covers the lake in chunky bits.

Grand King Wulfgar leads an assault on the slime cave, and purges the lake, as well as destroying the slime infestation.

The Conclave finishes mustering it's army and joins the other member's of the alliance in war.

Armies clash as Grand King Wulfgar, Rex Urik'Azog, High King Syrio, and Justicar Darius lead their armies against King Heinrick, and successfully route the army of Oren. After a flawless victory, the Alliance draws plans for the invasion of the Kingdom of Oren.

After the death of King Heinrick in battle, a truce is signed between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Holy Kingdom of Oren. Opinions are split on this truce, and the clan council holds a vote on whether to overturn this treaty or not.

The Grand Kingdom watches on as the Church excommunicates all of Orenian leadership. A regency council is put into place over the Holy Kingdom of Oren, as the Carrion Kings are ousted by the Church. Grand King Wulfgar sees this as a chance for peace, and pursues a treaty with the regency council.

Grand King Wulfgar declares wars on the Carrion exiles of Oren, and plan to march on their keep alongside the Church of Oren and the Orcs.

Dared Starbreaker resigns from Forge Master and replaced by Jorik Grandaxe after Aengoth Starbreaker departs.

As Anthos is destroyed by a giant tidal wave, surviving dwarves come to Kal'Arkon and reunite with their kin.

Grand King Wulfgar 'The Restorer' Grandaxe steps down from kingship, allowing a new face to take the throne. Lord Zahrer Irongrinder is chosen as Lord Regent until a new king is elected.

Aldal Ireheart departs on a journey and resigns from his positions, with Chase Irongut taking title of High Prophet.

Elections are on! Lord Hogarth Irongut nominates himself, and Lord Dizzy Irongrinder supports him, Fimlin Grandaxe nominates Thelkan Grandaxe, and Zahrer Irongrinder nominates himself.

Lord Hogarth Irongut wins the election in a landslide. A coronation is scheduled and preparations are made for a grand feast!

Fili Grandaxe becomes Grand Marshall as Zahrer resigns followed by Falent Ireheart taking upon the title of Yemaker's Pick as Onar Ireheart resigns.

The Throne Room in Kal'Arkon is finished just in time for the coronation. Many celebrate the crowning of their new king.

Skilled Smiths, Engineers and Tailors come together to create a new and improved Legion uniform.

Balek Irongut is chosen as the next Lord Chancellor.

Tensions rise between the nearby Silverblade settlement on dwarven lands in front of Kal'Arkon. The conflict ends without violence, but their relations are marred.

Tog Irongrinder resigns from Master Engineer

Mysterious rifts open to a new realm in which Setharian can be defeated once and for all.

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan marches alongside The armies of Anthos to destroy the dark lord Balrog within Setherien's realm. As Balrog dies, Setherien appears and escapes into the Fringe. After a several hour battle with the great Dragon, a dwarven made ballista is fired by the Golden Lance, shooting the Golden Lance into Setherien, and ending his dark reign over the denizens of The Fringe.

Former High Prophet Aldal Ireheart returns and takes upon the title of High Remembrancer.

Dominic Irongut is chosen as the new Master Engineer.

New Opportunities spring up as each Guild obtains new leaders.

Vorstag Grandaxe, son of Wulfgar, is attacked by Orenians and a dispute goes on about who is guilty

A surge of unknown beasts attack from the forest outside of Kal'Arkon, but are successfully repelled.

A dispute over borders causes conflict between Oren and The Grand Kingdom, but are peacefully resolved

Onar and Falent Ireheart, aswell as Dared Starbreaker, are led by High Prophet Chase Irongut and clesne the Shrine of Dungrimm of undead beasts in the Kal'Akron undercity.

A raid on the Snow Elven Capitol by Oren causes conflict between the two nations and the Grand Kingdom.

Tensions rise rapidly as Oren declares war on Fenn, one of the kingdom's most loyal allies.

Various disputes start about whether to goto war, many younger dwarves support it but wiser ones seek other paths.

After Fili Grandaxe resigns, Ognar Grandaxe, son of the renowned iron-fist ruler Thorin Grandaxe, becomes Grand Marshall.

The Princedom of Fenn breaks all political ties with the Grand Kingdom after the Lords announce they are going to stay neutral.

Culture flourishes as many festivals are held.

Forces collide as the Imperuim marches on Fenn, and slaughters the snow elves and their sand elven mercenaries, relations between the Grand Kingdom and Fenn were gone forever...

The Clan Council petitions to remove Lord Zahrer Irongrinder, but Grand King Hogarth does not give his approval, angering many of them.

Hiebe Irongut proposes a clan prestige system, but the Lords deny it.

Grand King Hogarth Irongut resigns and Dizzy Irongrinder is choosen as Lord Regent

Nominations begin! Onar Ireheart nominates Vorstag Grandaxe, Dizzy Irongrinder nominates Jorik Grandaxe, Fimlin Grandaxe self nominates, Zahrer Irongrinder & Balek Irongut abstain.

After a heart-stoppingly close election Jorik Grandaxe wins the election.

The Clergy grows suspicious, seeing that Lord Dizzy had allowed private votes, it is later found that Vorstag Grandaxe, son of Wulfgar had won by 1 vote.

Strelts begin to raid the dwarves, before a raid consisting of the majority of Oren shows up, breaking their oaths they attack Kal'Arkon, but are eventually repelled.

The Kingdom of Oren declares war on the Grand Kingdom, giving in to the warmongering strelts that plague the once mighty human kingdom.

Overnight the assets of clan Irongrinder are seized and Lords Dizzy & Zahrer Irongrinder are arrested under accusation of treason, but Tog is let go free.

The Clergy accuses Lord Dizzy Irongrinder of high treason, conspiracy and corruption, he is found guilty and forced to resign from Lord, but is allowed to continue being Forge Master.

After great hardship on both sides, peace is declared to ensure that both of their races remain intact by the end of it.

Aengoth Starbreaker is choosen to replace Dizzy Irongrinder as Lord

An old abandoned tunnel is found and used as an area for the new Alchemy Guildhall.

Factories and plantations sprout up as many dwarves join the industrial revolution, specifically Lathros "Oilbeard" Ironbeard and Zahrer Irongrinder

After much arguing the Clan Grandaxe finally is allowed a portion of land outside the city, where they move & redesign their clan hall outside the poisonous smog of industry.

The Ireheart clan gains a hold outside the city, though larger and farther away from the Grandaxe's allotted land, the two mountain dwarf clans finally gain land in the open air that their culture suggests.

Chase Irongut resigns from High Prophet to be replaced by Lori Ireheart.

The Krughanistan Bloc is formed, with the Kingdom of Alras, Rexdom of Krugmar, the Princedom of Fenn, the Teutonic Order and the Grand Kingdom. The new allies converge and plan how to defend the Grand Kingdom from the Orenian invaders.

Lord Fimlin is kidnapped in an attack on the Oren capitol of Kaldonia, with the help of a heretic dwarf named Zoltan Archad, once known as Bronn Grandaxe, he escapes Kaldonia, at the cost of his assistant's life.

Kwint Irongut resigns from Grand Merchant.

The Lords remove Grand King Vorstag Grandaxe through convictions which they later nullify, Vorstag is not reinstated despite being cleared. Onar Ireheart is named Lord Regent.

The Orcs grow angry at the descision to remove their friend Vorstag Grandaxe, and some split off from the rest, who promised to continue in support of the Grand Kingdom in war effort.

Nominations begin! Lord Fimlin Grandaxe self nominates, but abstains after he learns Lord Aengoth Starbreaker nominates Midgor Irehert or 'Kjell II' ,Ognar Grandaxe is nominated by Lord Onar Ireheart, Lord Zahrer Irongrinder nominates Lathros Ironbeard and Lord Balek nomintes Vorstag Grandaxe, who later leaves the kingdom.

Midgor Ireheart wins the election and is crowned the Grand King of Urguan.

Dwain Irongut II is elected the new Grand Merchant of the Grand Kingdom.

The Plague spreads across the land within days, starting from a necromancer in Alras.

The Uninfected Dwarves are forced to evacuate Kal'Arkon to Khaz'A'dar, where they reside while the pague runs it's course. Nearly everyone is seen with a filtration mask as they grab what they can and move into the small rooms within the hold.

A Cure is found for the plague, which also suffices as a vaccine, and Kal'Arkon is quickly restored and both dwarves and alrasians go about their daily business.

Odin Ireheart is elected the new High Remembrancer after Aldal Ireheart goes missing.

The city of Atgaard defects from Oren and becomes apart of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan once again.

Lord Aengoth Starbreaker is slain by a flay soldier in front of the human capitol. and Lord Fimlin Grandaxe resigns from his position, claiming "to keep mah 'onor intact."

Grand King Midgor proposes major changes to the articles of Urguan, and the convention about whether to implement or change the amendment begins.

Dared Starbreaker and Kardel Irongut are choosen as the replacement Lords.

Clan Blackfist is formed by Gimrik Grandaxe and Gorum Frostbeard. The clan is made up of old dwarves renouncing their clan to form a new one, Grandaxes, Ironguts, and Frostbeards alike join in on the clan.

Lord Onar Ireheart resigns after losing in an honor duel to Lord Dared Starbreaker.

Fimlin Grandaxe is re-instead as Lord after he regrets his past descision, Chase Irongut replaces Kardel Irongut as Lord

A mysterious prophecy spreads about, the lands are sucked into a drought and the Dwarves prepare for the worst.

The new realm of Thales opens up and the races of the Fringe move to it, before the prophecy becomes true.

Grand King Midgor Ireheart founds the city of Kal'Klad, the sons of Urguan flock to the city and construction continues.

The proposed amendmants to the Articles of Urguan are passed, removing the Lords council to be replaced by clan Thanes, thus the "Third Grand Kigndom of Urguan" is created.

Kal'Konul is founded by Dargrind Grandaxe, but is soon abandoned after the dwarves within the hold realized they cannot defend the Capitol so far away.

The Clan Thanes are decided, Fimlin Grandaxe, Onar Ireheart, Dizzy Irongrinder, Balek Irongut and Dagor Starbreaker become the first dwarven Thanes.

Dared, Farren and Tarren Starbreaker leave the kingdom, abandoning the clan to the last two Starbreakers.

Rhewen Frostbeard revives the Frostbeard clan and creates the Mountain District with the help of his close ally Fimlin Grandaxe. The clans Grandaxe and Frostbeard move to the district in hopes of restoring their culture that was shaped by the mountains long ago.

After hearing that Dwain Ironut II had moved in with the Teutonic Order, he is removed from Grand Merchant and Thoak Goldhand replaces him.

A peace meeting is held with Robert Chivay, Kalenz and the Dwarven Council of Thanes, after reading the document through the council decides to deny them, as they would accept nothing less then white peace.

Thurland Grandaxe becomes the Grand Marshal after Ognar Grandaxe continues to be missing.

Dared Starbreaker returns, and a argument about whether he is still Clan Father or not arises, it is eventually decided with a game of Runic Chess, but after Dared cheats Dagor Starbreaker is given Clan Father, only to give it back over.

The Thanes sign a peace treaty with the Holy Kingdom of Oren and the High-Elven nation of Haelon'or, ending the war between the three nations.

The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the Holy Kingdom of Oren and Haelon'or war on the Princedom of Fenn, seeking to genocide the snow elf race, which has continuously been a nuisance and has back-stabbed more powerful nations.

A large ship undergoes construction in the Kal'Klad shipyard, with increased rumors and prophecies depicting a potential end to Thales and the Fringe.

After Dagor Starbreaker is deemed incompetent Zapherius Starbreaker is made the new Clan Thane.

The construction of the ship "Keznol Anoros" is completed and it is sailed to the bay near the port city of Tuv Aviv to prepare for the long journey to the lands to be known as Athera.

                                                          [== - Athera - ==]

The Dwarves of Urguan sail to Athera, reaching the home of their ancestors, the new land is litered with ruins of past dwarven and elven settlements, and many wonders such as Giant Crabs, Coral Reefs, and Crystal Caves are found.

The grand city of Kal'Agnar is founded, meaning "City of the Mountain" it is to be the home of all dwarves for many a time to come.

After digging into what was to be the dwarven mines, a giant blue crystal is found at the heart of it, after touching it a mysterious cultist appears and monsters stream out, they are repelled by the Dwarven Miners and the Library is to be constructed around the mysterious wonder.

After a few days of studying the crystal by High Remembrancer Odin Ireheart, and Remembrancers Fimlin Grandaxe and Onar Ireheart, it is discovered that upon the touch of a true dwarf, the crystal glows a light equal to his closeness by blood to Urguan himself, but only if said dwarf's lineage is known to himself.

The Hall of Heroes is amended to allow living Heroes, and Bazian Grandaxe, Hiebe Irongut and Dizzy Irongrinder are added to the Hall of Heroes.

Zapherius Starbreaker comits suicide after he is removed from Clan Thane by his clan for not giving them free food, Grunmin Starbreaker is put in his place.

Lathros "Oilbeard" Irongrinder is made Arbiter of the Court of Mountains, being the representative of the Clan Council in Court.

The First Legislation is past by the Clan Council, the Legislation consists of many regulations and laws for the new city Kal'Agnar, many of them based off the times back in Kal'Azgoth.

The New Legion Headquarters are finished and becomes a focus point for new dwarves seeking to bring glory to their mighty Kingdom.

Hogarth Irongut is made the Clan Thane of the Ironguts and Balek Irongut Clan father, after Chase and Gamle Irongut go missing for a few weeks.

Many new animals are discovered in Athera, mountain boars inhabiting the Kazradin Foothills, mountain goats and moose are found near Alras, giant bats and spiders lurking in the caves while giant crabs stalk the beach near the Cloud Temple.

Many patrols and ventures made into the grand continent of Athera, with more ruins and mysteries than any past land, over time a new traveler's guide is made.

Onar Ireheart resigns from Thane to be replaced by Odin Ireheart,, Onar also gives his position as clan father of the Irehearts away to High Prophet Lori Ireheart.

Clan Irongut obtains land outside the city and founds a hold, giving it the name "Hiebenhall."

After repeated grievances on the Grandaxe clan the Grandaxes choose to leave the capitol and Fimlin, Fili, and Jorik Grandaxe found the hold of Kal'Ardoth.

Many dwarves complain about the Grandaxe clan moving into a hold, and Grand King Midgor threatens to take over the hold by force.

Grand King Midgor Ireheart is removed by the Thanes council after he threatens Clan Grandaxe and is found guilty for kin-slaying the High Prophet Lori Ireheart.

Lori Ireheart is removed from High Prophet due to his absence in the Clergy, however is still respected for the amount of work he did for the Grand Kingdom.

Nominations begin! Thane Zahrer Irongrinder nominates Lathros Oilbeard, Thane Grunmin Starbreaker, Fimlin Grandaxe, and Onar Ireheart self nominate, while Thane Hogarth Irongut nominates Balek Irongut.

Onar Ireheart and Balek Irongut abstain from the election.

Vorstag Ireheart is made Thane of the Ireheart clan after Onar Ireheart disappears.

Fimlin Grandaxe wins the election, and is subsequently crowned the Grand King of Urguan.

Vorstag Ireheart becomes clan father of the Ireheart clan and gives the position of Thane to Lori Ireheart, while Zahrer Irongrinder makes Samgrun Irongrinder Thane of his clan.

A Grand Tournament is hosted and Arcane Grandaxe defends his title of Grand Champion, being the first dwarf to actually hold the title for more than one Grand Tournament.

After losing the capital to the Ironborn, Fimlin mounts an assault to reclaim the dwarven homeland.

Fimlin Grandaxe is removed for complacency and incompetence.