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Dunwood was one of the quaint, little homes of the Halflings in Aegis. Dunwood was a village originally under Oren rule and later declared independence. The Halflings were once the children of Humans and Dwarves, and this odd coupling produced a peaceful sub-race. Its whereabouts was largely unknown to the other races, but not purposely hidden, just conveniently out of the way. It was the largest Halfling settlement in Aegis.


The people of Dunwood were very protective of their farms and mountain. Visitors to the village were often shooed away. Given their fondness for privacy and lack of welcome for strangers it was advised to meet the Halflings somewhere other than Dunwood. Dunfest was a gigantic festival celebrating Dunwood's massive harvest. Initially created by Petyr Brandybuck to revitalize the empty town.


A town whose location was little known, they lived in peace amongst nature, farming as their Human cousins do, but within the safe confines of the ground, much like the Dwarf cousins do. Dunwood was a simple village, with hill houses surrounding a small lake, and fields of wheat surrounding them. The Halflings of Dunwood were not ones to mine often, but their cousins, the Dwarves, are well known for it, and thus they have the ability if they so choose. The Mountain of Enduren was located near Dunwood and stood tall over the town.

Leadership and Politics

Dunwood was lead by the Elders and the Mayor. Only Elders and the Mayor allowed people to live in the town.

Dunwood used to be under the rule of Oren, but when the kingdom split, Dunwood decided to stay independent, as Halflings typically don't enjoy power struggles.