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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.
Norlandic Capital
Race: Primarily Human
Empire of Renatus
Kingdom of Norland
Religion: Red Faith
Languages: Common, Norlandic
Population: 11,000
Founded: 1712 by Alvar I, King of Norland
King: Edvard II
Ashen Council
  • Steward: Layla Arden
  • Chancellor: Edvard II Ruric
  • Marshal: Arngeir
  • High Priest: Aeyn Edvardsson
  • Chief Justice: Erik Rorik
  • Pursuer: N/A

Dunharrow was the capital of the Earldom of Nordengrad, replacing its previous capital of Nordengrad which was sacked and looted during the Third Atlas Coalition War. It was constructed in the year 1712 on the order of Alvar Ruric. This city-operated as the seat of House Ruric, who ruled from the Grand Hall at the top of the hill overlooking the city. The city was the main settlement of the Earldom and mostly inhabited by Humans, though other races were known to have settled there in addition to this, most prominently Elves.


Dunharrow was founded by Alvar I. Alvar felt that during his brother's reign as Prince of Vilachia that history was going to repeat its self and the Norlandic people would be thrown in near extinction yet again, thus he met with Imperial advisors to discuss the ideas of vassalization, with these terms were met and Alvar departed Vilachia taking a large following with him, publically betraying his brother, he issued for the construction and plans of a great Norlandic city. The construction of the city surprised the entirety of the Imperials, having nearly completed the city only beginning construction months before. But then the War of Two Emperors sprung up, halting progress on their city. Coming up in arms to help the war effort, in the end. It only brought death and an unfinished city. The people that once habituated, in mourning for fallen brothers and mothers. It was too great. May the great Nordengrad rise again in a bright age, just like the Ashwood Tree.


Taking up a small plot of land, Dunharrow sits just to the east of the Imperial City of Helena. The Hall district sitting above the city typically populated my nobles whilst the lower district is inhabited by the townsfolk and soldiers. Sitting in the middle of the city just in front of the Grand Hall is where the famous Norlandic Ashwood Tree rests.

Notable Locations

Grand Hall

The grand hall is the base of all political and economic affairs within the Earldom of Nordengrad, it houses the Earl as well as the Royal family of Nordengrad.

Ashwood Tree

Like every traditional Norlandic city, at the base of the city lies the famous Ashwood Tree, its branches stretching up nearly to the height of the Grand Hall, surrounding the Ashtree would be the square also known as the Hall district, where the majority of the nobility within the Earldom of Nordengrad resides.

Faith Temple

The Temple of the Red Faith is located upon its own small plateau sitting just above the lower district.


The Earldom is governed by the Earl as well as the Ashen Council, currently, it consists of four members, one being the Steward, entrusted with finding housing for all the newcomers, another being the Chancellor, who is in charge of all diplomatic affairs when the Earl is unavailable, another being the Commander who is in charge of the Nordengradic Militia, the currently military order guarding Dunharrow, lastly being the High Priest most commonly the head of the All-Father religion.


The majority of Norlanders make their fortune by hunting and gathering from nearby land, very few produced goods originating from Nordengrad itself. On top of that, the Earldom would have a relatively large agricultural and fishing base being seated upon fertile lands and by the waterfront.



The majority of Norlanders adhere to the religion of the Red Faith and the teachings that Allfatherism entails.