Duchy of Carnatia

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Duchy of Carnatia
Herzem Carnateo
State of the Kingdom of Haense
Coat of Arms
Capital: Various
Languages: Common, Hansetian, Raev Botch, New Marian
Religion: Canonism
Government: Hereditary Duchy
Current Duke: Heinrik II of Haense
Founder: Otto I
Currency: Krawn

The Duchy of Carnatia (Hansetian: Herzem Carnateo), previously known as the Duchy of Haense, was a state of the Kingdom of Oren and later the Holy Orenian Empire in northern Oren. Established in 1491 following the annexation of the Kingdom of Aesterwald as a rump state, Carnatia existed as one of the primary human states in the northern reaches, playing key roles in the Dukes' War, Eighteen Years' War and the Anarchy. The duchy itself formed the basis of the later Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, formed by its own Duke Peter Barbanov, and was granted as a title to the House of Kovachev during the rule of his grandson Marius I of Haense. The state fell following the First Northern War, but the title Duke of Carnatia has remained in the Kovachev family until 1728, in which the crown of Andrew III of Haense bestowed it upon the House of Vyronov. After the trial of Crown vs Vyronov, the title of Duke of Carnatia would then return to the royal family of House Barbanov.

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