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Doomforge Emblem.png
Doomforge Clan Emblem

The Dark Dwarves, known as the Doomforged have been around since early Asulon, being the oldest of the minor clans, sometimes considered an Elder clans by their cave dwarven brethren, they are a clan known by a sense of undying loyalty without submission, as well as being filled with the ever hunger for revenge and death. Beings of great peril and great wit, the Doomforged have forged their fame and glory around their battles won, around their enemies squandered, and around their non-adherence to the norm. With their blood-stained lore and controversies, they are easy to spot with their unique appearance and behaviour.


Doomforged are dark skinned dwarves, skin tone ranging from light grey to a near black, and sometimes even ginger can appear. Their eyes give off a fierce glow, the color of the eyes and glow alike can go from yellow to maroon even. Most Doomforged are quick to anger, some being flat out rageful while others carry themselves quieter, but just as fierce. Their appearance can differ from bloodline to bloodline.

Mur'a'din Doomforged, son of Dormin
Doomforge Clan Appearance


Much like their appearance, their general role in the kingdom differs from each of the Doomforge bloodlines. The known bloodlines that a Doomforge may have are as follow:

Iban’s Line


Iban’s children are darker in skin and usually are darker haired, with black being the most common color. Their eyes are orange and they seem to not fade if compared to the other bloodlines. The Doomforged of Iban line are usually great, sturdy stalwart warriors. They prefer axes, warhammers and heavy armor. Stubborn and bold, they are the frontline of the Doomforged forces.

Hodir’s Line


Hodir’s children are usually dark skinned, a bit lighter than Iban, with red glowing eyes. Their hair ranges from dark brown to light brownish and some uncommon dark blonde. Hodir and his own descendance are political masterminds, and usually delve in both smithing and warring. They are centered and stubborn, but lack the physical prowess of Iban or the mental fortitude of Yorri’s line.

Yorri’s Line


Yorri’s children are lighter skinned, with a light purple tone. Their eyes glow yellow and they have most frequently ginger hair. They are the intellectuals, bookworms and powerful writers and lorekeepers, Yorri’s line is famous for their discoveries and hunger for innovations. They, however, don’t excel in fighting.

Dormin’s Line


Dormin’s line is incredibly pale skinned, usually ranging from a pale grey to a light desaturated purple skin tone. They have dark hair, usually dark brown, most rare case being ginger. Dormin’s Line is known to being natural leaders, meticulous, unlike any other bloodline. They’re logical, stoic and their attitude is sometimes that of a snob persona, with their affinity with deceit and slander.


Dormmar is considered a deity within the Doomforged. It is unknown what his role is or what he deeds he is attributed, but it is proposed and spread that he was a legendary king of the Derva who may have discovered Flesh Runes and created the entire society of Asgol and Karik.



Not much is known about the trials the Doomforged do. They are done in utmost privacy. It is believed they are a variation of the Ireheart trials.



  1. You shall not damage or hurt another Doomforged in any way, unless Tenet 1B requires you to do so.
  2. You must ensure the Clan and all it’s properties sake for as long as you live.
  3. You must never defy the executive orders of the Clan.
  4. You must never damage another being unless directly threatened by it, or if it indirectly threatens the Clan’s sake.
  5. The Kingdom Of Urguan is your home—regardless of it’s state, respect and follow it and their representatives, unless Tenet 1B is breached.
  6. The Lore of the Clan is sacred, you must not share it in public light as it would be as giving our treasures away. It is sacred knowledge and only for readily eyes.


  1. You shall not fight with other Clans unless Tennet 1B or 1E is at stake.
  2. You shall respect other clan’s opinions on political views and affirm your superiority by not meddling to common wrestle over trivialities such as these ideological nuances.
  3. You shall not declare CLAN WAR on any clan unless Tennet 1A and 1B, and optionally 1E is broken if otherwise.
  4. If CLAN WAR ensues, assure humane deaths so Dwedmar life is not so dramatically impacted by the conflict.


  1. You will not act on your own, the vacancy of the Clan Father must be resolved by the clan whole, not by personal endeavors and ventures.
  2. The Clan Father is expected to be only a respect towards Urguan’s ideology, everyone within the Doomforged is equal and apprehended by the same Tenets and legislation.
  3. You must ensure Peace as long as 1B and 1E stand unbroken.


The Yarak-un
A smithing hammer handed down from Yorri, to Dormin. It is a runic hammer of unknown power. It’s ancient and is ornate with bronze. It is assumed that it was the hammer Dormmar used.
The Doom Forge
An ancient forge that belonged to Dormmar. It is unknown it’s use and function, only that it is huge, and that it has been moved from world to world since Asulon.


Dwarven archives contain some smaller information on Doomforge history from Aegis, but most of the documents are from Asulon and further.
Full history can be found here!

Notable Members

  • Paragon Urir Doomforged - Sacrificed himself, becoming a legend and martyr to all the Descendants in order to save them from the clutches of Iblees.
  • King Hodir Doomforged - Kept the Clan safe in the times of peril through Asulon until his disappearance in Athera.
  • Dormin Doomforged - Discovered and keeps the Flesh Runes safe, created the current system of government for the Dwarves. Was a great asset during the war against Wyrvun and, later, Setherien.