Dhaen Grandaxe

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Dhaen Grandaxe
Art by: -
"Sweet Queen Dhaen"
Born: 1647
Death: -
Family: Grandaxe
Father: Ognar Grandaxe
Mother: Unknown
Spouse(s): Jorvin Starbreaker

Dhaen (Dwarven: ᛞᚺᚨᛖᚾ) is a female dwarf who moved to the city of Kal’Varoth during the election of the second King of the Underrealm of Urguan. She is known for her many roles within the community as well as being a leading figure in Urguani government.


After discovering her distant relation to the Grandaxe Clan, she quickly joined their dwindling numbers under the leadership of Borin “The Confused” Grandaxe. She found a place in the city as a beloved barkeep in the Bearded Lady, being eventually the only one to maintain it’s business as the reign of the then newly elected King, Atandt Irongrinder drove many dwarves to retire. In addition, she was apprenticed under what would be the future High Preceptor, Norli Starbreaker, where she found a love for singing and dedication to the Brathmordakin Goddess of Love and Fertility, Belka.

During the election of the Under-King, Utak Ireheart, Dhaen stayed for the rebuilding of the city to Kal’Evraal, continuing to work in the rebranded tavern, The Ruined Runesmith. During this period of growth for the city, the Grandaxes underwent changes as they changed leadership from Borin The Confused to the newly joined Thorolf Grandaxe. With Thorolf at the helm of the clan, Dhaen grew frustrated with the lack of clan unity and activity, prompting her to lead a non-violent coup involving the Grandaxe, Goldhand, and Starbreaker clans. Following this coup, Dhaen stepped up as the first ever female Grandaxe Clan Mother.

Dhaen Grandaxe soon began to prompt changes within the clan and city. First, she focused on re-establishing clan lines within the newer members she recruited and directed the building of a new clan hold known as the Grand Brewery. For the Grand Brewery, she founded the Brewing Guild to help encourage the diversification of drinks being brewed within the nation. Within the city, she purchased the tavern, claiming the title Iron Baron, alongside previous owners: Jorvin Starbreaker, Darek Irongrinder, and Mafraedon Irongrinder. Recognizing an absence of active medical personnel in the city, Dhaen also founded the Medical Institute of Urguan, which was split into two branches of Legion Medics and the Order of Physicians. During the terrorist attack of 1767 by the Krugmar people, Dhaen led the Medical Institute through the recovery process and would later sign the dwarven grudge on behalf of her clan that led to the eventual win of Urguan against Krugmar.

This victory facilitated the renaming of the kingdom into the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the re-establishment of the Grand Council. Dhaen held a prominent position on the council in addition to also acting as the official Steward for Urguan under the Grand Merchant. She also held sway in foreign territories as the heiress of the Grand Brewery region and frequently took part in diplomatic trips representing Urguan. When Utak stepped down, Dhaen Grandaxe followed his actions and stepped down from her own titles and duties, preferring to retire to the outskirts of Urguan. She was succeeded by Nabrick Grandaxe as Clan Father.

Fifteen years after her retirement, Dhaen returned at the request of her clan kinsmen to find the clan once again in disarray. She quickly removed Nabrick from power and reassumed her title of Clan Mother of the Grandaxes. Primarily, her short secondary tenure's purpose was to help facilitate a proper election and place the second Clan Mother of the Grandaxes, Brynaelda Grandaxe, in power. With the clan in good hands, Dhaen began an expansion of the tavern to include the Hefrumm tavern and form partnerships with foreign taverns in addition. Shortly after, she assumed the title of Grand Merchant after the banishment of the previous Grand Merchant and former mentor, Uldraek Goldhand. During the Inferi invasions of Arcas, Grand-King Jorvin Starbreaker fell ill following the battle, rendering him bedbound. Dhaen stepped up as the first-ever Queen Regent while also overlooking the continual recovery of the Grand-King.

The exodus to Almaris brought back the return of Grand-King Jorvin and Dhaen resuming her role as Grand-Merchant. The exodus also found Dhaen contributing to preventing the spread of the foreign fungal disease that appeared in the final months of Kal'Evraal and taking charge of the evacuation order once the city fell through turning the tavern into an evacuation point for civilians to gather, preparing supplies to take on board, and personally leading multiple waves of dwarves out of the rubble. As Grand Merchant, Dhaen also spear-headed the rehoming operations needed for her people in the new city of Kal'Daraakan.

In the second year of the second age, Dhaen became one of the primary negotiators and representatives in the Iron Accord, the legendary alliance between Urguan, Norland, and Haenseti-Ruska. Through her work, she met and befriended the queens of both nations. The following year, Dhaen married her longtime partner both in work and love, Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker, ascending to the role of Grand Queen of Urguan.

In the following years, Dhaen consistently began to take on more work traditionally associated with that of kingship in a bid to help her nation. Ironically, she gained the moniker 'Sweet Queen Dhaen' through her work, due to her stern mentality and extreme work ethic. This transition culminated in her eventual retake of the role of Queen Regent to lead elections after Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker disappeared with their young son, Kazagrim Starbreaker. Devastated by the loss, she threw herself back into the work associated with Grand Merchant now under the new king, Grand King Norli Starbreaker before finally retiring to a minor position helping to lead a settlement by the port, known as Kal'Odla. Her fade from the public eye eventually found her escape from the nation altogether, now searching the world for her family with one of her long-time friends, the previous Lord Justiciar, Dwalin Irongut.


Like many Grandaxes, Dhaen sports the traditional ginger locks of her people. However, she is well known for her signature hairstyle which is done up in two oversized braided buns on either side of her head. Dhaen also has a few notable features that differentiate her. For instance, she is missing a thumb on her right hand. Another example is her accent being often harsher and more guttural in comparison to her brethren. Despite this, she has a deeper pitched voice that was once musically trained.


While she had a fiery temper when younger, her later years within the city of Kal’Evraal saw her display a more mature and subdued attitude. Dhaen is also fiercely protective of those she deems as family and is known to call upon Anbella in this regard. Following her rise to Grand-Merchant and subsequent time as Regent, Dhaen developed a very strict work ethic and preferred to present a colder front when not around her close friends and family.

One of the most unusual aspects of Dhaen Grandaxe is her status as a pacifist. Unlike all other Grandaxe leaders of the time, Dhaen never fought actively in any battles. While she did participate in a few skirmishes as a medic, she is widely held as one of the few pacifist dwarves to ever gain popularity in Urguan.


During her time in Urguan, Dhaen came to consider many dwarves as part of her family. The most well-known of these was Bryldryn Grandaxe, who eventually became a surrogate sister to Dhaen and Levian'Tol, who became a son to Dhaen. While Dhaen had many father figures in her life, notably Hekkaes Goldhand, Uldraek Goldhand, and Officer Grudgebeard, she was officially adopted by Ognar Grandaxe after the ascension of Norli Starbreaker to Grand King.

In addition, Dhaen was well known for having bad luck with romance, culminating in three failed engagements. All three of these engagements ended poorly. The first resulting in her fiancee going mad and disappearing,and the second causing a notable scandal when her intended fiancee defected to the Silver State. However, Dhaen’s final engagement to Ivär Goldhand is perhaps the most infamous of all, as it resulted in a city-wide court trial convicting Ivär of murder, leading to his public suicide in response. It is speculated that Dhaen Grandaxe had insulted Belka through her writings known as 'The Smallaxe Series', leading to all of her romances ending poorly.

Her most recent marriage to Jorvin Starbreaker, while famed for the extravagance of their courtship and subsequent wedding, ended with the disappearance of her young first-born son and Jorvin himself. Dhaen now spends her days searching for the both of them.


Dhaen left behind a legacy of peace and prosperity. Her reforms in the tavern and medical clinic brought the opportunity to many dwarves looking for work in the new city. Meanwhile, her ascension as Clan Mother brought a time of activity and bonding that Grandaxes hadn’t seen since the step down of Fimlin Grandaxe. Her community work for female dwarves paved the way for others like her to step into important roles within the nation and her work in government consistently pushed the welfare of the common dwarf above all.


Dhaen Grandaxe went under the moniker “The Odeweaver” to write the notorious dwarven series known as ‘The Smallaxe Series’.

Following one unfortunate instance where Dhaen was captured and mutilated by Ruswick bandits, she inadvertently created a conflict between Urguan and Ruswick that resulted in the extinction of Ruswick.

Dhaen has carried the following titles: The First Grandaxe Clan Mother, Medical Director, Iron Baron, Grand Merchant of Urguan, Councillor of Kal'Odla, Queen Regent, and Grand Queen.