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Denis de Bar (20th of Malin's Welcome, 1494 – 11th of Snow's Maiden, 1570), was a Savoyard statesman and political figure and the son of Adrian de Bar.

Though his Savoyard kin had signed the Treaty of Metz recognizing John I as Holy Orenian Emperor, Denis de Bar still held feelings of resentment towards the Crown, resulting in several instances of tension and disobedience, the Ashford blaming the Horen administration for the assassination of his mentor and uncle, the former Guy de Bar. The efforts and actions of Denis were divisive, his stubborn commitment somewhat inspiring to his loyal countrymen and nobles, but only causing frustration for the Emperor and his loyal noble body. He eventually grew venerable in his Peremont estate, unaffected by and indeed deliberately excluded from the shifting political landscape of the Empire. The Emperor at one stage endeavored to include him in government by appointing him to the position of High Magistrate and though while he accepted this position, he obstinately refused to fulfill any of its work and duties. Amused by his adversary's spite and rebellious attitude, John was heard to famously jest that 'it is not useless titles that make men useless, but useless men that make titles useless'. Despite the remarks of John I, Denis maintained the loyalty of his fellow Savoyards and his reformed retinue force, though at the price of scorn from the Imperial supporters.

His reputation was never particularly prodigious at court or anywhere in the country, and it plummeted especially after his presumed involvement in the Taxman's Conspiracy and failed funding of the anti-crown Jackal insurgents. His own colleague and ostensible ally, Augustus d'Amaury, was heard to describe him as 'the most inveterately incompetent man this side of the Vieran'. Once again, while despised by some, Denis served as one of the last figureheads and claimants of the House of Ashford, providing hope amidst the monarchical Ashford supporters. Denis de Bar fell to the blades of banditry, or to some, assassination, at the end of his life at the age of 76.

He was known to have four legitimate children - two daughters and two sons - Aurelia, Lucia, Richard and Guy. Aurelia would be wed to the Emperor's second son the Duke of Marna, Lucia would elope with Rhys Roke and Richard would perish without issue. Guy, however, would live on and continue Denis' patrilineal line.