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Iblees cursed the four fathers of the Descendant Races before he was banished to the Void.

Malin, I curse you with sterility, you and your kin shall forever lack the children they need. May your forest halls forever be silent, and your hearts heavy with sadness.

The Elves, though they live the longest lives, are highly infertile and have great struggles conceiving children.

Urguan, your greed and lust shall overcome you, you are not worthy of the height God gave you, your descendants shall be short, squalid and ugly. You will always seek to find Gold and Gems in the deep underground of the earth, your hunger never satisfied.

The Dwarves love mining for beautiful things, but they themselves will remain short and hairy in pursuit of a never-ending desire for more gold and riches.

Horen, you wish immortality? I will curse you with the opposite, early death for you and your kin. You shall age quickly and die before you experience the fruits of your useless labour.

The Humans make mighty cities and kingdoms, but their lives are shortened to only one hundred and fifty years so that they may not enjoy their power for long.

And you Krug, the most hated of The Descendants, you shall always have the lust of war. You are strong? Well the strength shall be used against your brothers, used to pillage and murder! Your lust for battle shall be unsatiated and your descendants shall grow ugly and heartless.

Orcs love a good battle, but their bloodlust is completely uncontrollable. They'll never stop fighting between themselves or outsiders, and can often be blinded by a desire to kill.