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This page is about the Crownlands of Axios. For the Crownlands of Vailor, see Duchy of Savoy (Vailor)

The Crownlands is the vast central region of the Holy Orenian Empire, containing the sprawling capital of Johannesburg and the immediate lands surrounding it, held in title by the Emperor himself and mostly lived on by burghers and retired soldiers. It contains the Barony of Ostwick, the meager holding of the Barony of Cantal, the fortress of Senntisten, and borders the Blackwald marshes to the southeast, the Archduchy of Lorraine to its east, and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska to the far northern borders.


First explored by the Imperial scouts in 1571, the Crownlands became the centre of the Holy Orenian Empire after the founding the Imperial capital, Johannesburg by Emperor John III.


The Crownlands encompasses three main regions, the first of which are the sprawling the green grass plains west of Johannesburg. The plains region is an bountiful fertile area teeming with animal life and rather unused. To the east of the capital lies the Ostwick Woods. Large oak trees that cover the landscape and streams cutting through the groves are commonplace. In between them both lies the jewel of the Empire Johannesburg. Johannesburg is the bustling trade hub and the capital city of the Empire. It is there that the Emperor of Oren resides within St Adrian's Palace. The city is also home to the Apostolic Palace, home of the High Pontiff of the Church Of Cannon. The Hippodrome is home to some of the greatest tournaments and games the Empire has ever seen. Outside the city dot the numerous farms and ranches that supply food for the Empire.

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