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Craftbook is a plugin that allows users to create Gates, Bridges, Safes and many other mechanics. They can be activated by redstone or by right-clicking signs.

Gates Craftbook will allow you to create gates that can be made from Wood fences, Iron bars, and stone slab blocks.

To make a gate you must first place what type of material you want the gate to be made out of along to top of where you wish to have the gate. Than you must place a sign such as this. The first line is the block ID of the gate material. This will auto fill if you leave it blank The second line tells Craftbook this is a gate. The last line is the amount of gate blocks stored if you have too little the gate will not shut fully, You must leave this blank to add blocks place them under the gate or click the right with the block.

Bridges Craftbook also allows you to create bridges and pitfall traps that can be made from most blocks To make a bridge you must have at least have a 1 x the size of your bridge. 2013-10-15_17.15.44.png 2013-10-15_17.15.35.png You must have a sign at both the start and end of your bridge. The block you want to use for your bridge also must be placed atop the sign, or on it. 2013-10-15_17.15.48.png Now unlike the gate the top line is the amount of block the bridge has store to use The second tells Craftbook this is a bridge.

Lifts Lifts allow travel vertically [Up and Down] without use of stairs. To correctly make a lift you need two signs placed at the same place, just on different Y coordinates. The sign that is on the higher Y plane needs to have Lift Down, while the sign on the lower plane has to have Lift Up.

2013-10-15_17.22.48.png 2013-10-15_17.22.52.png The top link is the name of the level you can set this or leave it The second line tells craftbook this is a lift up or down.

Doors Doors allow you to build both decorative, and hidden entrances. To make a Craftbook Door you need two signs place in the same spot at different heights with a wall of what block you wish to use Similiar to the lift the signs must have: "Door Up" on the bottom sign and "Door Down" at the top sign

2013-10-15_17.42.19.png 2013-10-15_17.41.56.png 2013-10-15_17.40.24.png The top line is the amount of blocks stored. the block above it is the bottem of the gate or the sign must be on the block (Sentence needs revising) The second line tells Craftbook that it is a door.

Hidden switches Hidden Switches can be used in coordination to with other Craftbook Mechanics to make some effects. To make it you need to place a sign with a lever or button one block away with redstone leading to what you wish to activate. 2013-10-15_18.03.49.png 2013-10-15_18.03.47.png 2013-10-15_18.03.41.png The only line you need to have is a [X] in the second row this tells Craftbook this is a hidden switch. When you right click the block you get a message and you hear a muffled click of a switch that activates your switch/lever

Pay stations Pay stations allow you to set up a pay sign that other players can click on and pay a certain player a certain amount of money 2013-10-15_18.20.12.png The second line tells Craftbook this is a pay sign. The second line is the amount that will be paid The last line is the name of the player you wish to be paid.