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|<span style="font-size:small;">'''Reign''': || <span style="font-size:small;"> 1762-1783
|<span style="font-size:small;">'''Reign''': || <span style="font-size:small;"> 1762-1783
|<span style="font-size:small;"> '''Coronation''': || <span style="font-size:small;"> ''Uncoronated''
|<span style="font-size:small;"> '''Coronation''': || <span style="font-size:small;"> ''Uncrowned''
|<span style="font-size:small;">'''Predecessor''': ||<span style="font-size:small;"> [[Lilith I]]  
|<span style="font-size:small;">'''Predecessor''': ||<span style="font-size:small;"> [[Lilith I]]  

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Corwin I
Corwin Alstreim.PNG
Corwin von Alstreim.
King of Sutica
Reign: 1762-1783
Coronation: Uncrowned
Predecessor: Lilith I
Successor: Georg I and Johanna I
Born: 11th of the Snow's Maiden, 1696
Alstreim Manor, Empire of Man, Atlas
Death: 18th of The Deep Cold, 1827
Sutica City, Commonwealth of Sutica
Spouse: Adelheid
(m. 1719)
House: Alstreim
Father: Siegfried von Alstreim
Mother: Lotte Walters
Military Service
Allegiance: Empire of Man.png Empire of Renatus
HouseOfCascadia.png Holy Orenian Empire (1722-1731)
Empire of Man.png Renatian Free Corps (1734-1758)
Sutica Arms.png Free State of Sutica (1760-1783)
Years of Service: 1717-1783
Rank: Supreme Commander of the Sutican Army
Awards:: Orderman of the Order of the Red Dragon
Dragon Knight of the Order of the Red Dragon
Knight of the Golden Spurs


Early Life and Childhood




Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1696-1720: Mister Corwin von Alstreim
  • 1720-1762: Sir Corwin von Alstreim
  • 1762-1783: His Royal Majesty, the King of Sutica and Atheran Salvus
  • 1821-Present: His Royal Highness, Prince Corwin of Sutica

Full title as King

His Royal Majesty, Corwin of the House of Alstreim, By the Grace of God, King of Sutica and in Atheran Salvus, Triumvir of the State, Sovereign Lord of the Whispering Isles, Lord of Alstreim and Blackwater, Renatian Knight of Alstreim and Waldenia, Blood-Raven of Lorraine, Pilgrim to Aesterwald