Confederation of Hammers

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The Confederation of Hammers
"Dwedmar of Azgaryum arise! Let us build the nation.."
Type: Confederation
Location: Southern Mountains of Atlas
Founders: Edel Silvervein, Grilthram Hammerforge, Grimrodd Hammerforge
Founded: 1645
First Disbandment: 1658
Second Disbandment: 1690
Capital: Azgaryum
Keeper: Norkai
Preceded by:

Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan

Succeeded by::

agnarum.png Kingdom of Agnarum

The Confederation of Hammers was the one of the established governments of the Dwarves in the Southern portion of the continent of Atlas. It was formed by Clans of Kaz'Ulrah that left the kingdom to seek a new life elsewhere; the Hammerforges and Silvervein in the year 1645 in Atlas, this brought about a series of raids from the dwarven kingdom to force the Confederation back to the fold. The Confederation stood for unity of all dwarven nations under a dwarven league.



The Confederation of hammers was founded by the Silvervein and Hammerforge Clans, in the idea of being an equal council of dwarves that could prevent a tyrant from gaining power. Due to their challenging of the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah's rule over the dwarves, Kaz'Ulrah attacked the capital, Azgaryum numerous times, though never successfully.

The Cottonwood clan, at the time under Boldrumir Cottonwood and Cyler Cottonwood, decided to join the Confederation as well, but at the start, they were rather aggressive. A short while after they lived in a camp nearby Azgaryum they became more co-operative, and formed the Cottonwood Village. Due to the Confederation of hammers, challenging Kaz'Ulrah's overlordship of the dwarves, they attacked the capital, Azgaryum numerous times, though never successfully. The threat increased, however, the Cottonwood Clan turned against the Confederation, after being bullied numerous times by the Silvervein Clan father, Edel Silvervein. The threat to the Confederation increased even more, when Kaz'Ulrah brought the Kingdom of Renatus-Marna to their side against the Confederation, and their human allies in Whitepeak also abandoned the Confederation for Renatus. This caused the Confederation of Hammers to collapse, with many such as the Silvervein clan abandoning it for Kaz'Ulrah. Some remained in the Confederation, though it faded out from dwarven politics.

During decades the halls of Azgaryum stood nearly empty, with only the Metalfist clan, the Cottonwood, and few other clanless dwarves living there.

The Dwarves that stayed forsook the name Silvervein and created their own clan; the Metalfists formed by Gimli Metalfist. Alongside the Metalfists were the forest dwarf clan of the Cottonwoods. Latter on the Stonemace Clan would also join the Confederation of Hammers. At its beginning-the year of 1665, this new era of the confederation was under the protectorate of Whitepeak. When Whitepeak joined Courland to create a nation big enough to face Renatus, the kingdom of Courland was willing to free the confederation from the protectorate, this worked for a time and multiple soldiers of the confederation died fighting in this human civil war. However, this changed when the King of Renatus and Marna offered the Confederation to stay neutral in the war and they would be free from any type of retaliation. The Council at the time was somewhat divided on the matter, however, the Keeper of the Confederation of hammers; Norkai, overruled the council vote to bring the Confederation out of the war.

Azgaryum, the capital of the Confederation of Hammers was destroyed in an attack by ratmen from the cavern depths. In retaliation the Dwarves of the Confederation, along with a force from Bogrin pushed into the caverns below and found a large cavern with a ruined city inside it. With Azgaryum gone, the Confederation chose the ruined city, named Kaz'ad Barakir as their new capital and announced a resurgent Confederation of Hammers. Because of this the Silvervein clan returned, along with many of the Starbreaker and Stormfist Clan.



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A prosperous clan of mountain and cave dwarves, with mainly being Mountain Dwarves. The Silverveins cover a wide range of professions and vocations. Ultimately they are known to be skilled miners and warriors. This clan is one of the founders of the Confederation of Hammers. They are known in the confederation for their vast numbers, building skills, and running most of the Confederation during its early days.


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The Cottonwood clan is a clan of forest dwarfs based in the Cottonwood Village where they farm and breed their animals supplying food to the Confederation of Hammers with these skills they tend to keep to themselves under the guidance of Bjor 'Sugartits' Cottonwood clan chief, and the voice of the Forest Dwarf in the area.

The religion in which the Cottonwoods of the Confederation is mainly The Brathmordakin and are widely known to worship the Hearth Mother, Anbella.


The Stonemace Clan was founded by Throri 'Warmheart' Stonemace, formerly Frostbeard, after he left the Frostbeards when they declared Independence from the Grand Kingdom. The Stonemace's would pledge themselves to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and would stay with them for an eternity unlike their Frostbeard brothers.

Anthem of the Confederation

The Golden March

Written by: Norkai "Of the High Tower"

Let us shout aloud our motto That nothing can tarnish.

Dwedmar of Azgaryum arise! Let us build the nation.

At the scale of liberty, Let us renew the solidarity Of the Nations in fraternity.

Azgaryum, praise to thee!

Golden scale of hope and honour To all who thirst for liberty.

Listen also to our prayers, Yemmekar bless us, we are the family of it.

Blessed be this noble land, Gift to us from Urguan's strong hand, Heritage our fathers left to us.

May Yemmekar always help us; Let us always have the firm resolve To love our fatherland, Love our religion and the world.

O Brathmorakins of all creation Bless this our land and nation Justice be our shield and defender May we dwell in unity Peace and liberty Plenty be found within our borders.