Clan Sutherland

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Clan Sutherland
Clann Sutharlainn
Banner of Clan Sutherland
Progenitor: Martainn Sutharlainn
Baronet of Sutherland (Clan Chieftain): Dùghlas MacDhaibhidh Sutharlainn
Baronette of Dunbar (Heir Apparent): Ailis NicDhùghlas Sutharlainn
Baroness of Helmsdale: Marta Sutharlainn
Iarla of Rathonia: Dùghlas MacDhaibhidh Sutharlainn
Ethnicity: Highlander
House Motto: "Moiteil agus Dòiche"
Religion: Agnethe Folk
Based in:

The United Provinces of Dùnrath

The Clan Sutherland (Òraid a Tuath: Clann Suthar), also known as the Suther Clan, is a Agnethe Clan which is ethnically Agnethe Highlanders. The Clan Sutherland is formed hundreds of years ago in the region of Dunbar and Sutherland. However, as there is no information available prior due to the lack of writings about the Clan, the oldest clan chief we know today is Martainn Sutharlainn as prior to that, there is no writings invented for the language. The current clan chief of the Clan Sutherland is Dùghlas Sutharlainn (Douglas Sutherland). The Clan Sutherland Held different titles throughout their clan history. Their former titles include: The Baronet of Dunbar, The Baronet of Sutherland and the Baron of Helmsdale. However due to the change in politics and other reasons, the current titles the Clan Sutherland hold are: The Jarl of Dùnrath and the Chairman of the Sutherland Corporation.




The Suther Clan are native inhabitants to Mòrantìr, also known as Almaris or Nyrhelm in various levels. Clan Sutherland are the natives of a region north of current day Norland called Dunbar (Barton) and Sutherland, where the Clan was based until the Grand Avalanche on year 14 of the Second Age. Clan Sutherland then first moved to Sutica, specifically the Barony of Rhein until the dissolution of Sutica and the end of the Southern Civil War. Clan Sutherland then moved to the Yong Ping for a few years before moving into the Kingdom of Norland in 42 SA, and setting up the Barony of Dùnarth.

  • 12 S.A. - Foundation of the Sutherland Trading Company, with its head office in Elysium, at the time a part of the Kingdom of Norland
  • 14 S.A. - The Great Avalanche, Destruction of the Region (Baronet) of Sutherland
  • 16 S.A. - Moving the Sutherland Trading Company's Headquarters to the Barony of Rhein, Sutica.
  • 17 S.A. - First Overseas Trading Office set up in Talon's Port.
  • 25 S.A. - Headquarters of the STC moved to Haelun'or.
  • 32 S.A. - Redclyf incident, half of the Clan Sutherland population was killed.
  • 32 S.A. - Creation of the Sutherland Corporation (SC)
  • 39 S.A. - Disinvestment in the Barony of Rhein due to the fall of Sutica.
  • 40 S.A. - Headquarters of the Sutherland Corporation moved to Yong Ping.
  • 42 S.A. - Creation of the Barony of Dùnrath, Headquarters of the Sutherland Corporation moved to Dùnrath.
  • 57 S.A. - Death of Daibhidh Sutharlainn. Dùghlas Sutharlainn became the leader of the United Clans of Barr and Suther
  • 58 S.A. - Sìonag Sutharlainn takes over the Sutherland Corporation.
  • 70 S.A. - Proclamation of The United Provinces of Dùnrath.

Notable Family Members

  • Martainn Sutharlainn, founder of the Clan of Sutherland
  • Filib Sutharlainn, founder of the Sutherland Distillery
  • Daibhidh Sutharlainn, founder of the Sutherland Trading Company and the Sutherland Corporation, First Jarl of the Jarldom of Dùnrath
  • Catroìna Sutharlainn, co-founder of the Sutherland Trading Company, the inventor of Agnethe Lager Beer
  • Dùghlas Sutharlainn, second Jarl of the Jarldom of Dùnrath, and the Current Grand Governor of the United Provinces of Dùnrath
  • Sìonag Sutharlainn, Chairwoman of the Sutherland Corporation
  • Ailis Sutharlainn, Current Heir Apparent of Clan Sutherland


In Agnethe Clans, the title holder can set up a testament stating who they want the next Clan Chief of the Clan to be. The gender of the Clan Chieftain does not matter.

Notable Remaining Titles

Jarl of Dùnrath
Baron of Helmsdale [Occupied]
Baronet of Sutherland [Occupied]
Baronet of Dunbar (Baronet of Barton) [Occupied]
Protector of the Agnethe Highlanders