Clan O'Hara

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Clan O'Hara
Loyalty, Honesty, Bravery
O'Hara Emblem.png
O'Hara Coat of Arms
Nation: Kingdom of Norland
Religion: Red Faith
Current Chieftain: Eleonore O'Hara
Progenitor: Loki O'Hara
Ethnicity: Norlandic
House Motto: Loyalty, Honesty, Bravery
Titles: King of Athalia
Burgrave of the Aedellands
Heisir of Ironguard
Cadet Branches: House of O'Hara

Clan O'Hara (Common: O'Hara; Old Norlandic: O'Rah), is the currently a large and influential clan in Kingdom of Norland. Before Clan O'Hara fell under the Red and Black Banner of the Kingdom of Norland they were a loyal noble house in the Empire of Man leading numerous hunts for rouge magic users and dark mages. As the ruling family of the Empire of Man, the House of Horen, grew more and more corrupt in the eyes of the O'Haras those nobles of the house had begun plotting against the Imperial Family. This would lead to the first downfall of the House of O'Hara, seeing their people banished and hunted by Renatians.


The foundation of the O'Hara Clan starts with Francis O'Hara who grew to prominence in the Empire of Man and earned his family a noble title and land.


The O'Hara Clan on Arcas was in a tumultuous place, rising and falling as rulers and nobles in many different lands, before eventually gaining Clanned status in the Kingdom of Norland.

The Kingdom of Athalia King Nolan O’Hara was the first and only King of Athalia, forming the Kingdom in the great Korvassian Desert. The Kingdom was a short-lived mixed Elven and Human domain which held the natural terrain of the desert and plains surrounding the land. The Kingdom of Athalia made attempts to create a great magical order of mages however the Kingdom, so disconnected from the rest of the continent, would suffer from drought and a lack of trade from the mainland nations of Arcas. The Kingdom would soon be abandoned and left to the nature around it which overtook the manmade structures and sat empty in the deep Southern desert.

The Conclave After the fall of the Kingdom of Athalia, Nolan O'Hara focused his pursuits on his own and other's magical abilities in the Trade Kingdom of Sutica. The Sutican government granted the O'Haras an old Druidic cave system behind their city to the O'Haras to run their Magic School. The O'Haras and their students would expand in Sutica, learning of and documenting the world around them as well as taking direct action against the Voidal Tears and the horrors which seeped from them. After the deaths of Nolan O'Hara and his niece Victoria O'Hara, the family would grow distant, but they would remain within Sutica. Eventually a rival family, the Blair family, begun a feud with the O'Haras after they suspected a Blain family grave was tampered with by the O'Haras. Eventually, the O'Haras would be run out of Sutica by the Blair family.

The Kingdom of Courland A group of O'Haras lead by Victoria 'the Mage' O'Hara left for the Kingdom of Courland, quickly gaining noble status in the Kingdom with Catherine O'Hara being made Queen of Courland after marrying King Tobias III Staunton. Catherine would announce that her House is officially disbanded however her announcement would come after Loki O'Hara established the O'Hara as a Clan in the Kingdom of Norland.

The Kingdom of Norland



The O'Hara Clan on Nyrheim, also known as Almaris,