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Chadmyr I Edvardsson
Art by:
Family: House of Ruric
Father: Aeyn Edvardsson Ruric

Chadmyr was a Keeper of the Red Faith, once Regent of Norland and later Hand of the King. Having done much to ensure the survival of the Norlandic people he is remembered fondly by many.


Born in Darrowmere, Chadmyr was one of two sons of Aeyn Ruric, along with his brother Bradmyr. Both brothers enjoyed disrespecting Orenians and Curonians and the like during their childhood years. Eventually Chadmyr's brother Bradmyr stopped returning to Darrowmere. Chadmyr assisted Keeper Tyr Faretto and several other Norlanders in clearing out a dark forest of undead and cult worshippers while still only twelve years old, though he had developed impressive skill with a crossbow by this point. Both he and Tyr Faretto took out many enemy combatants during the chaos before escaping with ancient blades.

By the time Chadmyr was twenty the town of Pinemarch had been abandoned, and the Norlandic people lived within Morsgrad. Chadmyr had made way into a military career and rose to the rank of Captain in the Royal Norlandic Army before the beginning of the AIS wars. Around this time Chadmyr was also anointed as a Keeper of the Flame under High Keeper Solvi. For his deeds up to this point, when Godric fell ill Chadmyr was appointed regent until Caedric I Ruric was of age to lead. Chadmyr led the nation for some ten years, into his fourties, keeping the Norlandic realm together through a number of difficulties. Due to a decline in population and the lack of Godrics return to health, the military forces of Norland were in ruin, with a number of allies dropping out of the AIS war one by one. This eventually forced Chadmyr to sign a generally amenable peace deal that did not cost the Norlandic realm much. When Caedric I became of age Chadmyr's duty was done and he stepped down from his leadership positions for quite some time, finally able to go on pilgrimages for the Red Faith. Only rarely did he show up in Morsgrad during his latter years. Most of the time his appearances were just to speak of the Red Faith or to provide further assistance to his nation when it had retaken the mantle of the Kingdom of Norland.

Chadmyr focused heavily on the Red Faith and was the one who had coined a different thought process known as the cookie faith, where the Red Faith was not just the brutal religion as everyone saw it as, but as a religion that spread kindness and betterment to individuals while retaining anti-undead and anti-mage sentiment. Some fourty-five years after he stepped down as Regent he was made Hand of the King under Halvar I Edvardsson, a role involving a wide array of responsibilities, and retaining his position as one of the most powerful people in the Kingdom.

Chadmyr's death at the age of over ninety years old was during a Svensday celebration in Varhelm. The Keeper's aging heart could not keep up with his active participation, and he fell to the ground dead amidst the partying. A funeral for Chadmyr was promptly held in the Varhelm square for the old Keeper.


Chadmyr had cold steel-blue eyes and black hair that greyed as he aged, traits that are often found among the Ruric and Edvardsson families.


Chadmyr was a gruff Norlander in many ways, but was thoughtful and kind when the need arose. He was not one to rule with a heavy hand under his Regency, but he did make stern decisions when the situation demanded it. Later in life during his role as Hand, Chadmyr was simply trying to get through as much work as possible and was often blunt with the information he had to give to others.


Due to some early mishaps in romance, Chadmyr decided to abstain from proper relationships until his dying day. At some point in his life Chadmyr had a son with a barmaid who was named Brotyr, though it seems Chadmyr was unaware of him. Brotyr in his own time also had a son by the name of Dramyr.


Chadmyr will likely be remembered for his time as regent for young Caedric Edvardsson and his position as Hand of the King later in life.


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