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Ceru was a High Elven sister city to Haelun'or in Asulon. It is most known for being the location that Ellir’siol left to with her supporters during the Haelun’or Schism. Interestingly, the settlement later became the keep of the Order of the White Rose.


Many citizens of Haelun’or left to Ceru after Nelecar, Okarir’sil of Haelun’or, abused his powers and angered citizens with excessive punishments for small crimes. Ellir’siol, a fellow council member, opposed Nelecar’s actions. After a compromise could not be reached, Ellir’siol led a majority of Haelun’or’s citizens to Ceru.

A quote from The Haelun’or Schism Volume II by Lucion Sullas:

”Piling upon boats, [Ellir’siol’s supporters] left the Emerald Isle to the town of Ceru-- a cliffside village and quasi-colony that bordered the Kingdom of Renatus. Here, they settled for a time, and waited.”

After existing for a few years, the village’s inhabitants returned to Haelun’or due to a request by Dio, the first Maheral of Haelun’or. The citizens complied with this request, glad to return due to bad leadership by Ellir’siol.


The village was located next to the human Kingdom of Renatus on a cliffside.

Notable Figures

  • Distuth, a wood elf, was the most prominent leader of Ceru.
  • Larien Alfakyns, who was a member of the leadership in Ceru.
  • Kolyat Alfakyns, who aided his wife Larien and later became an influential high elf.
  • Ellir’siol, Okarir’leyun who started the movement to Ceru.
  • Nelecar, Okarir’sil whose policies prompted the desertion from Haelun’or.


The citizens of Ceru were composed of all subraces of elves, contrary to that of Haelun’or. Similar to that of High Elven society today, everybody shared in the wealth of the society.


The city is mentioned in the book series The Haelun’or Schism, specifically the second volume , which can still be found in the Eternal Library of Haelun’or today.

Random Tidbits

  • The Drake Slayer, Seth Calith, was the first citizen to move to the settlement and secretly aided Ellir'siol.
  • Nelecar knew of Ceru’s location but did nothing to oppose its existence.
  • Interestingly, the settlement later became the keep of the Order of the White Rose.