Caras Eldar

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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

City of Caras Eldar
The Jewel of Elvendom
The Loftywoods
Coat of Arms
Nicknames: Jewel of Elvendom
Country: Kingdom of Gladewynn
Founded: 14th of the First Seed, 1646
King: Kairn Ithelanen
Governing Body: The Monarchy
Population: 165,890
Language(s): Common, Elvish

Once the capital of the Dominion of Malin, and later the Capital of the Lorddom of Laurelin, Caras Eldar was situated on the north-west shores of Atlas in the Loftywoods. The city was the longstanding capital of the Dominion and it was completed in 1646, the project was headed by the architect Titania Hawksong. It was populated largely by elves, though many allied Humans and Dwarves had come to call the metropolitan city home over the years as well. The city's local municpal government, headed by Lord Artanis Sa'Roir Aureon, presided over the remnants of the Woodland Realm. There were once three districts: Irrinor, Velunor, and Valleinor, which blended within the high walls and beneath the shade of great leafy boughs in the sky above. It was also once the home of several great architectural achievements including the great Court of Valleinor and Greyharbour, which was at one point one of the largest seaports in the civilized world.



After the departure from the Isles of Axios in 1640, the joint armadas of the Elven fleet sailed west under a united banner, landing upon the north-west coast of the Continent of Atlas in 1641, after a year of travel. Plans by Princess Titania Hawksong were used in the construction of the city, and it was subdivided into three distinct districts. In quintessentially Elven fashion the walls were constructed in fusion with the existing forest, and most housing was raised among the branches of the elder trees.

The First Redshore Incursion

In 1648, only a few years after the ceremonial laying of the plaque upon the fountain, the capital of Elvendom was first assaulted by two great beasts, born of the briny deeps of the North Sea. Coming upon the city with great carnage, the draconid Droquar, as they came to be known, laid great waste to the seaward fortifications of Greyharbour, but were repelled by a large echelon of Virarim and a smaller force of Dwarven allies and artillery from Az'Adar. The conflict marked the first official use of Rune Cannonades by the Elven Nation, and introduced the menace of the great beasts to the Continent of Atlas.

Annexation by Gladewynn

After the victory of the Siege of San'Kala in the Third Atlas Coalition War, the Queen Awaiti Aureon vassalized the Dominion of Malin under the Kingdom of Gladewynn to reunite the two juxtaposed forces of Elvenesse. Thusly, King Kairn Ithelanen was reanointed the King of the Elves, and Gladewynn became the official nation of the Alderfolk, or Wood Elves.


Caras Eldar was located in the northwestern corner of Atlas, in the broad forested lands which extended between the mountains and the sea. Due to a nearby area of mild volcanic activity, the soil was quite rich, with the farms and orchards which flank the capital's southern walls being known for their particularly fruitful and well-provisioned harvest. Caras Eldar's northern harbor opened to the great North Sea, protected from its perennial fury by two immense stone sea-walls which girded the seaward side. To the direct south-east of the city stood a mysterious spire capped with a curious pillared structure of silver stone, though none as yet have been able to discern its purpose.

Notable Figures

  • Former High Prince Belestram Sylvaeri (_Fid_)
  • Former High Princess Awaiti Aureon (GaiaLoTC)
  • Former High Prince Loriens Silma (Loriens)
  • Former Prince Khaine Csarathaire (iMattyz)
  • Oracle Artimec Caerme'onn (iLeoyz)
  • Former Lady of Valleinor and Architect Titania Hawksong (Twilightwolf)
  • Queen Renn Calithil (Murlocs)
  • Praetor Arwenia Silma (Punisher8817)
  • Aedile Aerith Oranor (Riftblade)
  • Admiral Awaiti Aureon (GaiaLoTC)
  • Lord Treasurer Calius Terin (ShadowedOblivion)
  • Lord of Velunor Zaniil Isilioleth (Smawton)
  • Lord of Irrinor Kairn Ithelanen (HeathensHammer)
  • Lady/Archdruid of the Mother Grove Nivndil Duskhollow (Nivndil)


See Government of the Dominion of Malin.

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