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circle info req sam.png This page contains outdated information, and so it shouldn't be used as a direct source of information because there may be faults and wrong information on this page.

With this plugin, you may once more store your books in bookshelves. Feel free to click the side of a bookshelf and store paper, books, written books, and maps, the plugin is completely automated. Bookshelves may be locked by placing a sign on them and locking it with LWC.


Now you have the ability to store unwritten maps, paper, unwritten books, books and quill, and written books in your Bookshelves. You can now lock a bookshelf with a standard, LWC-locked sign. People that do not have access to your locked bookshelf will peruse a read-only version, which allows them to read the book in text format, but never take them out.


/signbook [author] – allows you to sign a book with a name different than your original to prevent metagaming. (currently not working, 24/02/2014)

- §k - creates randomly changing characters.

- §l - creates bold text.

- §m - creates text with a strikethrough.

- §n - creates underlined text.

- §o - creates italic text.

- §0 > f (hexadecimal) - creates colored text.

- §r - resets any of the previous styles so text after it appears normally.