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circle info req sam.png This page contains outdated information, and so it shouldn't be used as a direct source of information because there may be faults and wrong information on this page.

+Health Bars → with the command listed above, players are able to see the health of other players.
+Status → status icons and messages that display below you mc-name have been implemented to further assist you in roleplay. Players will be able to get an idea of what you are doing—all at first glance!
+VIP Perk → depending on your VIP rank, your nametag will display in a different color to those around you.
+Status bars

/showhealth → show’s the health below player name-tags. Useful feature for battle!
/status [status/help] → allows you to update your status icon, which appears below your name.
/tagcolor → use this feature to update the color on your IG nametag if you are a VIP!