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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

City of Belvitz
Capital City
The Coat of Arms of the House of Sarkoz
Nicknames: The Free City
Country: Duchy of Adria
Founded: 6th of the Great Harvest, 1647
Languages: Common, Raevir
Government: Municipal Charter
Maer: Arthur Blaze
Population: 24,000

Belvitz (High Imperial: Belvitia, Raev: Belvic, Illatian: Bélviz) was the capital and most populous city of the Duchy of Adria and previously served as the capital of both the Duchy of Blackmarsh and the Republic of Vrakai. The city lay upon the estuary of the Baltas River, whose fertile banks drew in a variety of settlers who bound together to establish the city. It’s fertile soils, temperate climate, and central location in the midst of one of Atlas’ busiest trade routes allowed it to flourish.


Founding of the Republic

A number of various settler groups arrived within the region now designated as the Whispering Crossroads in a bid to settle the region. Amongst the first to arrive were elven settlers, whose names and settlement were quickly wiped out by the Black Reiter Company. A group of human settlers would establish a settlement which would grow into the City of Belvitz was headed by Reginald d'Amaury who employed the protection of the Black Reiter Company to claim dominion over the crossroads. He granted the Black Reiter Company a castle, now known as Vrakai Castle to hold in perpetuity in exchange for protection. Rumor has it that Vrakai Castle was built on the smoldering ruins of the Elven settlement. The leaders among this community were of Amaury and Montfort blood though neither claimed their noble right. The city’s wealth and size grew as a trading hub, and thus the city held a sizable population of craftsman and merchants. The Republic of Vrakai was proclaimed, though it did not last long. Due to increasing external pressure from brigands and neighboring nations trying to lay claim to the fledgling nation the Republic of Vrakai fell into a period of Anarchy. The Black Reiter Company did not have the manpower nor the resources to fight back against state-sponsored bandits and trade was adversely affected. The lack of trade caused the city coffers to run dry and a number of the city’s inhabitants to flee as refugees to neighboring nations.

The Blackmarsh

The Blackmarsh A Renatian lordling, Adelard von Brandt claimed the derelict city as his seat and claimed the surrounding lands for the Kingdom of Renatus. On the 17th of Snow’s Maiden, 1656 he was given Royal Letters for the Duchy of Blackmarsh which gave him the legitimacy to lord over the remainder of the denizens. The Duke Brandt brought with him a small band of settlers in an attempt to breathe life back into the city and establish Belvitz as the major trading hub it once was. However, he was not able to tame the wild basin and while the city survived it did not thrive. The Duke failed to sustain a meaningful population which would lead to his downfall. A common jest relating to the Duchy of Blackmarsh is that the Duke’s reign turned Belvitz into a black bog which was not suitable for habitation.

Adrian Conquest

John Sarkozic, a scion of the fourth and final Duke of Adria amassed a host for two years prior to its use in taking the City of Belvtiz from the Duke Brandt. In this time, various descendants of the survivors of the Dukes' War swore fealty to him. On top of this, the Houses Vladov and Ivanovich allied alongside him in a bid to recreate the entity of the past known as Adrian League. John Sarkozic found the City of Belvitz as a suitable place for a seat and made it his ambition to claim it. He swore to the King of Renatus in exchange for his blessing in taking the city. With a legal claim to the City of Belvitz through the Sarkozic’s distant Montfort relatives, John Sarkozic made his move. Upon hearing that a much larger force was marching of the City of Belvtiz, the Duke Brandt fled the city and went into exile, allowing John Sarkozic to win a bloodless victory. John Sarkozic was voted as Duke of Adria unanimously by the Carrion princlings, Maxim Vladov and Laszlo Ivanovich.


The City of Belvitz was located in the center of Atlas, within a region that the Renatians dubbed the Midlands. It sat upon the Whispering Crossroads and the Baltas River, which connected nearly all major nations of Atlas to one another.

Notable Figures of Belvitz

Republic of Vrakai

  • Reginald d'Amaury, Praeceptor of Vrakai
  • Ludovico di Monteforte, First Consul
  • Louys de Bruyne, Second Consul
  • Antonio di Monteforte, Third Consul

Duchy of Blackmarsh

  • Adelard von Brandt, Duke of Blackmarsh

Duchy of Adria

  • Ratibor Sarkozic, Duke of Adria
  • Alaric Vladovic, Chancellor of Adria
  • Crann Saili, Commander of the Belvitz Brigade
  • Barnabas Basarab, First Maer of Belvitz
  • Maya Vladov, Second Maer of Belvitz
  • Darius Ault, Third (?) Maer of Belvitz
  • Padrick O'Rourke, Fourth Maer of Belvitz
  • Bruce Roger, Fifth Maer of Belvitz
  • Arthur Blaze, Sixth Maer of Belvitz
  • John Hugh Sarkozic, First Prefect of Belvitz
  • Antanios Rutledge, Second and Third Prefect of Belvitz
  • Rivaini Othan Semaili Rutledge, Fourth (Final) Prefect of Belvitz