Battle of The Forkwoods

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Battle of The Forkwoods
Part of the Atlas Coalition War


Date: 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1661
Place: The Forkwoods, Norland
Result: Northern Atlas Alliance victory
Northern Atlas Alliance:
renatus.png Crown of Renatus-Marna
Kaz'Ulrah.png Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rexdom of Krugmar
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Principality of Curon
Santegia Greater Arms.png Kingdom of Santegia
DominionSeal.png Dominion of Malin
United Southern Alliance:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
Haense Arms.png Kingdom of Haense
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Silver State of Haelun'or
Reiver Crest.png Reivers
renatus.png Aurelius I
renatus.png Prince Antonius
Kaz'Ulrah.png High King Garrond
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Linette I
Santegia Greater Arms.png Achilius I
DominionSeal.png Belestram Sylvaeri
DominionSeal.png Kairn Calithil
norland.png Godden I
Haense Arms.png Karl II
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Cenwall Maeyr’onn
Reiver Crest.png Wydren Volaren
~18,000 infantry
~5,000 archers
~1,800 men-at-arms
~7,000 infantry
~2,000 archers
~2,000 dead or wounded~5,000 dead or wounded

The Battle of the Forkwoods was a battle fought between the forces of the Northern Atlas Alliance and the United Southern Alliance during the war known as the Atlas Coalition War. This battle marked a clear tipping point between the Northern Atlas Alliance and the United Southern Alliance, with the Northern Atlas Alliance later laying siege to the Kingdom of Norland's capital of Ruriksgrad.


The Northern Atlas Alliance's, also known as the N.A.A for short, victory at the Battle of The Rolling Hills had paved its way for the Northern Atlas Alliance's advance further into Norland territory and later leading to the Battle of the Forkwoods itself.




With the Battle of the Forkwoods won the Principality of Curon would break the pact while the preparations for the siege on Norland was beginning, the alliance would then sought out to deal with the Curonic people for breaking the pact. A vassal of Renatus, Count Eimar, before being stopped on the march towards Ruriksgurd by the Lord Marshal Antonius Horen to set up a camp to deal with the Curonic people for their traitorous actions. Thusly leading to the Storming of Cyrilsburg before the Siege of Ruriksgrad.