Battle of Peter's Bridge

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The Battle of Peter's Bridge
Part of the Tenth Nordling War


Date: 7th of Grand Harvest, 23 S.A.
Place: Holy Orenian Empire, Providence
Result: Minor Imperial Victory
Holy Orenian Empire & Allies:
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
metinancompany.png Metinan Company
Kingdom of Norland & Allies:
ferrymen.png The Ferrymen
OrenianFlag.png Captain Robert Galbraith
metinancompany.png Lukas Castile, The Domini of Luciensburg
Empire of Man.png Antonyus Horen
ferrymen.png Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen
~600 Infantry ~300 Infantry
~100 Dead or Wounded ~300 Dead or Wounded

On the 7th of Grand Harvest, 23 S.A., an Imperial State Army six-hundred strong patrol was interrupted by three-hundred Ferrymen on Peter's Bridge located right outside of Providence. The two parties engaged with the Imperial State Army being led by Antonyus Horen and Lukas Castile, The Domini of Luciensburg, while the Ferrymen were led by Ferryman Captain Banjo.


During the early morning of 7th of Grand Harvest, 23 S.A., a 3rd Brigade exercise was moving down towards the Providence Bridge led by Officers Captain Robert Archibald Galbraith and Lieutenant Oliver Crowly. This training exercise was cut short not long after by word from Lukas Castile and Antonyus Horen detailing a Ferrymen force incoming. Moments later a force of 300 Ferrymen confronted the combined force of 3rd Brigadiers and their allies. Captain Robert Archibald Galbraith handed operational control over to Lukas Castille and shortly afterward the two forces engaged.


After the confrontation on the Providence side of the bridge, the Ferrymen force strategically withdrew over the bridge skirmishing as they went. Possibly drawing the Orenian Force onto it so that it would prevent them from enveloping the Ferryman force. Overall the battle on the bridge consisted of charges and counter-charges by each side until the Ferryman force was routed and a chase ensued where all Ferryman combatants were killed or wounded.


Upon the conclusion of the skirmish, the Ferrymen had lost all three-hundred of their soldiers with the Imperial State Army taking approximately one hundred casualties, marking this is a victory for the Holy Orenian Empire. Afterward, the Orenian forces returned to Providence and finished their patrol.