Battle of Nueva Tierra

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Battle of Nueva Tierra
Part of the Skanarri War


Date: 5th of Malin's Welcome, 29 S.A.
Place: Nueva Tierra, Kingdom of Norland
Result: Skanarri Victory
  • Nueva Tierra seized
  • Hali and Emerald Kvitravn captured
Kingdom of Norland:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
United Skanarri Tribes:
Skanarri.jpg The Skanarri
norland.png Emerald Kvitravn, Chieftain of Clan Kvitravn
norland.png Hali Kvitravn, Head of the Kvitravn Bannermen
Skanarri.jpg Argos, High Cheiftain of the Skanarri
Skanarri.jpg Callum "The Rude"
~300 Infantry ~1,400 Infantry
~200 Dead or Wounded ~200 Dead or Wounded

the Battle of Nueva Tierra was the second engagement of the Skanarri War between bannermen of Clan Kvitravn and a vanguard force of Skanarri warriors. The battle led to the capture of Hali Kvitravn and Emerald Kvitravn, and also directly led to the Battle of Elysium. It was the first Skanarri victory and served as a morale booster for the ranks of the Skanarri.


After hearing of increased raids from the North of the Kingdom of Norland, Hali Kvitravn assembled a small group of clan bannermen to travel with him to scout out the abandoned village of Nueva Tierra. He was accompanied by the Clan Chieftess and his adopted daughter, Emerald Kvitravn. Wanting to ensure the village didn't fall into enemy hands, the force of bannermen moved out and marched north of Varhelm. The Kvitravns were unaware that the Skanarri tribesmen had already sent a vanguard of 1,400 to take control of the village, and that they were ultimately walking into a trap.

The Battle



Immediately following the surrender of the surviving Kvitravn Bannermen, the commanders of the Kvitravn warband were taken captive and the Skanarri began to make plans to ransom them for 'The Blind Priestess', who had previously been captured by the Norlanders during the Battle of Ironguard. The tribesmen soon took their Prisoners and marched to Elysium where they had believed they could trade back the Priestess in exchange for the return of Hali and Emerald.