Battle of Leuven

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Battle of Leuven
Part of the War of Two Emperors

Battle of Leuven.jpeg

Date: 1716
Place: Leuven, Haense
Result: Renatian victory
Empire of Man.png Empire of Renatus
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rexdom of Krugmar
StauntonCoatOfArms.png Duchy of Courland
reiter.png Reiter Mercenaries
marna2.png Holy Orenian Empire
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
PrinceofVesCOA.png Republic of Ves
leuvencoatofarms.png County of Leuven
Reiver Crest.png Reiver Mercenaries
Empire of Man.png Donald Dabber
norland.png King Alvar I
KRUGMARFLAG.png Burbur'Lur
StauntonCoatOfArms.png Duke of Courland
marna2.png Arthur de Falstaff
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png King Marius II
PrinceofVesCOA.png Alfred Myre
leuvencoatofarms.png Count of Leuven
~6,000 infantry
~2,300 cavalry
~5,000 infantry
~1,400 cavalry
~1,300 dead or wounded~6,200 dead or wounded

The Battle of Leuven was a large scale skirmish between the Empire of Renatus and the Holy Orenian Empire, although no land was aquired, it could notably be seen as a great morale booster for the Renatian sides, while being a devisating loss for the Holy Orenian Empire.


After the victory at the Battle of the Rivers, the Renatians continued their campagin deep into the Orenian Heartlands of Haense and Ves, where a great amount of villages would be pillaged and sacked. As the armies mad way back to the Crownlands for resupply, they were quickly confronted by a large Orenian rally, consisting largely of peasents from neighboring villages.


The battle initiated with either side positioned at opposite ends of the bridge from Leuven. There was no hesitant pause as arrows rained from the sky piercing men from either side with no remorse. Neither side dare push across the bridge which acted as a tactical choke-point; Such would ultimately result in one’s demise.

A reiver brigand rode around the river crossing with the intent of flanking the Renatian Army; One may have deemed this as a proficient course of action, though as the Imperium’s commanders had foreseen such a tactic being employed, their own cavalry was positioned on the flank awaiting the Reiver Cavalry, only to be surprised by a Reiver charge emerging over the hill, dealing a great blow to the Renatian cavalry. Upon hearing this news The Renatian commanders would order a branch of the infantry to charge the Reivers, resulting in many Reiver deaths and an overall retreat by the Reiver mercenaries

The already frightened men of Marna heard the screams of dying Reivers and naturally backed retreated from the bridge and into the confines of the Leuvenite tavern. This was all that was needed for the Imperium to pounce; King Alvar gave the command to charge, sending the Renatian, Norlandic, and Orcish infantry over the bridge and into the Orenian ranks, quickly routing the forces of Oren, the Norlandic cavalry would run the fleeing Orenians down, only a mere few escaping the fight.


The Battle of Leuven proved Renatian superior military might, having greatly cut Orenias numbers in half since the inital Battle of Upper Rodenburg, the Renatians, Norlanders, and Orcs would return to their perspective capitals, awaiting the next call for invasion or attack.