Battle of Curon

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Battle of Curon
Part of the Northern Campaign
Siege of Vasililand, 1604
Date: 1603-04
Location: Vasililand, Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Result: Courlander Victory
Preceded by: Battle of Elba
Followed by: Capitulation of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Kingdom of Courland
Kingdom of Courland
Duchy of Savinia
Dwarven Mercenaries
Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska:
Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Duchy of Carnatia
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Courland:
Tobias the Conqueror
[[Sven Staunton|Lord Chancellor Sven Staunton
Duke Abdes de Savin
Marshal Edmund Torryn
Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska:
Marius Barbanov
Duke Sergei II Kovachev
Kingdom of Courland:
13,000 Courlandic Infantry, 4,000 Dwarven Mercenaries, 5,000 Courlandic Cavalry
Kingdom of Hanseti Ruska
7,000 Hansetic Infantry
Kingdom of Courland:
~600 dead
Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Allies:
3,000 dead, 4,000 captured

The Battle of Curon or the Siege of Vasililand was a four month long siege during the Northern Campaign of the Vanir fortress of Serpenstone by the Courlandic forces of Tobias the Conqueror and his generals Lord Chancellor Sven Staunton and Marshal Edmund Torryn. The fortress was the home of the House of Vanir, the ancestral rival of House Staunton, whilst representing the only defence against southern-eastern incursions.The Hansetic defenders were commanded by King Marius.


After the Courlander victory at the Battle of Elba, Tobias had decided to secure Urguanite military access and attack the large military fortress of Serpenstone to the west of the Kingdom, to avoid the natural land-barrier of the Greyspine Mountains. After the bulk of the army arrived at the Dwarven capital, they would move closer to Serpenstone, with some minor skirmishes achieving very little success in slowing the Courlandic advance. Upon sighting the grand fortress, Tobias would have his men build a great siege camp on the mountain to the south of the fortress, from where he had erected countless numbers of trebuchets, rune cannons and other siege equipment.


At the crack of dawn, on the 11th of the Amber Cold 1604, trebuchets on both sides exchanged fire, whilst Sven had his Courlander Cavalry surrounded the keep, with multiple bow-archers with specific armour-piercing arrows caused extensive damage to much of the Hansetic armour. As the main bulk of the Courlander army remained in the siege camp, under the watchful eye of Marshal Edmund Torryn and Tobias himself, Hanseti trebuchets fell victim to stone shots and alchemist fire, allowing the Courlandic trebuchets to fire at specific targets, including the western tower of the fortress.

After many hours of fighting, and repeated attacks on the foundations of the western tower, the tower began to collapse, allowing the Courlander infantry and cavalry access to the rooftop of the fortress. After a brief onslaught of Courland cavalry, with the mixture of alchemist fire and repeated stone shots, the Courlanders were successful in storming the fortress, with a sizeable number surrendering due to the inevitable Courlander victory.


The successful siege had Courland proclaimed the victor, with Hanseti and Courlander nobles alike seeing no reason to continue the bloody war. With the complete surrender of all Hansetic forces and lands, Tobias allowed those that wished to move from Haense and settle elsewhere, contrary to what happened during the Riga War.