Battle of Boomhill

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Battle of Boomhill
Part of the Boomhill Campaign


Date: 7th of Owyn's Flame, 1764 to
9th of Owyn's Flame, 1764
Place: Cloud Temple North-East Mountains
Result: Decisive Orenian Victory
Holy Orenian Empire:
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Boomhill Encampment: Boomhill Guard
Boomhill Mining Guild
Boomhill Civilians
OrenianFlag.png Peter III, Holy Orenian Emperor
OrenianFlag.png Alren DeNurem, Imperial General
OrenianFlag.png Peter d'Arkent, Imperial Captain
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Erwin Barclay, Haense Marshal
Various Unknown Commanders
~6,000 Infantry
~1,000 Calvary
~5 Siege Weapons
~4,000 Infantry
~4,000 Conscripted Milita
~6,000 Civilians
~1 Dead, ~2000 Wounded ~12,200 Dead or Wounded

Following several scouting missions & a defeat to the Haense Army, the entirety of the Holy Orenian Empire was called to arms to siege a hostile encampment on the Empire's southern borders which would be known as the Battle of Boomhill, named for the reserve of Boomsteel the besieged were mining into. In previous engagements with the inhabitants of Boomhill by the Haeseni Royal Army, it was noted that the use of suicide bomb berserkers and otherworldly weapons were used to decimate assaults on the fortifications.


The combined Orenian forces set out early on the morning of the 7th of Owyn's Flame, marching to Owynsburg, Kaedrin where they rallied to await the medical guild who would accompany them to the battlefield. Once all sieging forces had arrived at Owynsburg, clergymen from the church prayed over the various soldiers before sending them south towards the mountain range where the Boomhill encampment sat. Upon arriving on the site, Orenian forces quickly took a nearby outpost & set up medical equipment there for the wounded. Roughly around three hundred meters in front of the medical camp, five trebuchets were positioned to shell the walls of the main encampment. As the sun crested the apex of the sky the first round of boulders were flung at the enemy encampment walls.


Infantry lines were spread out a hundred meters in front of the Trebuchets & the Orenian Calvary unit led by Captain Peter d'Arkent was directed towards the southern flank to watch for an enemy ambush. After several hours of berating the enemy's main walls, very little success was yielded. During this time, General Alren DeNurem sent the Imperial State Army's fourth brigade under the command of Emperor Peter III accompanied by elven auxiliary around the back of the encampment where civilian tents were placed.

Once the fourth brigade & company arrived on the back flank, very little mercy was shown to the civilians as they were believed to be hostile & carry boomsteel bombs on them. Several members of the elven auxiliary even ended up cutting down children. Back on the main front of the siege, the Orenian Calvary force was sent around the southern side of the encampment to distract & scout out the area. It was in this hour the main wall was finally breached prompting the combined imperial forces to make their advance with the Haeseni infantry line moving in first.

Upon the infantry line reaching the walls, the besieged laid down their weapons and surrendered. It was unknown what caused the next action but, the infantry forced poured in through the walls, slaughtering a healthy manner of soldiers & civilians alike. Few Boomhill soldiers took back up their arms to fight back & those who did became the primary target of the Orenians.

On the western front where the Orenian Calvary had linked up with the Fourth Brigade an even greater manner of civilians were slaughtered, only a handful of boomhill civilians were able to escape the massacre.


The Battle of Boomhill was a major Orenian success, having only lost a single Imperial State Army infantryman to friendly-fire. Once all Boomhill inhabitants were slain or forced off of the mountain, the main Orenian force returned to the medic staging camp just west of the main encampment. The rest of the Orenian force broke into two divisions, half returning back to their kingdoms & the other half surveying the damage done to the mountain. Imperial scouts took note of the collapsed Boomsteel mines. Further expeditions to Boomhill were launched in the coming years after the battle in search of recovering any remaining Boomsteel.