Auction of the Dead

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The Auction of the Dead is a belief of the Kirkja Dverga, explaining what happens to dwarves when they die.

Khaz’A’Dentrumm is said to rest within the planes of the afterlife. When a dwarf dies, their souls are carried by Dungrimm to be judged by the Brathmordakin for their actions in life. Yemekar was said to have forged the moon that inhabits the gods of the Brathmordakin. From here, they watch over the lives of dwarves. It is also said to bear the Great Anvil that forged our world. The Moon is only accessible by the most honorable and zealous of dwarves, who have shown either great valor in battle or great diligence in their life. Here, a grand feast is held within the halls of the gods, where dwarven spirits forever eat and drink. When a dwarf has passed on, a select view are invited to sit on the Iron Council, where they rule jointly alongside the Brathmordakin. These individuals are known as the Paragons and act as near demi-gods in the eyes of their kin. This plane of the afterlife is known as Khaz’A’Dentrumm and is where all dwarves strive to go when they die. Here, the Paragons rule while ordinary dwarves are auctioned amongst the Brathmordakin. Those unfortunate and honourless dwarves who fail to gain a bid from any of the gods are instead cast into Vuur'Dor, an entirely separate plane of the afterlife.

The creation of this afterlife is primarily unknown. Supposedly the void existed for as long as the Creator himself and so all of the Brathmordakin are believed to have devised this punishment for those dwarves who had acted dishonorably and shameful throughout their mortal lives. This plane is otherwise known as Vuur'Dor, literally translating to Black Doom in the common tongue. When a dwarf passes on into this form of the afterlife, they experience an endless cycle of emotionless despair, where they wander for all eternity. It is said that honourless beings delve these depths when none of the gods have selected them to pass on into the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. Mages are said to derive the source of their power from the void and it is further suspected that this is where Khorvad and his minions currently linger.