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Atlas Coalition War

Battle of the Rolling Hills.jpg

Date: 1657 - 1662
Place: Norland
Result: Northern Atlas Alliance Victory
  • Norlandic lands are annexed by the
    Crown of Renatus-Marna
  • The Silver State of Haelun'or withdraws from
    the United Southern Alliance
Northern Atlas Alliance:
renatus.png Crown of Renatus-Marna
Kaz'Ulrah.png Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah
KRUGMARFLAG.png War Nation of Krugmar
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Principality of Curon (until 1662)
Santegia Greater Arms.png Kingdom of Santegia
DominionSeal.png Dominion of Malin
United Southern Alliance
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
Haense Arms.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Silver State of Haelun’or
Reiver Crest.png Reivers
renatus.png Aurelius I
Kaz'Ulrah.png Garrond I
KRUGMARFLAG.png Leydluk'Raguk
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Linette I (until 1662)
Santegia Greater Arms.png Achilius I
DominionSeal.png Belestram Sylvaeri
norland.png Godden I
Haense Arms.png Karl II
HighElvenCoatofArms.png Cenwall Maeyr’onn
Reiver Crest.png Wydren Volaren

The Atlas Coalition War was a large conflict that involved most major powers of the World.


As a response to Renatian-Marnantine posturing and aggressive foreign policy, the human realms of the Kingdom of Haense, the Kingdom of Santegia-Haria, and the Principality of Curon formed the Czena Confederation as a mutual defense alliance. However, King Aurelius I of Renatus-Marna would refuse to be strongarmed into submission and immediately laid plans to dismantle the Czena Confederation through subversion. After some secretive negotiations between Renatus-Marna and Curon, the latter was coerced into denouncing the Confederation of Czena and allying with Renatus-Marna. All the while, the King of Santegia-Haria, Leo I de Savin was pressured into abdicating the throne in favor of Achillius Horen de Savin. This action secured Renatus a strong ally in the east. Ultimately, the final nail in the coffin would be the formation of the Northern Atlas Alliance which comprised of signatories from Renatus-Marna, the Dominion of Malin, the Warnation of Krugmar, the Kingdom of Santegia, the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah, and the Principality of Curon.

With the Czena Confederation de facto dismantled, the Kingdom of Haense had thus found themselves diplomatically isolated from the human realms. As a result, King Karl II of Haense turned elsewhere for alliances. He thus allied himself with the Sohaerate of Haelun'or and the Red Faith following Kingdom of Norland, which the Canonist Realms had fought to subdue only a few decades prior. This alliance came to be known as the United Southern Alliance.

However, this alliance would draw the ire of Northern Atlas Alliance. A war council was quickly convened and the sovereigns of each realm were summoned to Ard'Arrav in an event known as the First Northern Atlas Alliance War Council. Top brass from all nations debated for hours on end regarding strategy and logistics. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed upon by all that their mutual enemies stood as the Kingdoms of Haense and Norland, and the Sohaerate of Haelun'or. The Northern Atlas Alliance would then raise their banners for war, quickly marching to take the offensive.

Major Confrontations


  • 1657:
    • Haense, Norland and the Silver State all formed an alliance known as the United Southern Alliance, in preparation for a possible war against the Northern Atlas Alliance
    • War was officially declared between the two Coalitions
  • 1657:
    • Major skirmishes occur, resulting in multiple primarily around Ruriksgrad and Markev, resulting in both victories for the United Southern Alliance, and the Northern Atlas Alliance.
  • 1660:
    • The Northern Alliance takes the offensive, marching their combined hosts out from the city of Senntisten. They soon meet the United Southern Alliance in a battle known as the Battle of The Rolling Hills, resulting in a victory for the Northern Atlas Alliance.
  • 1661:
    • The Northern Atlas Alliance pushes their advantage and pursues the retreating Southern Army deeper into Norland's borders. Northern forces force confrontation upon scattered Southern units who were foraging and demanding farmers turn over their harvest, in the Battle of The Forkwoods, resulting in the second victory for the Northern Atlas Alliance. As a result of this battle, the path was cleared for an advance upon Ruriksgrad, the capital of the Kingdom of Norland.
  • 1662:
    • After news of Curon's treason against The Northern Atlas Alliance became public, Prince Antonius Horen of Renatus musters a force of men to take seize the Curonic capital in the Storming of Cyrilsburg.The city is taken with little resistance.
    • The Northern Atlas Alliance prepares to lay siege the Norlandic Capital of Ruriksgrad. A blockade is enforced around the Norlandic Isles. As a result, many of the city´s inhabitants starve to death, leaving only a diminished force to defend the city. Continuing and coordinated bombardment created a massive breach for Northern forces to storm into, allowing for a sack of the city. This event becomes known as Siege of Ruriksgrad.
  • 1663:
    • The United Southern Alliance is left in shambles. The lands of Norland are annexed by the Crown of Renatus-Marna while Silver State withdraws from the alliance, leaving the Kingdom of Haense on its own.
    • The leaders of the Northern Atlas Alliance vote to disband the alliance; deeming forces of the South to no longer be a threat. The N.A.A is disbanded in a 3-2 vote, concluding the war.
    • Many Renatians remain resentful towards the people of Haense; public opinion souring to an all time high.