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Artificery is the art and knowledge base of creating sentient entities which are used to carry out tasks issued by its designated master. This process involves the use of various Magic types.

Types of Artificery

Arcane Familiars [Creating an elemental conjuration that doesn't disapear.]
Familiar Binding consists of using three magics to create familiars, transfiguration for the enhancement of the spell, conjuration to make the primordial, or plates, and evocation or arcanism to give the primordial its element. Using all three of these things, they create the primordial, that is held together by a core, then enchant it with arcanism or evocation. The different elements will have different strengths and weaknesses, and of course the different elements depend on what evocation or just arcanism you know. If the familiar wishes to attack, it can cast from the element that makes up its body; however, overuse of this will cause it to collapse. They require a constant source of mana, and must be recharged periodically, or remain near a mana obelisk.

Golemancy [Using runes to create large moving stone constructs.]
Golemancy is making a stone or wood golem to be ordered to do work for you. To create the golem you must first make a core of thanium, they may also create a soul-forged core as well, and a specific set of, inscribed, runes. Once this is done the golemancer must then make a wooden or stone body to put the core into. Once this is done the golem will follow it’s ‘impera’, or master’s commands. Not only that, but the golem can be ordered to follow a different impera.

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