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High Keeper
Arthas I
Arthas Ruric Portrait.jpg
High Keeper
Reign: 1591-1651
Predecessor: Thomas Ruric
Successor: Hod Svensson
Personal details
Born: 13th of Grand Harvest, 1568
Seru, Dreadlands
Death: 15th of the Ambers Cold, 1651
Ruriksgrad, Norland
Spouse: None
Clan: Rurikkid Clans
Father: Unknown
Mother: N/A

Keeper Arthas Ruric also known as 'Arthas "The Red"' reigned as High priest of the Red Faith from the year 1621 - 1651, he is considered one of the most powerful and intelligent High Priests of the modern era, having made numerous reforms within the faith, such as beginning work on the Red Scrolls, aswell as starting the Norlandic crusade on magic, Arthas is also credited with the regrowth of the Red Faith, having taken up the mantle of an un arguably dead religion.


Early life

Arthas was born in the year 1568, just after the Sack of Seahelm, during his time in the Dreadlands, Arthas was trained by the best Rurik commanders, aswell as taught the ways of the faith, Arthas began to get very interested and studied it more then combat, or horseback riding, which was very un usual for a Ruric at that time, as it was a time of warfare for the Norlanders. The Dreadlands eventually fell after hearing rumours of an Orenian invasion, Arthas fled with his people and continued to study the teaching of Allfatherism, not much else is known of Arthas until the eventual return of the Norlanders during the Eagles rebellion where he would be named High Keeper of the faith.

As High Keeper

Arthas was inducted as High Keeper in the year 1591 by the Norlandic people under the reign of Arytom Ruric, for his first few years he spent the majority of his time amassing followers to the faith aswell as baptising the already Norlanders, this went very smoothly having the Red Faith followers reaching an all time high, the faith flourished during the reigns of Arytom and Javier, although things began to go side ways when Javier tore down the Red Faith temple with the intention of re constructing The Krag, this angered Arthas very much, he later issued a document denouncing Javier aswell as calling a moot upon him, Javier a few months after the moot was declared abdicated to his son Jevan due to poor health, Jevan not beliving the rules applied to him went and crowned himself King of Norland. Arthas after attempting to reason with Jevan to go through with the moot, pulled the entirety of the Red Faith priests and guards out of the Norlandic military, and instead marched alongside the crusader forces defeating the Norlanders at the Siege of Vjorhelm, with Jevan going missing during the battle, the moot was held and Jory Ruric was crowned King of Norland, a few days later a peace conference would be held between Norland and Renatus, leading to Norland becoming a vassal state of Renatus, later that month the remnants would move to Atlas, throughout the majority of Arthas's reign in Atlas he continued to build up the faith, and work on the Red scrolls until an incident within Hearthton resulting in two Norlandic deaths, eventually finding out that this was the doing of magic, Arthas declared that all magic was banned from Norland, he would then order all this priests to hunt down all magic users residing within magic, thusly marking the beginnning of the All fathers eternal war on magic. Arthas would also involve the Faith in the war between the rebellious Kingdom of Arbor and Kingdom of Norland, being a major part in its downfall, we would also insert the faith into the war between Curon and Norland.

Arthas Ruric giving a sermon to the Norlandic people upon the isle of The Krag before the Battle for Castell


Arthas was slain during the war between Curon and Norland in the year 1651 during a Curonic raid upon the Norlandic Capital of Ruriksgrad Arthas was found alone by the Curonic raiders strolling through Ruriksgrad, it is rumoured that it was him the entire Curonic rally which consisted of ten other heavily armored men, having slain only a few himself until being eventually cut down by the raiders infront of the Ashtree.

Notable Feats

  • High Keeper

Arthas was elected as High Keeper by the people of Norland under the reign of Arytom Ruric, he is credited with the reformation of the Red Faith, aswell as starting the beginning of the Red Scrolls, having nearly completed it until his unexpected death.

  • Construction of The Krag

Arthas is also credited for laying down the plans for the Krag, which would later come under siege by the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in the War of Grudges.

  • Crusade on Magic

During his time as High Keeper under Jory Ruric, Arthas issued a document stating all magic was banned from Norland due to a recent incident in the Red Faith city of Hearthton, he would then later order all his priests to begin hunting all that practiced magic within Norland.

  • Red Scrolls

During the beginning of Arthas's reign as High Keeper he began to write something that would later be known as the Red Scrolls, although un completed due to Arthas's unexpected death, numerous documents were published for future Keepers, aswell as Priests to read and hopefully later on finish.

  • Moot Wars

Arthas is credited with beginning and finishing the moot wars having removed Jevan Ruric as King during the Third Crusade, and elected Jory Ruric


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Avon Ruric 10th of the First Seed, 1603 Deceased Not Married First Son of Arthas Ruric
Exander Ruric Unknown Deceased Unknown First Son of Arthas Ruric. Father to Thoromir II Ruric