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Apparitions are formed when a large group of souls die in a particularly horrific way in a single location. Examples of this may be being burnt alive, sailors drowning on a sinking ship or simply a massacre. This however is not to say that all mass-deaths will cause the formation of an apparition.

For an apparition to form a particularly dark soul or group of dark souls with their mind set on malevolent behavior must have perished with this large group of souls. Upon death this dark soul binds all the other souls together to form an evil manifestation known as an Apparition.

Behavior Apparitions will fiercely defend the location of their mass-death. They often are capable of wielding various forms of magical powers including both the ability to push emotions such as dread, outrage and terror onto those present and the ability to telekinetically throw all maner of nearby objects at their targets. In some cases apparitions have been said to be capable of killing brave men outright with terror alone. Other abilities include seemingly chilling winds capable of putting out torches and horrendously loud shrieks.

Apparitions have a natural aversion to both light and gold. Light itself overloads the senses of the apparition whereas gold appears to be capable of directly harming the apparition. Thus should one know of this they may be sealed within its pillar with a gold casing, or simply forming a ring of gold around the pillar. This knowledge is certainly not common amongst the Denizens of Anthos, however ancient civilizations of the landmass seem to have practiced it in many locations. A half-sealed pillar will result in a half as powerful apparition.

Those who dare wander into their home will often find a stone pillar constructed of many rocks. These are often an indicator of the presence of an apparition as they live within these pillars while at rest. At first apparitions are slow to react to intruders, often only whispering to them to depart. Yet as time passes or should the sight of the death be destroyed or desecrated they will react in increasingly violent ways.

Very few apparitions will wander past the immediate area of their death, but should it be destroyed and the apparition is left alive they may wander the world. Those who destroyed their tomb most likely being crushed by all manner of debris due to the spirits sheer outrage. These apparitions are said to be the most deadly as they may settle in populated areas playing tricks on people at first before slowly becoming more and more malevolent with each passing day. Eventually beginning to kill the populace.

Expulsion Apparitions may not be influenced by mundane means, and many magic types will also be incapable of interacting with these strange creatures. They however, as stated before, have an aversion to gold and light. This however does not mean they may be killed by such a method. An apparition may be contained in a ring of light or within a gold ring but it may not be killed by it.

To fully rectify the problems an apparition poses it must either be sealed within its pillar, killed outright via magical means or forced to move on by other spirits. Clerical magic as well as shamans are said to be capable of such feats. The former being able to use their patrons light to dispel them the latter (should they be of the appropriate subtype) are capable of having other spirits tear them apart into their constituent spirits and thus dispel the apparition. That being said, apparitions are no weak foe and even expert magic users will be pushed to their very limits to defeat one.

Other Apparitions gradually grow more powerful as they age. Thus the oldest of apparitions are far more powerful than their recently formed counterparts. An apparition of only fifty years being capable of only feats equal to that of a Adept magic user. Ancient onces being far more powerful and younger apparitions (5 years or less) being somewhat equal to a novice magic user. That being said, when one can not harm that which fights them they are still capable of destroying foes which an equal mage would be easily destroyed by.

Potential interactions with an apparition:

   Battle clerics & Shamans can 'kill' it.
   Shades & Necromancers can corrupt it to their cause.
   Illusionists can 'trick' it (by pretending to be malevolent, a shade or something similar) or drive it back with light.
   And fire mages and alterationists can drive it back with light.
   Others could try to call upon its power, but it would require many. Malevolent intent is enough in a large (Maybe 6+ group).
   Those with no magical power can seal it within its pillar with gold (Though it would take many people and likely many would die).

The older the apparition in general the more difficult it would be to deceive or convince. Furthermore apparitions not defending their home are often weaker (unless they are wandering). Their magic seemingly losing its potency when they are away from their construct.