Antonius I, Emperor of Man

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Antonius I
Emperor of Man
Reign: 5th of Owyn’s Flame, 1706–1714
Coronation: 3rd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1707
Predecessor: Augustus I
Successor: Godfrey III, Emperor of Renatus (As Emperor of Renatus)
Born: 1691, Carolustadt, Man
Spouse: Karenina of Alban
House: Horen
Father: Augustus I
Mother: Helen Horen

Antonius I (1691–Unknown) was the Emperor of Man upon the abdication of his father, the former Emperor, Augustus I. He was the last Emperor of Man, remembered as a product of incest between brother and sister.


Early life

Antonius, born as Antonius Owyn Horen, was born to Augustus I and Helen Horen in the Imperial Capital of Carolustadt within the year 1691; at the time of his great-grandfather, Aurelius I, reign.

In 1694, when he was only 3 years old, his great-grandfather, Aurelius I, abdicated the Imperial Throne to his grandson and Antonius' father, Augustus I. As a result of the abdication of the young prince became the Crown-Prince of the Empire of Man.

At the age of eleven, Antonius started to train in swordsmanship under Sophia Halcourt, Grand Knight of the Empire, and Prince Cassius Horen, the former Grand Marshal of the Imperial Legion, slowly becoming adept in the art of warfare, like his grandfather Prince Antonius of Renatus-Marna. Just two years after the young prince started to train in the art of warfare he led three seperate raids on the Princedom of Fenn and one on the Federation of Sutica.


Upon his father's abdication Antonius succeeded to the throne of the Empire of Man in 1706, though not crowned until the 3rd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1707 at the tender age of sixteen. His reign, while generally viewed as a continuation of the status quo, was in its ending years marred by the Sacking of Ves, which would eventually be cited as a chief reason for the War of Two Emperors. He officially abdicated and declared the Empire dissolved just a month after his regency council declared him in abstention and announced a new emperor in Godfrey III, in the year 1715.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Kathryn, Duchess consort of Westmarch 1703 1740 Stannis Staunton, Duke of Westmarch Firstborn daughter to Karenina and Antonius. Princess Imperial, and later Duchess consort of Westmarch.
Peter III, Holy Orenian Emperor 1704 14th of Sun's Smile, 1784 Lorena of Cascadia Born Antonius. Firstborn son to Karenina. Crown Prince of the Empire of Man, before its fall. Later ascended to the position of Holy Orenian Emperor.
Magdalena of Man, Princess consort of Alstion 1704 Deceased Prince Charles of Alstion Twin to Antonius; . Imperial Princess. Princess of Alstion
Persus Horen 1710 Deceased Unwed Twin to Vespira; Second born son. Imperial Prince.
Vespira of Man, Duchess consort of Sunholdt 1710 Deceased John, Duke of Sunholdt Third born daughter to Karenina and Antonius I Horen. Imperial Princess.
Octavian Horen 1711 Deceased Unwed Second born son to Karenina and Antonius I Horen. Imperial Prince.