Annabelle of Castor

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Annabelle of Castor
First Queen-Consort of Kaedrin
annabelle lorin.PNG
Annabelle Lorin, commissioned by Adrian I of Kaedrin c. 1746.
Queen-Consort of Kaedrin
Tenure: 1726-1736
Coronation: Uncrowned
Successor: Lorena of Augustin
Born: 8th of the Amber Cold, 1698
Ves, Kingdom of Kaedrin
Spouse: Adrian I of Kaedrin
(m. 1726-1736)
House: Chivay
Father: Atticus van Kastir
Mother: Adylethe Ashford de Falstaff

Annabelle Lorin (8th of the Amber Cold, 1698 - 19th of the First Seed, 1736), known regally as Annabelle of Castor, was the first Queen-Consort of Kaedrin through her marriage to the King Adrian I of Kaedrin. She was the daughter of Atticus van Kastir and Adylethe Ashford de Falstaff, and a descendant of the House Chivay through her parentage.


Early life

Born within the Aeldinic land of Agathor, Annabelle Lorin was the second daughter to Atticus van Kastir and Adylethe Ashford de Falstaff. Through her father's blood, she was considered a blood relative of House Chivay, although her childhood was not that of high nobility as she knew little of her descent until later on. Her father served in the Agathor provincial army as an officer which caused the family to often be on the move throughout the lands depending on where he was required to be.

Annabelle started on modest beginnings as she was seen as a minor noble amongst the Aeldin society. Most of her benefits came from her father's work as an officer rather than the position of low nobility. Annabelle and her parents were close in relationship. She was even said to have had a half-sister, Sophia Sparrow, although she was never able to know her well as she left Aeldin many years back. Nonetheless, her and her parents got by together. Her family was separated, however, when the governor of the town they were settled within learned of their Chivay lineage. The governor was already rumored to have been crazed on killing any of the Chivays he could find, especially those who had found comfort and sanctuary within Aeldin.

Soon after the discovery of what was meant to be a family secret, fear settled within the household. By the week's end, assassins were sent in the middle of the night to kill them all. What they had worried and dwelled over most occurred and Atticus was said to have fought hard for his family's survival only to meet his own demise. The assassins that the governor allegedly sent took Atticus' life and fled as they were injured themselves. The children and their mother were in pure shock, though maternal instinct and an overwhelming terror brought Annabelle's mother to begin their long journey to escape Aeldin.

Annabelle was educated amidst their attempts to flee, with several books every now and then for her to study upon from the passing cities. Her mother often told her stories of the past in their free time, and revealed the truth that her half-sister did not easily escape Aeldin but instead was smuggled out because of the same issue they faced. After many restless nights and moments of nearly being caught, Annabelle and her mother were able to hide themselves on a ship large enough to go unnoticed. There, they set sail for the Holy Orenian Empire to start life anew.

Upon their arrival to the new land, everything was instantaneously different than what Annabelle had grown up on. The culture and architecture alone was unique compared to the Aeldinic ways. She had barely been able to move much as well on the ship she was hidden upon, which added all the more to the greatness of seeing land again. While her mother found a quaint place to settle, Annabelle set off to the newly formed Kingdom of Kaedrin where she knew a distant relative resided - Richard de Reden.

Initially, Annabelle struggled to find her footing within the Kaedrini court as she was a known Chivay bastard and not a high noble of the land. She was twenty-eight upon her arrival in the year of 1726. Around the same time, the nation had experienced a great political upheaval which greatly changed the once republican city-state to a seat of a powerful and strict military. Along with all else was the elected king, Adrian I, in which Annabelle was able to find friendship in.

Much blossomed from the friendship that started back upon her coming to Kaedrin between her and Adrian. The two got along rather well in each other's company. In the midst of a ball which sought to find the king a bride, the King-Elect proposed before all the attendees upon a stage to Annabelle. They had known each other no longer than a year, though they were to marry within the coming months.


Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor were married within the chapel of the Varoche Palace in the year of 1726. Annabelle's mother had passed several weeks prior to the wedding, although she was said to have been satisfied and proud of what her daughter was to become. Despite such, Annabelle was said to have looked magnificent in her simple and inexpensive wedding dress.

There were not many in attendance of the royal wedding, although it was not suited for such and the chapel was meant for a smaller crowd nonetheless. Annabelle was donned in a pearly white with a dress of chiffon and charmeuse. Her coiffure had been neatly done for the occasion, with several jewels and other symbols of regality faintly tucked into her onyx locks. The wedding ceremony was not long, and the citizens of Kaedrin rejoiced as soon as word spread of the newlyweds.

Queen-Consort of Kaedrin

As the wife to the King-Elect and now the first Queen-Consort of Kaedrin, the turmoils of her childhood and her days of want seemed to be no longer. However, the palace that she resided within was often crowded as the Kaedrini royal family were not the only residents. The palace also, at the time, stood as the seat of the Pontiff and his numerous wards. The architecture and structure of the Kaedrin palace being rather small on top of the wards made courtly life difficult, but Annabelle pieced together a humble court of women.

The royal court of Kaedrin consisted of Annabelle's confidants, friends, and other varying courtiers. Among the women notably was the Lady Samantha Horen-Marna, who was similar to that of a maternal figure to the Queen. The court continued to strengthen, yet the palace became too small for not only the growing royal court Annabelle obtained but all those that resided within. Renovations were immediately pushed for by Annabelle as many concerns were brought up to her regarding the minimal space of the palace as well as her own noticing of the lack of such.

The beautification and redoing of the palace was underway soon after her urges to do so. From the servant quarters to the gardens, construction began to fill and change out the area from what it was before. The Kaedrini Queen and her courtiers were diligent in planning and implementing their visions soon after. Annabelle oversaw all that went on, and eventually was left with a final project on her hands that was known as Red Tower. The project was monikered for the tower that was created as a result of it, known for its red color and large stucco flowers painted along the sides. The project Red Tower consisted of the creation of better and more private living quarters for the royal family.

Due to the political nature of Kaedrin, Annabelle was able to have many hours of free time with her few responsibilities as Queen. She pursued the childhood passion of falconry, in which she would later pass on to her children and attempt to teach to them as they aged. Annabelle was bestowed eight children throughout her years of Queenship, with six sons and two daughters. The passion for falconry left the children knowledgeable in an area most would not - and her daughter, the Princess Margaret Antonia, later held the same love for the hobby. At the top of the royal family's residence, the Red Tower, was a penthouse aviary made custom for the Queen.

Troubles stirred in Kaedrin, with frequent peasant revolts and the power of the royal family being demeaned. Many of the courtiers that flooded the royal halls began to vanish as the royal authority was questioned. However, for the few that stayed, it was rumored that the Queen was treated with frequent disrespect and even threatened to be beheaded at one point. The safety of Annabelle and her children wore down on her greatly with paranoia and stress. Fears of her entire family being slaughtered worried her away, and the Rubern War began as well. Kaedrin reaffirmed their allegiance to the Holy Orenian Empire and joined as members of the Imperial State Army.


The Rubern War continued to rage on into the year of 1736. It had been ten years since her arrival in Oren and her ascension to the position of Queen-Consort of Kaedrin. Annabelle attended an imperial hunt hosted by the wife of the Lord Protector, Mariya de Sarkozy. Differing from the others, the Kaedrini Queen chose to stay back and remain in the camp of the hunting party. The majority of those present left into depth of the woods to seek their prizes then, and she kept to her word of staying back with a few other courtiers.

From those who were present, it is said that Annabelle was struck with a javelin thrown by an oncoming orc - an orc who was aligned with the enemy of war. The wound was ultimately fatal, leaving her to bleed out as the hunting party was not yet notified of the assassin's attempts. By the time the hunting party had returned to the camp, Annabelle was within the last few moments of her life. Recounts of the event say that she died within the arms of her husband, who swore vengeance against the Alliance of Independent States and all their forces as she passed away.

Titles, Styles, and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1726-1736: Her Majesty, the Queen of Kaedrin

Style as Queen Consort

Her Royal Majesty, Annabelle Lorin Helvets, Queen-Consort of Kaedrin


Name Birth Death Marriage
Prince Thomas Tancred Helvets 1728 1755 Unwed Firstborn son of Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor.
Prince Peter Owyn Helvets 1728 1757 Unwed Secondborn son of Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor.
Princess Arianne Reneé of Kaedrin 1729 1768 Unwed Firstborn daughter of Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor.
Prince Leopold Guy, Duke of Cathalon 1731 1758 Charlotte Cecile d’Arkent Thirdborn son of Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor.
Prince Robert Castor Helvets 1732 Alive Letizia Marie Ashford de Aryn Fourth son of Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor.
Prince Henry Frederick Helvets 1734 Alive Unwed Fifth son of Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor.
Princess Margaret Antonia of Kaedrin 1736 Alive Godfric Aldemar Alimar Secondborn daughter of Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor.
Prince Richard Victor Helvets 1736 Alive Lorena Antonia Helane Sixth son of Adrian I and Annabelle of Castor.